Final Nation (Conspiracy RP)

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I am open to all types of genre's, my main ones however are Sci-fi Horror and Action. The only RP's I'd rather not due are any threads dealing with any type pf homosexual themes or manga or anime type RP's.
Nine years ago one of the most sensational and mystifying missing persons case in U.S. history took the nation by storm. In 2006 four young people simply vanished into the night in rural South Dakota. What made this case so disturbing and fantastic was the elements and circumstances behind the disappearances. It appears that the four missing were involved in a mysterious and unsettling underground cult with strange beliefs and practices. According to unverified sources, this cult calls itself "Final Nation", but what sets them apart from every other fanatical religious group is their core teachings. One of these is a fervent belief in mysterious entities they call "The Patriarchs." The Patriarchs, according to Final Nation, are a shadowy and malevolent race of ancient creatures that exist on the fringes of modern day Human civilization. Final Nation sees itself as a sort of underground army that was erected to resist the Patriarchs when they finally declare an invasion of Mankind. In my extensive research on the background of this intriguing case I have come up with a sketchy timeline...

October 2006- Four young people...Jason Ocasio, Ainsely Morgan, Dylan Nash Jr. and Cassidy Nash simply vanish one cold night after driving home from a Halloween party.

November 2006- A month after their disappearances, Dylan Nash senior receives two cryptic phone calls from someone he believed to be his daughter Cassidy. The calls were short only about ten seconds each. Both of them referred to the "sunset over the mesa". Before Dylan could garner anymore information, the caller hung up. The calls were mere days apart and no further contact from Cassidy was ever received. Because of the calls were so short in duration they were impossible to trace.

August 2009- A mutilated and partially mummified corpse was discovered in the desert about thirty miles outside of Tuscon, Arizona. The body was later identified as one Charles Gavin, the man who was believed to have inducted the four missing into The Final Nation cult. Autopsies revealed that Gavin was murdered, the result of a ritualistic stabbing that nearly gutted his insides. Gavin's body was determined to have laid out in the desert for over a year before it was discovered. The murder weapon, a large Bowie knife, was also discovered only a few feet away from the body, partially buried in the sand. The knife was traced back and was found to belong to none other than Dylan Nash. No other clues were lifted from the body and what bearing it had, if any, to the four missing persons has yet to be determined.

October 2013- Nearly seven years to the day of the mysterious disappearances, a man dressed in a black hoodie and dark clothes, strolls into a police precinct on the outskirts of Flagstaff, Arizona. He casually identifies himself as Jason Ocasio. He is immediately fingerprinted and is determined to be indeed Jason Ocasio, one of the four missing. Ocasio is booked and taken into custody, where is he extensively interrogated by detectives. Police have not released the proceedings of this interrogation, but some inside info leads to believe that Ocasio relays an outlandish and disturbing tale pertaining to his whereabouts from the previous seven years. He remains in police custody four exactly twenty four hours, before he inexplicably disappears from his jail cell, without reason or explanation.

I have devoted my life to solving this case for practical as well as personal reasons. You see my name is Damien Ocasio and my brother Jason, was amongst the four who went missing. I have been hard on the trail for some two years now. My investigation has led me down some very dark paths and has even put my life at risk. I will find my brother as well as uncover just who or what Final Nation really is...

*This RP will follow the players efforts to investigate the truth behind the Final Nation cult, to probe their strange beliefs about the creatures they call The Patriarchs and possibly find out what happened to the four missing people. It will be a journey of dark intrigue, twist and turns as well as a nightmarish global conspiracy to hide the truth.

*You can play as anything from a detective to a reporter.
-You may not play as anyone directed connected to Final Nation
-You may not play a Patriarch

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Bio: (At least two paragraphs)

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