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    A hundred years ago, astronomers caught sight of an approaching, initially inexplicable conglomeration of objects headed for Earth, far out in the solar system. The objects' paths were a blistering 10% light speed and destined to impact the planet within ten years. Since the day they were spotted, it was clear to governments around the globe that what was coming... was not a welcome sight.

    The myriad of alien ships they spotted sported clear-cut indications of weaponry, and all attempts at communicating with them were outright ignored. Earth prepared for the worst, quite literally. For ten years the Earth governments worked together to prepare for the oncoming alien onslaught. Drafts were instated again, and the military industrial complex was revved into full gear. Countless vehicles, weapons, and defense arrays were produced as countless new programs were started to counter the likely technologically superior threat.

    When the day had finally arrived, they were ready and waiting. The immediate attack by the ships was met with an immediate response. What could have been a tremendous disaster carried out by the invaders had become a pitched, global battle using every power humanity could muster. As the days ticked on, even the superior technology of the alien menace could not stand up against the combined might of a prepared and unified civilization.

    The invasion was utterly decimated by humanity before it could create any significant wounds. It was a miracle to some, and a somber warning to most. The answer of, "Are we alone?" had been answered, and the answer did not come with a pleasant tag. Earth remained vigilant, terrified of what they now knew lingered out in space.

    The captured invaders were interrogated, but eventually they died out. Humanity, while left to its own devices again, was not inclined to calm their minds. A vicious, bloodthirsty goal was instilled into mankind's psyche after the invasion; a desire to progress, to dominate, to understand. Humanity was propelled into a golden age of scientific progress, with most of its intents being directed towards defense.

    A generation of new weaponry, technology, and science had dawned on Earth, all aimed towards the securing of a simple peace of mind. Nothing was ever enough. The guns could always be bigger, faster, more powerful, and more frightening. Entire cities were built around singular military projects, with a majority of Earth's cities now situated around an "Anti-Space" cannon of some sort in modern times. The sheer volume of weaponry had gotten out of hand eventually, and soon they found their way into the public in mass amounts. The mundane citizen could get their hands on a tank-busting laser cannon if they so desired.

    The world had become a strange place, with a sense of shifting governments and a globalized, mixed culture that made up for its chaos with a common sense of peace and community. In the heart of the Pacific Ocean, and city of metal sits above the oceanic waters, stretching across its width from Japan to the United States. Shanhu, the city is called. A joint operation between China, Japan,Russia, and the US, Shanhu serves as the pinnacle of human cooperation, and the capital of the Pacific Federation. Now the most populated city on Earth, it is also a focal point of continued scientific progress for humanity.

    Unfortunately, due to unforeseen developments, Shanhu has also become the supernatural capital of the world. Mere years ago, an undersea phenomenon struck it from below, unleashing an army of abyssal entities that wreaked havoc until an enigmatic group of people rose to the occasion and quelled the otherworldly enemies. While the Abyssals have vanished (for the most part), the seeping of strange energies from below has not. It brings with it a host of supernatural effects that have in no small part affected the very characteristics of many humans living on the sea-borne city.

    Those humans who had returned the city to relative peace have disappeared, but in their vacuum, they left an organization to carry on the weight of Shanhu's safety.

    The Final Five.

    In The Final Five, you will play as one of (you guessed it) five gifted individuals who have been selected to be the vanguard of Shanhu's heroic sentinels. In the middle of a city filled with the supernatural dealings of an unknown phenomenon beneath the waves and an ever-growing scientific war machine, they will have no trouble finding something to aid with.

    I am looking for five dedicated and literarily (this is apparently a word!) capable players to walk this journey with me. Due to the limited spots, entrance into the roleplay will be by audition, so to speak. There is no first-come first-served here. A date will be set in which CS submissions must be entered by, after which I will collectively review and select those I like (to put it plainly).

    This roleplay will be sci-fi fantasy, and have A LOT of anime themes, inspired mainly by the recently-aired series Kekkai Sensen. If you don't like anime in any sense, don't bother joining. Posting expectations will be fast (approximately 2 day intervals) and require effort (Adept posting expectations).

    There will also be a large amount of dice being used behind the scenes, and subsequently a bit of stat-based manipulation at character creation. Unlike my other roleplay, however, abilities and the like will be a lot more open in Final Five. I mean it when I say there will be a lot of "powerful" individuals, and that your characters themselves will also be quite exceptional. While I won't try to kill your characters, death is absolutely possible, so do not join with the expectation that you've got plot armor.

    As this is just an interest check, I'm simply seeking to get a gauge on... interest. CS Skeleton will be put up when the OOC comes around if I see enough prospective submissions from players lying in wait. If you have any questions now about anything, ask away!

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  2. While I may or may not have enough on my plate as-is, particularly with my own game heating up a bit, I'm certainly interested and may at least keep an eye on things to see what sort of characters and mechanics turn up, because that's always cool to see.
  3. Hooked and foaming at the mouth! I'll be watching, for sure. :3
  4. Well, you already know what's up Asuras.
  5. BANDW- wait what dedication?
  6. This looks amazingly cool I am totally in! Well, I hope so! Gonna have to work hard on that CS.
  7. Seems interesting.
  8. Interest has been had. Time to go full justice modu.
  9. @Asuras, having seen my work so far, do you think I'd meet your expectations?

    (No hard feelings if the answer is no, I'm interested but I also want you to get what you're looking for.)
  10. Yea. You're definitely within my expectations.
  11. Awesome, I'll be waiting for the OOC with everyone else then.
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