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  1. The world's tree....

    It is said that this tree is the oldest living database in all of existence of the universe; having been around since the beginning of time itself. According to legend, this database has information on every living thing in our vast universe; and an answer to every question in existence. Many have tried but failed to find this legendary tree; which is said to be floating through the depths of deep space.
    The year was 3032 A.E at this point and time; humanity had found itself spread out to the deepest parts of space. With the Earth long gone due to drainage of its resources, the humans went to live among the other life in the universe. As ships were seen coming and going from a nearby planet, they were stopped at the various checkpoints to be validated.

    Malik sat at the front dashboard of his ship small bridge double-checking everything at the time. Making sure the ships forged ID was all right, he checked that off the list and looked to the small boy who sat there looking bored. He tossed a forged ID toward the kid who caught it and shoved it into his pocket. “Be cheery Noah after all we might just find something this time. Your senses have been a little off lately, so who cares.” Said Malik finishing the last of the preparations.

    Noah just shrugged, saying, “I hope I'm right this planet hopping is tedious, I wonder if we'll ever find the world's tree at this rate.” Malik went and moved them up to the checkpoint. “We will trust me kid one day somehow.” He said putting his ID on the scanner. As he held his breath, waiting to see if the ID would pass the light in front of them checked green and Malik left out a huge breath of relief. He then took them through the checkpoint and descended down to the planet below.

    “As usual, my ID forgery came out flawless.” Said Malik after they landed. He left the ship with Noah and made sure the hatch was shut with everything locked tight as a drum. After that, he and Noah headed to the city and walked around. The city was packed with many people from different planets, some bartering their goods while others were just standing around chatting.“Jeez, I have not seen this many freaks since the last convention.” Noah said with a roll of his eyes. “Careful what you say Noah last thing we need is an angry mob on our asses.” Malik said as they walked the streets.
  2. Barok was busy checking his wares for his merchant stall as he saw two figures sauntering by. He eyed them curiously as they had the look of foreigners to them. He set down the box of tacks he was inspecting and proceeded to follow them, as they seemed to be ripe for the picking. He kept his distance and made sure not to be seen by them. 'Maybe, just maybe, their looking for it too', he thought to himself. All he needed to do now was somehow get them drunk and/or drugged up enough to tell him their tale. Or if he was lucky, they would be willing to tell him without the use of psycho-manipulates. Borok smiled to himself as he thought it over. He continued to follow them through out the city, ducking between alley ways and back streets.
  3. Malik on the other hand sensed they were being followed almost immediately, yet he paid no mind thinking it was just someone after information. "Looks like this is the place." Noah said stopping Malik and they were in front of a bar now. Malik just gave a nod and the two walked in and looking around the place was packed with quite a crowd of people gambling, drinking, and just having a good time. Though the place reeked heavily of cigarette smoke and Noah held his nose. Malik just walked up to the bar counter as Noah pointed to the bartender.

    The two took a seat at the counter and the bartender just looked at the two saying, "What can I get for ya two?" "Actually we'll pass on the drinks but we've actually come with a few questions to a rumor we've been following after. A little bird out there told me you saw the world's tree with your own two eyes care to share?" Malik stated getting down to business almost immediately.
    The bartender looked quite surprised and he said, "Yeah... I saw it but no one ever believed me. Thought I was going crazy there's not much I can tell ya. I'm a retired military officer in fact I actually retired about six months ago." "Is that when you saw it tell me what area or sector were you in at the time of the sighting.

    The bartender sighed and said, "Why don't I tell you from the beginning if you're that much into knowing. My name is Kale about six months ago I was out on the field doing my usual patrolling of the air space around the area at the time. I don't know what happened or what went wrong but my ship sensors had indicated an extremely large object was heading close by our general direction. So naturally being on the job I went to take a look and I swear to god I've never seen anything so huge in my life. It had to be a ungodly size like even bigger then the military war cruisers I seen in the past.""Sounds about right from what you remember seeing right Malik?" Noah asked. "Yeah it's got to be it so did you notice anything strange aside from that?" Asked Malik. "Actually that was pretty much the end of the story. After I got close to figure out what the hell I was seeing I literally blacked out and when I woke up I was in a hospital. And that's all I remember I can't even tell you what sector I was in. My memory is so jacked up but I can refer you to my former superior if you want. He knows exactly where I was that day." Kale stated.

    "Thanks but we got what we needed even if we didn't get a general location we have a few more people to see around so they might have better info." Malik said standing up. "Sorry I ain't much use to you kids. Good luck you may as well be trying to find a needle in a hay stack." Kale said after the two as they left. Once the doors shut Noah said, "We were close but if you go to any form of authorities your track record might not be a good thing... Being wanted sucks ass Malik...." Noah said.
  4. Barok watched the two go into the bar and take a seat. He entered and reeled a bit from the stench. He hadn't smelt anything so bad since he was stuck cleaning his father's hog stalls as a youth. He took a seat in a corner booth and took out an amplifier from his pocket. It had served him well during his days as a spy for a private firm and he hoped that it would still serve him in his own endeavors. He put part of it in his ears and concealed the rest in his sleeve, sliding his arm on the table towards the two foreigners.

    When a lady came up to the table asking him if he wanted anything, he simply ordered a pint of whatever was the days special. No point in not enjoying yourself whilst eavesdropping on the affairs of others. He heard the information that he wanted: the two were indeed searching for the World Tree and the bartender had seen it. He didn't, however, hear what sector it was in. He cursed silently under his breath and downed his drink, letting his eyes follow the lower half of the waitress while his ears were on duty.

    After the two had left the bar, he gave them about a 20 second head start before getting up and heading out the bar himself. He placed some money on the counter and walked out, keeping an eye on the two off in the distance. He hoped that he hadn't raised any of their alarms as he was aware of the fact that his skills as a follower of the art of espionage had dulled from years of not using them.
  5. Malik wasn't dumb he knew they were being followed again and having enough he just stopped and all Barok would see is he was suddenly gone when he blinked and Noah knew he had confronted their stalker. "So you care to tell us who the hell you are? Maybe I might just let you walk away if you're lucky enough to not be one of our enemies?" A voice spoke from behind Barok.

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  6. Barok stopped in his tracks and turned around. "Who am I? A man interested in finding the World Tree. You two seemed like you might know so I decided to follow you. It seems as though my skills have become duller than I thought." With a slight twitch of his hip, he released the safety of the pistol attached to him from 'safe' to 'fire', in case the two didn't take too kindly to followers. The hair trigger set up of that 9mm pistol could on occasion prove dangerous to Barok, but often proved convenient for covertly disengaging the safety in a pinch, especially with where he had it located. "I want no trouble with you two but I do want to find the tree."
  7. "You're a moron... Why not try and find your own info instead of leeching off others." Noah said as he was walking up. "Not like he has any hope good luck buddy I've been searching for at least the past eighty years. The only reason I seek it is to find out who I am I know I must not be human since time is at a stand still for me I haven't aged a day past my youthful apperene I have now and trust me we're no better at finding it as you are." Malik said waving him off and shaking his head. Though the window by them suddenly shattered and a female landed saying, "I found you finally once again Malik! You're going to pay for what you did to me the last time!" "Oh not you again won't you give up already Claire! I'm just one bounty I'm sure there's a thousand more wanted people you can go after because you can't win against me!" Malik said.
  8. Despite the hostility of The one named Malik and the other one, Barok wasn't gonna let this bitch arbitrarily ruin any info these two could give him. He quickly grabbed his pistol and pointed it at the head of Claire. "Just calm the fuck down here woman. What do you think you're doing? You make a move towards the two and I'll drop you here and now." An emblem in his flesh on the side of his neck started to glow as his anger grew. It was the one thing that he knew somehow connected him to the tree.
  9. "Buddy you have no idea who the fuck you're dealing with!" Claire said not even phased by the gun to her head. Kicking the weapon clear out of his hand she bent back just at the right second as the trigger was set off as a result the beam struck a wall beside Malik and she kicked Barok's feet out from under him sending him smacking down. Though she didn't get far when suddenly she went slamming up against the wall Malik used this opportunity to get her in his grip. Even though he only stood about four and half feet tall he was damn strong. She threw him off and he slid back as she yelled, "You little scum bag you guys are working together!" "No he just happens to be an idiot you pissed off! Why do you involve civilians in your hunt Claire!" "Oh look whose talking you're a fucking hacker been stealing classified data for years and you call me the bad one!" Claire yelled rushing him."There's one huge difference I don't go and hurt people around me to get what I want!" Malik yelled running at her she whipped out her stun rod only to have it dodged by Malik and after that he grabbed her free hand and swung her clear over his shoulder slamming her down onto her back. She didn't move and Malik saw he finally managed to knock her out cold. "Hey you if you don't want the authorities on your ass run now!" Malik said quickly as he rushed by Barok alon with Noah. "Come now move quickly!" Noah said stopping and heaving the guy up with surprising strength.
  10. Barok let out a grunt as his 35 year old body hit the ground. Despite the fact that he was trained extensively in various forms of martial arts, he made the mistake of underestimating the woman. He watched from the ground as he saw Malik deal with the woman. Barok started to run as Noah lifted him off the ground and grabbed his pistol as he ran by. "So smart guy, what's the fucking plan now?" He asked when he caught up to the two. The question was directed to whichever one happened to be paying attention. He gave a quick glance behind his shoulder and saw two officers kneeling over Claire's body and three running towards them.
  11. "Well Malik what do we do now we got this guy caught up in our mess." Noah said with a laugh as they ran. "Please I could so ditch his sorry ass right in an instant if I wanted too the way his fat ass is lagging behind us! But follow me quickly if you two don't want to hit the slammer today!" Malik said not even out of breath and they rounded the corner. Losing the officers for a few moments Malik said, "Noah I left the ship on auto pilot bring it toward the west of here if you can manage. You going to have to jack the first vehicle you can grab and make a run for the desert." Catching the small device Noah said, "You got it now what to do about the authorities?" "Leave the small fry to me and head west and take lumpy here with you. I'll be there five minutes after you two make it. It's better if we split up anyways so we can get away easier." Malik said."Right on ok don't die out there hey mr come with me!" Noah said running down the right side of the alley and Malik ran out the left catching the two officer's attention he said, "Hey dumbasses over here and you two can kiss the back side of my ass because you're not gonna get me!" He ran and the two were so distracted they didn't see Noah and Barok get away. Some how Noah had managed to get the ship on and put the coordnates in while running. He glanced behind every so often to see if Barok was keeping up.
  12. The emblem on his neck glowed slightly as Malik referred to him as lumpy and fat ass. '80 years my ass' he thought to himself. A man of that age would have more respect for other. Digressing from that, Barok focused on keeping up with Noah, Which proved to be a manageable task. His body was still in fairly good shape and he kept up with him just fine. With only slight malevolence he slightly hoped that something would happen to Malik to teach the cocky pecker a lesson. He spotted a vehicle ahead of him and pointed it out to Noah. When they got near it, Barok leaped and grabbed the doorframe, swinging himself through the passenger side window, shattering it. He leaned over and took of the panel beneath the steering wheel, and began to hot wire the vehicle.
  13. The moment he hot wired the damn thing Noah shoved him inside saying, "Move aside let me show you how to really drive like at those arcade gaming halls!" Slamming the pedal they went off fast and Noah seemed to have no issues shifting gears like driving was second nature to him. Seeing the ship out in the distance in the west he said, "OK buckle up I'm taking a short cut!"

    He cut through a few alley ways and managed to avoid hitting any pedestrians while at the speed he was going. Within ten minutes they had reached the bridge leading out into the open and hit the desert just in time. Slamming the brakes as their ship landed Noah got out and said, "Hurry get inside!" He ran out to the ship and was fast to access the bridge saying, "Malik can you read me where the hell are you!"

    "No worries Noah I'm not far from you guys I got bit of a crowd searching for me now so give me an extra five minutes to make it out there." Malik's voice came back over the com unit. "OK you got three minutes before I fly this damn thing there and get you myself!" Noah said annoyed as Barok was by him now. "Don't you even dare touch anyt-" Malik said but the intercom was cut off and Noah grinned saying, "I love making him mad if anything he takes pride in is this ship he don't let no one tinker with it."
  14. Barok grinned slightly at the child like nature of Noah. Seeing as how danger had passed, at least for now, he took the pistol from his hip and turned it to 'safe'. He took a quick look at the ship from where he was standing. It was a nice vessel and appeared to be kept at least somewhat presentable. When Noah wasn't looking, he took the amplifier out of his ear and sleeve and put it in his pocket. "I suppose that Malik is the leader of this here motley crew huh? And by the way, you drive like a damned maniac." he said lightheartedly.
  15. "You mean our two man crew and thanks I've learned from playing some racing games. Believe it or not most vehicles use the same concept and oh by the way I don't have a licence." Noah said as he laughed. Though Malik's voice came over the intercom saying quickly, "Noah I take it back I want you to take to the air and go about three miles north to the southern radio tower thanks to your insane driving escapade all the high ways out of the city have been locked down and no one can enter or leave." "Hey you told me to go ahead of you and besides I was bored and fine I think I can fly this thing in my sleep having watched you the past six years. By the way can we get take out on the way out because I'm fricken starving here." Noah said with a grin. "Oh ha... ha... very funny you little shit now don't ding my ship or I beat your little ass!" Malik said the kid hopped into the seat and flipped a few switches saying, "I'll be thee in three minutes I'm on your signal now.

    "Good keep on that signal and keep the hatch partially open and I'll leap on easily." Malik said. "Roger that I'm less then a minute away from the tower ready your signal flare." Noah said. Flying it with no problem at all his eyes focused from left to right as he kept scanning the area ofr the siginal and suddenly he saw a shot of red smoke fly up and the flare went off. Moving the ship in that direction he lowered it like it was second nature and Malik managed to leap on before Noah flipped the switch closing the hatch. Malik came running in his arm wounded and he looked a little dirtied but aside from that he was okay. Giving Noah a high five the two switched seats and with one hand steering Malik let Noah wrap his arm up after the kid got some bandages out of the first aid kit. "Good work runt now let's get the hell outta here." Malik said after that broke the planets atmosphere and once Malik hit a few switches the hyper drive went on and after that they were out of sight."Crappy security no one chased us that planet sucked!" Noah whined. "That's a good thing kid last time we nearly died now then what to do with our new buddy here." Malik asked just eyeing Barok. "He doesn't seem to be an enemy why not bring him along and make a three man crew instead of a two man one." Noah said grinning. "Noah... honestly what's with you you're too kind for your own good but I suppose having an extra set of hands would be nice..." Malik said in thought.
  16. Barok grinned as the decision was made to keep him around. He bowed in the manner of an old style butler saying with a grin: "Barok Coridge at your service. 8 years of distinguished military service, and martial arts mastery at your disposal." he stood back up and grinned at the two, then took out his pistol and set it down on the floor in a show of good faith. He figured that whatever these two would be doing would be more interesting than his life as a spy turned merchant. "so, now what?" he asked, curious.
  17. Malik smiled saying, "Don't you mean ex military gone rogue they got quite a few good pictures of us so we're going to get out hyper space and hole up somewhere for a couple weeks till things calm down then go back out. Buddy I hope you know I'm wanted for many things mostly cryptic hacking and and data stealing. The name is Malik and this is Noah." "Nice to meet ya Mr hopefully my crazy driving didn't give you motion sickness." Noah said grinning.
  18. He bowed once again at the two. "As much as I would like to play Mr. Innocent, I've got a bit of a rap sheet my self. I'm wanted by the authorities for espionage and murder, although the last one is kinda unproven since I killed the only witness who could testify against me, unbeknownst to the cops, he said with a grin. I used to be one of the best spies around, until a coup left me running for my life. And as you two proved, my skills have dulled somewhat over the years." he gave a self deprecating smile at the end of his tale.
  19. "Noah see what I told you about bringing fucked up pets on board?" Malik asked with a roll of his eyes. "Oh as if you're the one who told me to bring him along!" Noah said glaring. He then gave a nod toward Barok saying, "As for you Barok... We aren't ones to exactly take lives for future reference just incapticitate people don't kill them. We'd prefer to not shed blood if all is possible."Malik just kicked back in his seat saying, "Go get me something to drink squirt. If I have a few too many I'll just let you watch things over. Oh and get Barok one too if you don't mind." "Fine..." Grumbled Noah disappearing and Malik just popped his neck saying, "Damn... guess I had too much fun out there those fucks got me good."
  20. Barok was beginning to relax around the two, although he was starting to err on the side of Noah as he was sure that Malik would soon start ordering him around and he was accustomed to giving orders, not taking them. "Oh alright" he said lightheartedly, "no killing." Barok then proceeded to pop his knuckles, back, neck, and wrist and grinned at Malik. He was certain that Malik would over drink and was curious as to what kind of a drunk he was. Borak was a happy drunk and had gotten a couple of paternity suits as a result. He then went on to pick his pistol up, release the magazine, and shove it back in the holster. "You got a name for this ship?" he asked out of idle curiosity.
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