INTEREST CHECK Final Fantasy X-Type RP

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  1. I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in an "Our Story" Final Fantasy X RP. It would follow essentially the same plot: Summoner going out on a pilgrimage and defeating Sin; but with our own twists and characters.

    If you know nothing about FFX, look here for all the info you need on this game.
  2. I would be interested ^.^ I loved FFX Summoners are my best characters to.
  3. Great!! Id like to have at least one more person before we start up anything,. That way we'll have the summoner and two Guardians. But if we dont, we can double up on characters.
  4. I would also be interested. Some Final Fantasy would do me some good.
  5. WOO!! okay. ill start posting stuff later after church. in the mean time, we'll wait to see if there is anyone else who wants to join
  6. I LOVE FF I SEEN THE MOIVES my trying to play the games but i only got wii >.> so i can play FF something barre no cloud mad. n^n
  7. I'm interested! ...I want to be the black mage, lulu like character. >w>
  8. I wonder if I can pick up a Ronso White Mage/Monk. Someone of a really intimidating race, but is rather kind and friendly anyway.
  9. Alright, all sound like some good ideas. I'll get the Sign Up thread posted in just a bit. I'll post the thread here when I'm done. Until then, I apologize, but we must wait.
  10. So...
    If you're still accepting people, I'd like to join. I actually had a roleplay loosely based on FFX once, but it pretty much got shot down after a couple weeks.
  11. Well, right now we are currently full, but if one of our people doesn't post by around 4 tomorrow, I'll contact you. How does that sound?
  12. Sounds good to me.
  13. Alrighty, then