Final Fantasy

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  1. I am wanting to create a Final Fantasy based roleplay involving aspects of both 7 & 8 games--maybe a little of Tactics?

    Doesn't have to be engrossed with sex or anything but could have a pg rated romance. Or we could do best friends.

    Hoping to find someone particularly graphic n the way they write. I like writing multiple paragraphs with detail I'm looking for a partner or a group that would be willing to do the same.
  2. I'm your girl then.

    I love Final Fantasy. I've played the majority of them, including 7 and 8 of course. I do think that I am both capable and use to writing large, frequently detailed paragraphs in my post. So would this be a group roleplay or a OnexOne? I think it would be more fun for a group but its up to you I would assume.

    I really do hope that this gets continued. :D