Final Fantasy XII Remake!

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  1. Three days late, but FINALLY!
    Those SE motherfuckers finally did it ten years later.

    Who else is excited for this? It looks amazing. Though, I'm not sure if it's a sequel, remake, or... what.

    Anyway, post your thoughts here!
  2. I contemplated posting this here but I figured no one else but me actually gave a shit about this game haha

    BUT I'M SO EXCITED, THIS IS MY FAVOURITE GAME OF ALL TIME AND I'VE ALWAYS WANTED THE ZODIAC JOB SYSTEM AND NOW - NOW I CAN HAVE IT :'( It's beautiful. It's not a remake or a sequel, just a remaster. They basically are bringing over the Japanese International Zodiac Job System version of the game to English platforms, with updated graphics.
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  3. Oh my God.

    That sounds great. XII is also one of my favorite games, and I have been waiting so long for a Remaster... This is amazing.
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  4. Oh cool, because I sure wasn't buying the remaster for FF-X/X-2 which came out not long ago. Though I did like X-2 in that it's battle system was very fluid and unique. Could have cared less for the stories and once again, X-2 (weirdly) managed to have a more coherent story. I know, I'm crazy or something for saying that.

    Anywho, a PC release for FF-XII would be deserved, as I felt XII was kind of ignored and didn't really receive the praise it deserved. Maybe because Vaan is about as interesting as a napkin drenched in spooge and carrot juice, you really don't want to keep handling it but you keep at it hoping hand sanitizing solution is within reach. But the mechanics and overall story were fairly up to par with some great supporting characters who's names escape me right now other than Balthier who deserved to be the leading man.

    But I haven't even finished 100% FF-IX yet, but I imagine we have awhile.

    But what's up with the subtitle "The Zodiac Age"? Is there something from the story I'm not remembering here?
  5. YES. This 100 times over! I would cry tears of happiness if this happened. ;w;
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  6. Well considering they've released VII, VIII, IX, X and X-2 in the past five years on top of other Final Fantasy titles, I think it's bound to be on PC. Square can't possibly ignore the fact they'd make pretty good sales with a small but guaranteed niche fan base.
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  7. No worries! I'm pretty sure it was originally called Zodiac Job System not only because they introduced, well, a job system, but because the Espers in the game are all based on the Zodiac.
  8. IT's a remaster, not a remake. They are touching up and making it more up to snuff. BUt the engine and basegame remains. Still. This is nice. I thought the only thing that I didn't like about the game was the uninspired "EVERYONE IS BLONDE" charachter design. They were ALL to alike in appearance.
  9. @Hellis - I agree with that, especially if you compare it to something like FFX (which I actually didn't like as much as XII).
  10. Except Larsa and Fran.
  11. I absolutely adored Larsa ^_^ He was such a smart little guy. Plus his health potions were very useful.
  12. [​IMG]

    I knew this was gonna happen! I got X/X-2 HD Remaster for PS3 and PS4 and love them dearly (X-2 more than X) and now I'll finally get to experience the International version of FFXII since I never got the chance to play the game at all :(
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  13. OH, AWESOME!

    I've always loved Final Star Fantasy Wars.

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  14. This could be cool. I always get to the same point in the game with about 40 hours in the game where I set it down... And then can't pick it up because it doesnt remind you where you need to go or what to do. Maybe I can actually complete it this time.
  15. I haven't been able to get into single player FF's since 9. I don't know why. I think it's the character. I can't quite get attached to them the way I could earlier games. I played thirteen, but it wasn't something that held my attention, usually it was just something I played when I had absolutely nothing else to play. Ten kind of destroyed the series for me as far as the normal games go.
  16. Can't wait to play false protagonist twice again!

    I mean, Vaan does bring everone together, but besides that...

    Balthier is the leading man.
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  17. I love Balthier ^.^

    But I don't dislike Vaan, neither do I find him annoying. I kind of like the role he plays. Someone small who's gotten caught in something way bigger than he actually is. He's also kind of like a viewer, and he and Penelo are somewhat a reminder that there are normal people who don't really care about the politics of the world, rather more worried about things normal people would be worried about: friends, family, food for the tummies.
  18. Same! The way I look at it, he's supposed to be irritating. He's an orphan who never really had the chance to learn proper manners, and had to resort to petty theft and other such things to survive. He's also still a child and, like you said, caught up in something very big. He's excitable and is viewing the world for the first time, which has been his dream for years.

    If you think about it though, Ashe is really the main character of the whole thing, if there was to be one central character.
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