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    In The Final Five, you will play as one of (you guessed it) five gifted individuals who have been selected to be the vanguard of Shanhu's heroic sentinels. In the middle of a city filled with the supernatural dealings of an unknown phenomenon beneath the waves and an ever-growing scientific war machine, they will have no trouble finding something to aid with.

    I am looking for five dedicated and literarily (this is apparently a word!) capable players to walk this journey with me. Due to the limited spots, entrance into the roleplay will be by audition, so to speak. There is no first-come first-served here. A date will be set in which CS submissions must be entered by, after which I will collectively review and select those I like (to put it plainly).

    This roleplay will be sci-fi fantasy, and have A LOT of anime themes, inspired mainly by the recently-aired series Kekkai Sensen. If you don't like anime in any sense, don't bother joining. Posting expectations will be fast (approximately 2 day intervals) and require effort (Adept posting expectations).

    There will also be a large amount of dice being used behind the scenes, and subsequently a bit of stat-based manipulation at character creation. Unlike my other roleplay, however, abilities and the like will be a lot more open in Final Five. I mean it when I say there will be a lot of "powerful" individuals, and that your characters themselves will also be quite exceptional. While I won't try to kill your characters, death is absolutely possible, so do not join with the expectation that you've got plot armor.

    The Setting

    A hundred years ago, astronomers caught sight of an approaching, initially inexplicable conglomeration of objects headed for Earth, far out in the solar system. The objects' paths were a blistering 10% light speed and destined to impact the planet within ten years. Since the day they were spotted, it was clear to governments around the globe that what was coming... was not a welcome sight.

    The myriad of alien ships they spotted sported clear-cut indications of weaponry, and all attempts at communicating with them were outright ignored. Earth prepared for the worst, quite literally. For ten years the Earth governments worked together to prepare for the oncoming alien onslaught. Drafts were instated again, and the military industrial complex was revved into full gear. Countless vehicles, weapons, and defense arrays were produced as countless new programs were started to counter the likely technologically superior threat.

    When the day had finally arrived, they were ready and waiting. The immediate attack by the ships was met with an immediate response. What could have been a tremendous disaster carried out by the invaders had become a pitched, global battle using every power humanity could muster. As the days ticked on, even the superior technology of the alien menace could not stand up against the combined might of a prepared and unified civilization.

    The invasion was utterly decimated by humanity before it could create any significant wounds. It was a miracle to some, and a somber warning to most. The answer of, "Are we alone?" had been answered, and the answer did not come with a pleasant tag. Earth remained vigilant, terrified of what they now knew lingered out in space.

    The captured invaders were interrogated, but eventually they died out. Humanity, while left to its own devices again, was not inclined to calm their minds. A vicious, bloodthirsty goal was instilled into mankind's psyche after the invasion; a desire to progress, to dominate, to understand. Humanity was propelled into a golden age of scientific progress, with most of its intents being directed towards defense.

    A generation of new weaponry, technology, and science had dawned on Earth, all aimed towards the securing of a simple peace of mind. Nothing was ever enough. The guns could always be bigger, faster, more powerful, and more frightening. Entire cities were built around singular military projects, with a majority of Earth's cities now situated around an "Anti-Space" cannon of some sort in modern times. The sheer volume of weaponry had gotten out of hand eventually, and soon they found their way into the public in mass amounts. The mundane citizen could get their hands on a tank-busting laser cannon if they so desired.

    The world had become a strange place, with a sense of shifting governments and a globalized, mixed culture that made up for its chaos with a common sense of peace and community. In the heart of the Pacific Ocean, and city of metal sits above the oceanic waters, stretching across its width from Japan to the United States. Shanhu, the city is called. A joint operation between China, Japan,Russia, and the US, Shanhu serves as the pinnacle of human cooperation, and the capital of the Pacific Federation. Now the most populated city on Earth, it is also a focal point of continued scientific progress for humanity.

    Unfortunately, due to unforeseen developments, Shanhu has also become the supernatural capital of the world. Mere years ago, an undersea phenomenon struck it from below, unleashing an army of abyssal entities that wreaked havoc until an enigmatic group of people rose to the occasion and quelled the otherworldly enemies. While the Abyssals have vanished (for the most part), the seeping of strange energies from below has not. It brings with it a host of supernatural effects that have in no small part affected the very characteristics of many humans living on the sea-borne city.

    Those humans who had returned the city to relative peace have disappeared, but in their vacuum, they left an organization to carry on the weight of Shanhu's safety.

    The Final Five.


    The Final Five is a much talked-about organization hidden within Shanhu, containing a number of strange and powerful individuals. At odds with the collective federal police force within the city, the Final Five act as the defense against what modern-day society is less equipped to deal with. They are by no means Shanhu's saviors; the police are capable of handling supernatural (as well as scientific) incidents. The Final Five, on the other hand, are there to ensure that when they can't, there is someone out there to clean up messes.

    Though the Final Five's "faces" are but a mere five individuals, they contain a number of other members who help with other tasks including information brokering, political dealings, even cleaning. These individuals are the support of Final Five, ensuring that their public warriors are equipped, ready, and comfortable day to day.

    The main missions of the Final Five include, but are not limited to:
    -Elimination of Abyssals
    -Removal of possessive spirits from both people and locations
    -Chaos energy clean-up
    -Interception of demonic cult activity
    -Retrieval of sunken research materials after lab disasters
    -Neutralizing rogue mecha
    -Returning individual's consciousness from nightmare realms
    -Removing supernatural drugs from the market

    ...among others.

    Being a member of the Final Five means being subjected to the weird and dark underbelly of Shanhu's shadier side. Anything can happen.


    Each character will have a number of basic stats to them which will determine their ability in a variety of combat aspects. These will be used to roll dice behind the scenes against other individuals or entities. These will be mainly used to determine successes against other characters, though may sometimes be used to determine the outcome of non-combat events (especially in the case of Perception).

    You have 36 points to spend as you choose across these stats. A 1 in any stat corresponds to mundane prowess. 2 is peak human.

    In addition to determine your character stats, you will also be given free reign over developing up to four "Abilities" your character has. These can be feats of skill, magic, etc... Use your imagination! Note that because these are so open to freedom, there is potential for being quite powerful; I will be heavily analyzing them as you might expect, but don't be afraid to think big at first.

    Just use common sense, really. Don't worry about how your abilities will utilize dice; once I've accepted the ability, I'll be figuring out how to integrate it with the dice rolling system. NOTE that I have every right to nerf (or buff) abilities any time during the IC.

    Character Sheet
    • Age doesn't matter here. If you want to be a child prodigy or an old badass, go right ahead.
    • With abilities, it is best to have at least one or two powers that are 'broad' and allow for a number of useful applications.
    • You may make 4 unique abilities.
    • Don't make someone who is questionably moral. Please no anti-heroes.
    • For your character history, you have all been with the Final Five for at least a year (unless you specifically want to come in as a new member). Those who are accepted should probably discuss with one another a few character relationships they have with one another, significant or not.
    • Science/Technology is well advanced enough now that it can take on most supernatural phenomenon without being completely ineffective. Don't be afraid to be on either side of the power type, though magic and technology have begun to see integration with one another in Shanhu.

    The Cast

    Character Ability Mechanics
    Stats and Statuses

    Final Five supporting NPCs
    The Original Five

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  2. Gaiz, you know what would be great? If everyone found anime pics for their characters that had them face perfectly forwards, so Asuras can change the picture-header-whatever to feature our characters instead!
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  3. @Asuras how old is Shanhu? Forgive me if I missed it in the OP.
  4. It's been growing steadily, but the coast-to-coast populated era of Shanhu is about thirty years old.
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  5. Not done, but putting up for Asuras to see. Asuras, if you have comments, put them OOCly or PMly, please. Can't get on Skype now.

    Name: Tian-Gui Jian, The Hero of the Mage-Eater Incident
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male

    Tian-Gui stands at an impressive 6’3, the broadness of his shoulders augmented by his muscular build. He sports a light tan that serves to make his turquoise eyes stand out, and the Chinese youth prefers to keep his hair short, never longer than three inches in length. Though his angular face makes him appear more like the member of a boy band or whatever, his hands are heavily callused, and his body is filled with scars, the most prominent behind the massive burn scars that blotch the right side of his torso. In the center of his chest, where his solar plexus is located, Tian-Gui sports a golden amulet, fused with his flesh. Though it doesn’t cause him any pain, and could even be considered the sturdiest part of his body, it’s still a bit of a pain in the ass that whenever he activates his armor, his clothes would invariably be destroyed. If only it was an accessory that summoned armor externally, instead of growing it internally.

    Once suited up, a process that takes only a few seconds at most, Tian-Gui reaches the height of 7’5, becoming a behemoth armored in goldednplates gilded with scarlet paint. His hair turns white and grows abnormally long, becoming a mane, and his eyes glow a neon blue, shining brightly in the shadow of his long mask. Unlike most other sentai transformations, which sport a medieval-armor look or a jumpsuit look, Tian-Gui’s own Flamestone armor has many more useless additions, from gargutan shoulder pads carved in the motif of lions, to sashes stylishly trailing behind him. His arms and legs, thankfully, aren’t as encumbered with pointless decorations, and if he really wanted to, he could just remove those sashes and lions and feathers and what-not…but Tian-Gui likes the look.

    Selfless, heroic, and hot-headed, Tian-Gui is essentially what a straightforward hero should be. He doesn’t think anything of putting others above himself, and the vast array of scars adorning his body is a testament to that. Those scars are old now, and few new injuries had popped up, but his creed remains: it will be his blood that will be shed first, regardless of what conflict arises. He cares for his teammates, cares for civilians, cares for relatives, and pretty much operates under the assumption that, yes, there is enough for him to go around. If there’s something to be done, he’ll do it to the best of his ability, and then some. If there’s someone calling for help, he’ll arrive, regardless of his personal interests. If there’s a monster rampaging through the streets, he’ll put an end to its existence.

    In the end, Tian-Gui is simply a righteous idiot who never grew up, the type of person who thinks that everything would be fine as long as he believes that it is. And in the end, it is only a coincidence that his personal beliefs align with the laws of Shanhu.

    Tian-Gui had an unremarkable life, even though he was surrounded by the scientific abnormality of Shanhu. His parents were, of course, Chinese scientists who urged him to follow their path, but the boy, strong for his age, always found more interest in playing outside. He would get praised more often, after all, and the teamwork present in organizational games such as soccer, cops and robbers, football, and freeze tag really tickled his fancy. He liked working in a team, but more specifically, he liked being able to help his friends do things. The boy, back in his elementary school days, was happier in the background than in the spotlight, and stayed there, supporting his friends in every venture they went for.

    When asked about his future career plans, he claimed that he wanted to be a police man, resolving issues peacefully and ensuring that the future of Shanhu was bright even when the smog blotted out the sun. The craze for bigger weaponry only accelerated his desire to help those in need, as newspapers were filled to the brim with shootings, and explosions of varying sorts could be heard in every part of the metropolitan city of steel. Even if everyone was used to it, it didn’t mean that everyone was alright with it, and his childhood desire of wanting to help his friends eventually blossomed into an adolescent desire to help everyone.

    Years came to pass, and Tian-Gui continued to work hard, building up his body, increasing the amount of basic skills he had, picking up firearms classes (only to confirm that he was an absolutely shit gunman), picking up martial arts (only to realize that a strong body didn’t mean a skillful one), and doing community volunteer work. He pursued his dream with zealous fervour, stepping far beyond the boundaries of a mere citizen to help those in need. He volunteered in the police force, enforced public cleanliness rules, and did all manner of almost-suicidal shit. He was the sort of person who was praised and berated equally, the one who visited the hospital much too often for playing the role of the hero.

    And then, one day, it happened.

    A falling star with a golden tail fell through a building while Tian-Gui was evacuating citizens in, and promptly struck him in the chest. Instead of straight up killing him, however, the impact simply knocked him out. When he came to, in a sterile room with no windows and no familiar faces, he noticed that this falling star, a golden amulet of unknown origin, had fused with him, making him into something that wasn’t exactly human. He could coat his body with a crystalline armor, powerful enough that tank blasts could be shrugged off, and his body had improved, brimming with superhuman potential.

    Eventually, he was greeted by those that 'saved' him. They were members of a nameless organization, an amorphous blob symbolized by a group of five powerful, if not eccentric, individuals, and they were quite interested in the material that was growing over Tian-Gui's body. Studies and tests were done, lasting over two months, before he was allowed to go home. But Tian-Gui chose not to go home, and instead, asked that organization to let him help out. It was naivety on his part, thinking that their action of saving him was out of goodwill, but it was also lucky on his part, that the organization wasn't actually a super evil one. They saw his zeal, and gave him a trial run, more to see the capabilities of his armor than anything else.

    Heroism became much easier when he was strong enough to shrug off bombs and bullets. Undaunted by pain or fear, Tian-Gui worked to take down criminals that the police couldn't do so safely, his selfless righteousness now going unpunished due to his existence as a superhuman. Originally, they were interested simply in his powers, but now, it became clear that Tian-Gui belonged to the Final Five, and his crystalline abilities eventually caught the attention of Gigakill, the hot-blooded mecha warrior of the Final Five.

    After that, it was all smooth sailing.

    Another year or twopassed, full of training and practice and self-discovery and ignoring his parents’ text messages, before a world-shaking event happened: the appearance of the Abyssals. While the Final Five scrambled to combat this monstrous threat, and the entirety of Shanhu was working together to survive the otherworldly threat, Tian-Gui was given a simple task.

    At his own discretion, he was to stop those who were going TOO far in the attempt to find enough power to destroy the Abyssals.

    The ambient energy cause by the otherworldly beings served to accelerate the development of his own body, as Tian-Gui found himself becoming sturdier and faster, surpassing human limitations. He blocked falling debris from buildings, shielded civilians from the shockwaves caused by the Abyssals’ block-busting laser beams, and punched out those who were taking advantage of the chaos to do sketchy things. Though he was praised for his actions in conserving lives, it was only until a particular incident occurred that Tian-Gui become well-known.

    A supernatural disaster, and in the center of it all, a ghostly visage shooting out beams of energy strong enough to take down buildings. It was tantamount to suicide for any normal person to attempt to interfere, but by then, Tian-Gui didn’t care. He took off his clothes, activated his gold-red armor, and marched into the arcane inferno. Bringing his sizable body over the abstract existence, the young man intercepted every attack shot out by the black miasma for five hours and thirty-two minutes, until the Abyssals disappeared and the black miasma calmed down.

    After that, Tian-Gui promptly took a nap, the rest of the incident lost to him.

    When he came to, a shit ton of work had to be done, and Tian-Gui got to it, pushing aside rubble and braving the flames as he worked to rescue those still in the world, and salvage those that have already left the world. It was disgusting, painful work, but he forced a smile the whole time, his mouth curved upwards underneath his golden mask. And, somewhere along the way, the original Final Five quietly and suddenly disappeared. The organization that saved Shanhu was without a head, and after some decision, the support section of the Final Five made a deicision.

    Placed in the spotlight and given the moniker of Svallin, Tian-Gui became the shield that stands before the Sun, the first of a new generation of heroes.

    And as the first member of the Final Five, who was it that he recommended? The Idol of Destruction, a man of arcane prowess awakened in the same tragedy in which Tian-Gui had been forged in.

    3 - Might
    1 - Finesse
    12 - Fortitude
    3 - Health
    3 - Speed
    12 - Perception
    0 - Arcane
    5 - Spirit
    2 - Heroism

    Unbreakable Body, Unbendable Will
    The Man Who Never Gives Up
    Tian-Gui possesses a body that naturally generates an odd crystalline growth over his skin, creating something that, in combat, turns into an extremely durable exoskeleton potent enough to practically ignore anti-tank weaponry. Bullets are merely child’s play, and no amount of petty precision attacks will harm Tian-Gui, for his body is one that has no openings. Furthermore, this crystal exoskeleton has the trait of ‘absorbing supernatural energy’, making him more resistant to magical attacks than most others. It is this armor that makes him one of the most well-known members of the Final Five.
    The Fiery Cage
    Utilizing that ability to absorb supernatural energies, Tian-Gui, through a spell developed by Ling, has the power to finely manipulate the crystals that grow from his body. Dubbed Flamestone due to how it radiates a heat that only increases as more supernatural energy is absorbed, this stone takes a crimson color as it expands from Tian-Gui's body. While the shapes are generally rather simple, really just blocks of opaque crystals, the speed at which they can expand from Tian-Gui is rather extraordinary. Capable of creating walls in an instant using this highly resistant material, Tian-Gui can go just as easily from blocking the flame breath of a pyromaniac to caging in a dastardly villain. And, of course, regardless of what he does with it, the stone will always be radiating with supernatural heat, something that Tian-Gui can also control. Appropriately, in most battles, it becomes as hot as fire if Tian-Gui wills it.

    The Righteous Sees All
    Bravery's Gift
    Evil shall not be done without Tian-Gui noticing, and innocents shall not be harmed without Tian-Gui interfering. With eyes sharpened through years of being a member of the Final Five, and a body capable of breaking its own limits in order to protect others from harm, Tian-Gui has developed something almost akin to precognition, able to read the intent of a single person before they act, and able to react to that action before they start moving. Through this, he has blocked many sudden, unprovoked attacks, and seen through the masks that veil another’s murderous intent.

    Final Five Finisher
    Burn, the Flames that Ignite My Soul
    Final Five Finisher is Tian-Gui’s strongest attack, and, most likely, the strongest attack that the Final Five have in their arsenal. Focusing his armor into a gloriously incandescent lance that forms around his right arm, Final Five Finisher massively increases the energy-absorption qualities of the Flamestone, allowing for the other four members of the Final Five to dump their magical energy into the lance. Once ready, the back end of the lance detonates, turning into propellant to shoot Tian-Gui forwards with a spear-punch of pure justice.

    Upon penetration of any object, the entire Flamestone detonates, doing massive damage to all in the area, including Tian-Gui himself. He will invariably be knocked unconscious through the usage of this, and could very well be on the verge of death after using this attack.

    Theme Songs

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    Artist is here.

    Name: Ling Zhu, the Idol of Destruction, Patron Saint of Collateral Damage
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: The Coffin that acts as Ling's shell isn't too large, only about 5' tall or so when sealed. When active it floats about a foot off the ground and given its expanded form is about 6' or so, it gives off a rather intimidating air already, even without the shadowy presence within. The carvings on the Coffin's surface glow a soft azure coloration whenever Ling uses his magic, the energy running through these areas to seep into the material.

    As for the shadowy cloud that serves as Ling's "body", it's pretty much just that; there's no twin orbs that act as eyes nor does a part of the cloud part when he speaks. While within the Coffin he can apply a bit of pressure, enough to tap buttons or hold light objects, any more will cause his form to simply disperse.

    Personality: Quiet and subdued, Ling is nonetheless off-putting to most people given he's a shadowy cloud bound to a floating coffin. With the loss of a physical body, he can spend hours on end pursuing more intellectual pursuits; be they experimenting with his vast magical capabilities, reading books, or the like. Other times he can found sealed away and unaware of his surroundings, passing days at a time within a state of deep sleep unless otherwise disturbed. Having lost many of the needs that might normally dictate one's daily schedule, Ling finds himself losing track of time rather easily.

    It's hard to ever call Ling animated, but he does seem genuinely attentive to others around him when in a group setting. Never one to be too confrontational, it can be quite easy to bully Ling into silence if one is upfront and stubborn. While he may not necessarily agree, he often backs down simply to prevent situations from escalating further. Course that doesn't mean he's simply compliant though as he'll turn around and just float away; with a reputation like his most people don't try to push the matter.

    Given his family moved to Shanhu a few years following his birth, Ling basically has no memories that aren’t associated with the steadily expanding city. Growing up it was easy to feel small as the jungle of steel expanded as far as the eye could see and stretched up to touch the sky. Yet small as he was, Ling never shied away from exploring the vast developing city he called home.

    Despite the position his father held, Ling never experienced any pressure to live up to the legacy that would be left behind. Though an intellectual himself, Ling never could wrap his head around the ideas and mechanics that came so easily to his father. The old designs and plans his father had a hand in creating were something he spent many hours trying to understand, but only because there was never any need that would have otherwise burned him out. In most aspects, he was a fairly mundane, if inquisitive, individual in a city of developing wonders.

    Then everything changed when the Abyssals attacked, or in Ling’s case a few weeks prior to the entities’ arrival. The faint energies that drifted up from beneath were enough to light a spark in Ling and he spent many hours out of the house those weeks, experimenting with this new found ability of his. Truth was stranger than fiction he thought as he practiced hurling crackling bolts of volatile energy far away from home. It turned out to be a good thing he strayed away from the more populated areas of Shanhu as when the Abyssals did surface at last, their presence or the influx of energy caused an unpredictable reaction with Ling.

    The magical energy within him ran rampant and burned away his physical body from within while holding onto his mind. Overwhelmed by pain and alien sensations, his mind turned inwards to protect his psyche while his new “body” simply lashed out in an attempt to rid itself of the excess energy. Unfortunately it did so without regard of its surroundings and the results were destructive. With attention solely focused on the enigmatic attackers that had surfaced without warning, Ling’s rampage would have been catastrophic had he triggered elsewhere.

    As it stood, the construction site, partially finished apartment complex, and surrounding buildings had practically been razed before a response could be mounted. Quick evacuation had prevented the loss of life, but with the supernatural nature of the incident mundane means were unable to deal the situation. The police force managed to stall the spread of destruction, ferrying in targets to hold Ling’s attention, but there didn’t seem to be an end in sight. Not until someone from the Final Five organization appeared on scene. Not one of the five themselves, but someone that had also been affected by the surge of unknown energy the entities brought in their wake.

    While incapable of halting the rampage, with their arrival and assistance the police force was able to move forward, establish a perimeter, and enclose the magical phenomenon; at that point they had no idea it was an out of control being. The situation finally came to a close as the Abyssals were quelled. With the entities’ disappearance, Ling’s magic finally settled and the black cloud shrunk in on itself.

    Before any investigation could be carried out, the ground shuddered and cracked beneath Ling’s new body. Before anyone could react a coffin burst forth in a shower of dirt, opened up, and trapped Ling. A sudden pulse pushed all those nearby away and even as weapons roared, their payloads splashed harmlessly over the material as it took on an azure glow. It’d be a few days of hovering and glowing ominously before any further development occurred. The coffin cracked open at last to reveal the ominous creature it now housed; a fairly damn confused Ling with only fragmented recollections of the events that had transpired.

    Ferried away almost immediately into containment for study, the next few months passed as a haze. Occasionally he might speak with another human, other times he’d spend who knew how long within the sealed coffin, but all was done under the careful watch of those who held him. The next time he’d awaken from his hibernation though, it’d be to different surroundings and an actual face to face meeting with those that had “freed” him from the facility. They asked if he wanted to do more than just experiment and practice with his powers, put them to use in a manner that could help others. Given the impossibility of a normal life Ling didn’t really hesitate to accept, and that’s how he entered the Final Five just shortly after the Abyssals changed everything.
    Ling grows up as a fairly smart, inquisitive, if quiet kid. His first brush with the supernatural comes shortly before the Abyssals arrive at Shanhu.

    Yet when they do arrive, something causes the magical energy Ling’s practiced with to spiral out of control. Physical body torn apart, mind turned in to protect his psyche, his new body lashes out without restraint in order to bleed off the excess amounts of energy. Though property damage is massive, there is no loss of life and with assistance the police are able to quarantine the area and contain, what they think to be, a magical phenomenon.

    Shortly after the Abyssals defeat, Ling’s body is able to stabilize and upon doing so is immediately enclosed within a Coffin that appears from underground. It takes a few days for any further developments after which Ling is carried off to a secure research facility. He’d leave in a few months with the assistance of the organization that had helped deal with the Abyssals and an offer to join them. One he readily accepted.


    {td}〉〉〉〉〉〉 6{/td}
    {td}〉〉 2{/td}
    {td}〉〉〉 3{/td}
    {td}〉〉〉 3{/td}
    {td}〉〉〉〉 4{/td}
    {td}〉〉〉〉〉〉〉〉〉〉〉〉〉〉〉〉〉 17{/td}
    {td}〉〉〉〉〉 5{/td}
    {td}〉 1{/td}

    Arcane Projectiles: With skill comes a variety of attacks Ling can utilize to bring down his opponents. Contrary to what one might expect, his magic is of a vibrant azure coloration and when given the opportunity he can put on quite the light show. There are three main variants that Ling prefers to fall back on. Explosive, Lance, and Shooter.

    Arcane Shooters are what could be called the vanilla of the three. Fairly powerful with increased accuracy due to the ability to adjust their path and home in on targets after being fired. Explosives are no slower, though the homing capability is sacrificed for a devastating detonation at any point during its flight. Arcane Lances are simply blistering fast and dense projectiles that’ll punch through heavy armor.

    For an inexplicable reason, despite being capable of leveling buildings, his magic seems to be set at non-lethal by default. With but a thought that can change, though it is signified by the color brightening until it's almost white.

    Heaven’s Buster: The natural progression from projectiles to beam blasts. Very useful in that the firing point can form anywhere within a distance from Ling. Hence its name as he quite likes to blast unsuspecting opponents from above their heads. While capable of being cast at a pace comparable to his Projectiles to put on a laser show, Heaven’s Buster can be charged up to push its damage far beyond what a Projectile is capable of; it’s what earned Ling his title in the first place.

    As if that wasn't frightening enough if Heaven's Buster fails to destroy his target the first time around, or Ling just feels like massive collateral damage is warranted, each charged cast of the spell disperses a substantial amount of ambient energy. Ambient energy that is then absorbed by his next cast of the spell to expedite its charging process or push its destructive capabilities even further.

    Destructive Shroud: In the event that Ling should find himself without allies he’s not helpless. A swirl of his hands can raise an unstable barrier of energy around his being; it's so powerful that it's physically visible and obscures vision as a result. While durable, its main defensive properties arise from how it functions essentially as reactive armor. Upon being breached, the section of the barrier will detonate outwards in an attempt to halt the attack in place or simply destroy whatever is there.

    With each turn it remains undestroyed the Barrier can be rebuilt and even strengthened to far beyond its regular capacity. At any point in time, Ling is capable of detonating what energy remains in the spell to level his surroundings.

    The Shade’s Coffin: The ancient and sinister-looking shell that holds Ling’s “body”, it compresses his essence and allows a far greater degree of control at the cost of making him actually tangible. However he is by no means bound to the Coffin and can leave its confines at will; though only up to a certain distance.

    Upon doing so, the shadowy substance that serves as his "body" seeps out from within with the Coffin's pieces falling to the ground afterwards. In this form Ling is intangible and can seep through even the most minute of cracks. Great for scouting in the darkness given he's practically impossible to spot and his senses aren't impeded by the lack of light. With his power dispersed though, he loses a great deal of his magic. At most he's capable of flaring his magic through his "body" which serves to shock any individuals within.

    To move about, Ling is able to levitate slightly above the surface beneath him. This makes most terrain fairly easy to navigate, albeit large jumps are not possible for him. As an added bonus, natural falls are no longer a concern as the ability will kick in once close enough to a surface.

    The coffin also draws in ambient energy from each of Ling’s attacks, channeling the power through the material to strengthen and toughen it. This stored energy is depleted naturally over time or whenever expended to defend against attacks.

    Theme Song(s): General Theme / Battoru Theme
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  7. A tank and a damage dealer? I guess I'll make a character with supporting abilities.
  8. Original vector ©FearWRX
    [ Tomoki Mia ]
    29yr 55kg 157cm

    [ Personality ]
    Mia is that strange sort of individual — aloof but emotional, icy yet spontaneous — whose demeanor can seem either cold or giddy depending on who you ask. Her worries are seldom her own, but her empathy often goes unnoticed on account of her self-consciousness.

    What she lacks in straight-forwardness she makes up for in her motivation to orchestrate good will in others behind the scenes. She's the person who threw you a late birthday party just when you had accepted the fact that you were too old to be upset by everyone forgetting; she's the one who went behind her anxious friends' backs to stick them on a trip alone together; she's the sort of girl who occupies her time fixing the things in life that nobody thought to fix. She prides herself in this, but seldom does the same for herself.

    Her martyrous behavior is partly a result of Earth's recent history, but while she lacks the sort of weaponized resolve characteristic of many of its well-prepared citizenry, she is comforted by the thought that she might leave butterflies in some of the right places. One day, she hopes they may even help to protect the world in their own way.

    [ Biography ]
    Mia gathers a meager income as a street illusionist, a hobby which she'd grown fond of late in her childhood. She lived in a home full of sprightly family which provided a warm and exciting environment for her, but often she found herself outside of the party, enjoying the sounds more than anything else. Mistaken for an introvert, she was given distance which inadvertently lead to her aloofness. Ultimately, she moved away from her family with the hope that she might find something fresh.

    Of course, the supernatural seepings of Shanhu found her, first. Over the course of the initial few months, the subtleties remained unnoticed, developing while the abyssal influence in her intensified; she ultimately discovered her abilities as a blessing, her motivation and the utility of the aspects aligning in a way that suited her.

    Her involvement in The Final Five has been rather sporadic up until the last couple of years; while Mia's first collaborations with them were strictly social, as her abilities were particularly useful for misdirection and misinformation, she later developed a rapport with the organization, whose dangerous objectives often worried her despite their apparent moral center. Her lack of combat abilities inspired hesitation, but somehow she had caught somebody's eye, thus dragging her deeper into the abyssal underbelly of Shanhu which she's only recently become used to.

    [ Abilities ]
    Mia's esper-like mneumancy is her sole supernatural aspect, but it is quite a dense collection of phenomena. In short, she's a memory manipulator, with the added features of telempathy and memory actualization.

    [ Proximal Retro-Empathy ]
    She is passively aware of the remembered, emotional thoughts of those around her, allowing for a small degree of mind-reading. However, it is difficult for her to associate thoughts with individuals, especially in crowded areas, or to really gather any directed information, especially from those whose immediate thoughts are stoic or present-minded. The radius is rather small, but can be expanded and contracted at will, covering up to a few blocks and as little as a bus. While the information can be filtered the same way as one might ignore the image of a moving crowd, there is a point at which the noise can become unbearable.

    [ Contact Mneumancy ]
    Most significantly, Mia possesses the capacity to manipulate the remembered history of an individual she touches, potentially erasing their sense of self or, worse, rewriting it. However, particularly emotional memories are exponentially more difficult for her to interact with, restricting her ability to interfere with one's most crucial aspects. Her ability does not come with any sort of dominatrix aspect and as such does not provide her any competitive amount of willpower over even mundane humans; that is to say, a battle of wills can ensue which could be potentially incapacitating to her should she fail.

    [ Memory Actualization ]
    While she has had some experience with this aspect of herself before, this is truly out of Mia's control. Sometimes randomly, sometimes as a result of her degree of exertion, she may spontaneously summon a memory into reality, be it hers or another's. Anything from the sudden appearance of a semi-truck to the slightest chill of the room can happen, and the best she can do is try to restrain herself, often unsuccessfully. In more extreme cases, neurofeedback from an interrupted attempt at memory manipulation can lead to this, as she is violently ejected from her target's mind.
    ( Mundane Eqiupment )
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  9. Name: Sen Ma

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Height: 4'10"

    Weight: 48kg


    With her petite figure and little to no muscle evident on her frame, it's not surprising that many underestimate Sen's prowess in battle at first. This is an assumption that will usually last all of five seconds. She moves with a lithe, preternatural grace that has often been likened to a panther stalking its prey; others counter that she'd more likely be the beast stalking the panther.

    Sen shows her emotions less blatantly than most, and as such her demeanour seems quite harsh. Her eyes are most often cold and distant and her lips hardly ever turn upwards in a smile. She has a low voice for a girl - again, an aspect that many find surprising upon noting her size.


    Simply put, Sen is blunt. Mincing words and sparing others' feelings are foreign concepts to her; if something needs to be said, rest assured she will be the one to say it. Because of this, most assume that Sen is both a rude and an uncaring individual - however, those closest to her would disagree. The reality is that Sen feels just as everybody else does. She just doesn't feel the need to express her feelings as vibrantly as most people tend to do. Her dry, scathing sense of humour and somewhat cynical, existential musings do not gel with many, but those who can understand the girl behind the stony mask often become fast friends.

    If her stand-offish manner could be described by one aspect of her psyche, it would be her unyielding, inflexible sense of duty. Sen's sense of right and wrong is absolute: 'right' is the balance and preservation of the human race; 'wrong' is anything that aims to topple that balance. All of the blunt statements and icy glares in her formidable arsenal stem from this sense of guardianship - for who has the time to spare someone's feelings when lives are at stake?


    Sen is as much a local of Shanhu as anyone can be: born and raised in the city of steel, her mother and father emigrated from China and Japan respectively as the city started to thrive. She had a relatively normal early childhood - as normal as anyone could in a strange, rapidly evolving world.

    Everything was perfect, until the day it all came falling down on her - literally.

    Sen's memories of the brief cataclysm that struck Shanhu are vague, to say the least; her strongest memory is of the ceiling collapsing around her. She can remember a sense of unease, of being told to run and hide. She can remember her home being torn violently asunder. And no matter how hard she tires to block it out, many a peaceful dream is interrupted by the memory of the anguished screams that tore forth from her parents as they were killed - and worse yet, the sickly gurgling sound that followed. At that point, all she can remember is a sense of something flowing into her that - ironically, seeing as she was faced with her parents' deaths - made her feel more alive than ever before.

    At that point, everything went grey. The next thing she can remember is lying on a surgical table, being blinded by bright lights and stared at by people who had masks where she was used to seeing faces. She was put through a series of tests that day, tests she found puzzling at first - until they brought awareness of her newfound, superhuman abilities.

    When given a tour of the compound that the surgery was only a small part of, several things were explained to Sen. The compound was owned and run by the 'behind the scenes' organisation of the Final Five. They found her after the Abyssal attack and were immediately aware that something extraordinary had happened to her, and had brought her back to see exactly what she was capable of. She was told that if she remained, she'd one day be strong enough to fight back against the entities which had eliminated her parents, as well as countless other innocents.

    This was all the motivation Sen needed.

    From that day, that compound became her home and her school. Teachers, trainers and scientists became her family. It was this family who moulded her into what she is today: a ruthlessly efficient executor of justice and keeper of the peace. This family that, when they decided she was ready, placed her within the Final Five. This family that told her something that very first day, when she was lying on a surgical table, that she has used to help her city ever since.

    They told her that she was no longer normal. Far, far from it, in fact.


    Might - 1
    Finesse - 5
    Fortitude - 2
    Health - 2
    Speed - 10
    Perception - 10
    Arcane - 1
    Spirit - 2
    Heroism - 3


    Sen's speed and sensory faculties are so far beyond what is already considered 'beyond the norm' that even if she could manifest stronger arcane powers, she would likely pay them little attention. Her main strengths are no doubt her agility and her ability to utilise it with deadly precision, alongside what could almost be described as 'limited local omniscience' - a complete awareness of the sensory information around her. This being said, she does boast a few abilities considered even further outside the sphere of normal than her others.

    Blink: Moving in a burst of speed remarkable even for her, Sen can transport herself nigh on instantly to anywhere within two hundred metres of her position. Blinking leaves her with a brief sense of confusion and disorientation, and is thereby usually only useful as a defensive manoeuvre.

    Thermal Anticipation: Flaring her already advanced vision, Sen achieves a thermal view so intense, she can perceive blood flow and muscles tensing before they move, giving her an nth of a second's warning before an opponent actually acts. Experimentations with extended use of over ninety seconds have lead to severe headaches and nausea; experiments past this stage have yet to be conducted.

    Release from Ye, Shackles of Earth: Her most well-known and some would say theatrical ability is that of nullifying the effects of gravity on herself. In a way that no other creature on earth truly can, Sen can fly. While she can maintain her airborne state for longer than her thermal vision, the effects also last for longer: every second Sen spends in the air is akin to a thirty seconds of flat out running. Even with her superhuman levels of stamina, the girl cannot stay in the air for long before she exhausts herself.


    When her characteristic headband is pulled down to her brow, a curved, matte black glass-like visor extends to completely cover her eyes. This simultaneously blinds her and enhances her other senses above their already significantly enhanced norm.

    Sen almost always carries a diverse range of weaponry on her person - from EMP grenades to throwing knives - but she never, ever leaves the house without her two favourite pieces:

    Monica, a scythe that when 'activated' emits a plasma field that can cut down to the subatomic level. Seeing such a small girl use such a big weapon - the scythe towers a good foot and a half over her - makes some people laugh. If Sen hears them (and with her ears, she usually does), they don't laugh for long.

    Through an impressive feat of technology, Monica is able to collapse into just a small section of its staff no larger than a mobile phone. Alongside her actual phone, Monica is often clipped to a belt at Sen's waist.

    Delvin, the hefty handgun that looks comically oversized when slung at her hip. Still, people don't tend to laugh when faced with a gun that size.
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  10. Name: Alani Rhykov, The red front
    Age: 18
    Personality: Alani is strong, fearless and cocky. Or at least that's how she shows herself to others. Alani has been known ever since a young age to be the first one to charge in and the last one to leave. She's short, standing at around 5'4 (166cm) and not awfully tall, but what the girl lacks for in size, or indeed intimidation factor she makes up for with heart and courage. It's because of these traits she earned her small nick name of 'The red front', a name she gained from mixing her Russian heritage with her fighting style. She's a hard one to faze and usually tries her best to boost the moral of others when they are down, though this can sometimes come off too strong and only annoy people instead of achieving its intended purpose.

    Biography: Growing up Alani was treated as the son her father could never have, he trained her to be strong and to fight, but also trained her to find the good in the worst of situations. Her father was a great admirer of the human efforts during the Alien's attempted invasion and because of this he expected her to be ready for anything. But that was all up until the age of eight when the son her father really craved was born. Alani at first felt rejected, but when her brother didn't take to fighting as well as she did he quickly swapped back to training her, though this meant that during school she had to keep an eye on her feeble brother.

    Alani's defining moment though was when her seven year old brother was being picked on for his weakness, tossed off a pier into the ocean to drown by a group of bullies that didn't seem to know when they had taken it too far. Not only did Alani dive down, deep into the dark abyss to save him and dragged the two back to shore. But she also managed to beat the living snot out of all three bullies at once. But ever since her deep dive she found herself changed. Not only did she mess up her hearing, unable to take the pressure of the water almost bursting her eardrums from the experience; though this was later fixed by a set of artificial ears she wears (as seen in the image); but the power of Shanhu seemed to find their way inside of her. This wasn't in a physical form, Alani didn't gain any abilities. But it was simply an idea, and idea that she must become stronger to protect the weak. An idea that kept her pushing forward to better herself. After three years of honing her skills, dropping out of school to train full time, she found herself in the elite group of the Final Five, where not only does she hold the front line of the team but she also tries to keep everyone optimistic out of missions.

    Might - 9
    Finesse - 2
    Fortitude - 4
    Health - 6
    Speed - 4
    Perception - 1
    Arcane - 0
    Spirit - 4
    Heroism - 6

    Abilities: Though Alani possesses nothing in a magical sense, she does have several tactics and technological boosts that keep her on par with those who do.

    Reckless abandon: Using all the strength she has in her legs and small thrusters that are implanted within her uniform, Alani pushes herself forward with her large sword, cleaving anything she passes, tearing up most of the ground she passes over in the process and either destroying cover or making ground tough to pass over, not even a wall will end up stopping this charge. Alani mostly uses this to put her in the middle of the fight though she has been known to use it to get a few more hits in before disengaging a group of targets, though she will only ever really use it in that matter if she feels as if she's on the brink of death.

    Abruption: Alani digs her sword deep into the ground and creates and disrupts the earth underneath. This can create uneven ground and can throw ground based enemies off balance, though this can just as easily effect allies behind her if she's not careful, though if she successfully performs this move as intended Alani usually only effects the ground in front of her.

    Red reach: Utilizing the gem in the hilt of her blade Alani fires forth the large blade end of her sword which can be used for many purposes. If the target is large and sturdy enough Alani can use them as a wall to propel herself to. If it is weak she can either pull them towards her or even just kill them outright. Or of course this can be used as a more utility based grappling hook-Esq move to propel herself along terrain.

    Battlecry: Yelling from the top of her lungs Alani pumps herself up to ignore pain, though she still gets hurt she numbs her feelings to temporarily not be affected by the wounds. Though once she has calmed down these wounds can be felt all at once. This war cry may even striker fear into her enemies if she's lucky, though it's mainly used to keep fighting for as long as she can.


    A Giant sword: This sword has no real name as nobody in the Rhykov family has ever considered that an important thing so the sword seems to just go by 'massive sword'. Though Almost as tall as Alani she manages to use it effectively though her swings are rather slow. Using the energy within her suite she can 'power up' the sword and create sparks that course around it, making the red eye in the hilt glow.

    Artificial ears: Though a rather old model they keep Alani in the game, without these she would be deaf and unable to hear anything. Though that doesn't give her perfect hearing. Using EMP's or anything to disrupt the communication between them and her brain can leave her rather out of her comfort zone. Though Alani is not used to having much hearing anyway as these are a rather new addition to her arsenal she forgets to listen a lot and thus isn't the most perceptive girl.

    Grad A R32-U47-43 suit: A Russian developed suit for women during the initial alien invasion this suit was for a specially trained squad that was made for mobility and slight protection. The suit holds many small thrusters that can be used to maneuver around the ground with ease and give the user better control when either jumping or falling. This is all done through neural transmission that is all done through a neck piece that connects to the users brainwaves. The suit also helps the user endure and stay in the fight for longer. Visually it's a dark gray skin tight armor that protects the chest, legs and arms, a lightweight, light gray polymer that allows for greater mobility around the stomach, arm joints and leg joints.

    Theme Song(s):

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  11. Abilities aren't just magical, they're feats of supernatural skill as well.
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  13. @ERode
    Kinda confused how Sparkstone plays out. Is it everytime his armor is chipped that an explosion happens, or only when he wills it?

    Can Ling move while using Withstood the Ages?

    Man, your abilities are going to be hard to translate into a mechanical sense. They're cool though. Did you choose only three abilities on purpose, or are you working on a fourth?
  14. Thanks! Those three are the only ones I'd intended to include, but if you'd like a revision, that works, too. :3
  15. It says "up to" four abilities, so you're not obligated to have four. I just wanted to check with you, just in case. Three is just fine.
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  16. Armor breaks off into chips when blocking and such. He can will those chips to detonate. He can also will the whole thing to do that, but that’d sorta hurt him as well.
  17. Nope. Intended for him to be locked into place, and only movable after he unseals or is damaged.
  18. Yea, isn't that what I was saying? O.o
  19. I'd like to point out (as it was asked by @Skyswimsky) that a character's entrance into the Final Five is not necessarily one of direct succession. To clarify, the "Final Five" is both five individuals and an organization beyond them. When people talk about the F5 they can either talk about the 5 that go out and do stuff regularly, or they could be talking about the organization as a whole.

    Before the original F5 disappeared, they had an entourage of "supporting" characters who helped them in a lot of different ways. In many cases these people were only loosely interacting with the F5, such as commonly-contacted information brokers or someone who made them really awesome technology here and there. Others were fully vested in it, such as a secretary, a hacker, even a butler-maid combo. These supporting individuals did not disappear, and they are the ones who "kept the Final Five going" to where it is today. They are the ones who sought your characters out, or simply came across them, and subsequently tried to recruit them.
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  20. Alright, added in history and tried to pretty it up a bit...

    Stupid fieldset coding seems to have been all shook up since last time I was here. -.-
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