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  1. 4 years have passed since the "great war" ended with the defeat of our Lord, Maukal Endur. Our enemy and now Lord of all Rondorio, Evakin Clais, had been chasing us during those 4 years, his soldiers seems to have stopped their search and left us alone...At least for now. Luckily for us we found a village, Exir, deep in the south forest of Rondorio, this village has not much population, however they have been really kind with us. Now it's time for us to show our gratitude.
    You and a few other high ranked officers, accompanied by 50 soldiers, arrive to Exir where they give us a warm welcome, they allow us to stay in as long as we are of use for the village. You and the other officers form a council where important decisions are taken: how to use the resources, what to build, etc, and not only that, the village has problems with bandits and wild beats and even natural disasters
    (anime or 3d appearance)
    What you brought with you?:
    House (be rational please):
    More info?:
    _________________PLACES (FEEL FREE TO SUGGEST MORE)_____________

    [hider=SHRINE RUINS]
    This shrine has no relation with village, when the first colons arrived the ruins were already there[/hider]
    [hider=Village center]
    [hider=Ibras river]

    [hider=Council building]
    [​IMG] We all agreed to use this ruins for the council meetings[/hider]
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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Ashar
    Age: 26
    What you brought with you?: Her sword , her horse and a flute
    House (be rational please): Ashar's house
    More info?: -Her food is deadly,do not eat anything she cooks
  3. NAME: Ezra Hatiga
    AGE: 26
    ITEMS: Cross Shaped Blaster, Gun Blades, and a banana.
    ya (open)

    EXTRA: He acts like a freaking butler, except, he hates being called a butler.​
  4. Name:
    " My name is Victoria, but please, call me Vicki. "

    " I can't believe you would ask my age! Whatever, something around 19 or 20. "

    What you brought with you?:
    " I brought my two dogs, my bow and quiver, and my alchemy kit. "
    Dog #1
    images (11).jpg
    Dog #2
    download (2).jpg

    House (be rational please):
    images (6)house.jpg
    " My house is up in the high hills. Nestled between a valley and a mountain.
    It is a gorgeous view, plenty of skyline and lots of forest area. Perfect home in my opinion. "

    More info?:
    " Nothing more for me to say, now begone with yourself before I set the dogs upon you. "
  5. yaaaay
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