Final Set: Living Death

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  1. The Final set in the Leaders of Iwaku block is underway. So here's a few snapshots pulled from my folder as promos.

    Fitting Promo Music (open)

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  2. Man it has been hectic but at least I can peak everyone's interest by showing off some cool writing with a cool card.

    [align=center]The spiders are weak, Miru has lost most of his power, the shattered forces are being dominated by their risen comrades. Despite their obvious malice toward each other Diana and Miru form an alliance to take on the growing threat of Grumpy and his undead Minions. But unbeknownst to them, a great power has arisen and seeks to take control of the horde. Who is Jack Shade?[/align]

    Diana (open)
  3. If I just knew how to color, I'd seriously contribute art.

    Alas, all I can do is submit sketches and lineart.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.