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  1. Aldred rested himself against the wall of the temple in Besaid Village. He was waiting for the Summoner he was employed to to finish their final preparations before they and all of the other Guardians left on the Pilgrimage to defeat Sin. Aldred kept quiet to himself and was slightly hidden by the shadows of the little outcropping off the side of the temple . His weapons wrapped around his waist as he waited for the summoner to finish. The sky over Besaid shone brightly down on all of the villagers going about their daily lives. Although, look to the sky in the distance, and the smell of the wind could tell that rain was inevitable in their future. Well, today should be an eventful day. Aldred thought to himself.
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  2. Chi walked into the tample with an apple. she throw it in the air alot with smiling this was somthing she wished she didnt have to do but theres nothing she could really do. thinking abput what she muct do now. she pulled out her writing book and started to write about her past. she always wanted to tell someone her story. but she knew her past was somthing that no one would like. she smiled and started to write.

    many years ago there was a time when I was just a girl. A girl with dreams. The dream of peace in the world. but even I knew that this dream would never be true. I would wonder around with my Mother. she always travled around. but one day there was something bad happen. but lets start with ummm ok here:

    my name is Chi. no Dark Skydrim. I was traviling to a village with my mother. we were going to sale some wapons. we use to make them for many people. Mom was amazing at her craffing. it was the best made in the world. and was very hard to find. it could distroy many things as if it was paper. which I find funny. many kings wasnted her work. but she always refused the requst. but there was one king that was worthy of her work. and so she had made one king a sword. but the problem is that the sowrd is missing now that the king has pass. but thats a diffrerent story. we were finshing paking when my motehr told me I could play. I didnt say no I left the house and ran around the small village. that was when I want near the forst. not knowing what was in there I when in playing with the Trees. we played laughed and singged we didnt care for what was coming till it was to late. that was went I heard the scarems of the people in the village. I ran back to see it beeing distroy. many people where fighting for there village. even her mother. thats when I saw him he was there right behind her mother. I ran to my mother but something hold her back. she didnt see who becase all of a sudden everything when black.

    Chi looked up from her writing. she hid her face with her hair she started to cry lightly and no one really knew. she closed her book and hid it in her small pouch. she stopped and looked around
  3. To make some extra money, Saya worked on the ship since a week. It may not had an engine to dash through the water, but the rudder and some other Mechanics needed to be repaired and maintained in order to keep the ship under control.
    She arrived at Basaid Island today, a small island in the far south of spira with steep cliffs, a small village and a forest. This place may not have been as exciting as others, but it did have a certain charm.

    Saya was happy to leave the ship again since she really didn't want to be at one place all the time. She was the type of person that always wanted to move around instead of staying at one place. With the ship at her back, she walked over the sandy beach and headed for the village.
  4. Sia always found herself wandering, mostly, when she was assigned to particularly anything. She knew she was meeting up soon with her next Summoner and fellow Guardians, but she still felt worried, and restless. She only found solace in taking walks and quietly humming to herself as she did so. At least the air was warm. There was some good in that. She found herself heading to the village again, though. Maybe the locals would be doing something that could take her mind off her task at hand... at least for a little while.
  5. Glug glug glug!

    The ronso male emitted a joyful sigh as he finished a swig of the drink he had bought no longer than five minutes ago. It had been his sixth today. A very tasty brew infused with tropical plants. It was an exotic taste that he felt he could definitely get used to. He was pleasantly inebriated now, though he always was. The 'runt' looked over the people walking through the street. His slate-grey fur and massive stature standing out almost as much as his white robes: a white mage ronso. He grinned, waving at a few people - many adults startled a bit at the unusual-but-friendly gesture and waved back. Children, however, waved back enthusiastically.

    "Hey mister Xio! Lift me up! I want a ride!" One of the children called. He capped his drink, obliging the young girl and lifting her up onto his shoulders, "Haha! Now you're the tallest girl in the village, ain'cha?" He laughed as she proudly stated: "I was always the tallest!" Followed by a drove of children, deflecting blitzballs tossed at him back towards their owners as he headed towards the temple. When he got there, he lifted the little girl from his shoulders and rustled her hair. "Alright, you pups." He kneeled to speak with them, the gruff voice of his people offset by the jovial tone in which he spoke: "I've got to head out for a while."

    "You're going on the Pilgrimage?" Xio nods, "Yup. Going to try and invite the Calm." One of the kids, a male, asked: "You're gonna come back, ain'cha?" He smiles, nodding. "Gonna try. C'mon, pups. Give me a hug 'fore you all get back to play." The swarm of children oblige, and the muscular ronso returns the hug, before rising. He waves them off with a sigh. His head tilts slightly, "Hoi. Aldred. If you're around, quit yer sulking." He uncaps his drink again, taking a swig and shoving the other hand into a pocket, looking out over the village with glazed eyes. "Eh. Ne'ermind. You'll be tryin' to make an impression on the lot of'm, yah?"

    He sighed, leaning back against a pillar and easing himself to sitting, comfortable. With his grey fur, rippling muscle, and motionless stance, he wouldn't look that far off from a sculpture of a temple guardian himself. Only when he raised the bottle to his lips did it give away that he was alive.
  6. Entering the village and looking around, she emitted a soft sigh. It was pleasantly noisy, which kept her from being able to think about anything, as she watched as people walked around chatting and children playing. Maybe she would head to the bar for a drink? She wasn't much for drinking, but, it sounded like a good idea... yes. She would do just that. She headed to the bar, going over what she would like to order in her head....
  7. Aldred moved from his current position to another more obvious one, but he was still in the shadows. He rested his back against the wall of the Temple with his arms crossed on his chest. He rested there, being almost completely quiet. "You know where the new ones are?" He asked Xio from across the way. He said his words just loud enough for Xio to hear without having to strain himself to hear, although, it was still quiet. He had his eyes closed and just listened to the hustle and bustle of the town.
  8. Xio shakes his head. "No. M'sure they knew to come here, though. Prolly jus' finishin' up shoppin' fer supplies and the lot." He shrugs - it doesn't seem like he's bothered much on the 'supplies' side of things. As he shrugs, however, a multitude of bottles can be heard clattering around under his robes. The ronso's eyes begin to glance out at the crowd... his eyes narrow a bit. "Let's see which o' these folks I wouldn't mind fightin'. M'sure those'll be the ones."

    His eyes instinctively went to the docks. He sees a young woman working there near the ships - "There's one, I'll betcha." He points towards Saya, even at a distance. "She looks a might' scrapper." He tilts his head over, just missing someone entering the tavern. He frowns. "Hrm. One. 'Less the others are in the temple rather'n hanging outside like we are."

    It had been Xio's eye for combat that had originally 'introduced' him to Aldred. The ronso loved to fight, and seeing the darkly-garbed Aldred had sparked his desire for battle. The two had fought for a while, until Xio realized Aldred was not a villain. It was a sense that Xio trusted - his ability to find a combatant, and then judge them mid-combat. He takes another swig of the island-booze with a satisfied sigh. "M'sure they'll get here."
  9. After a while, Saya arrived at the Village of Basaid. A quiet place that was a nice change to what she was used to. Not many people were around, which made moving around very easy. The first thing she had to do was to restock on a few items, which she did by going to a merchant that was sitting outside today. He may not had many potions and antidotes, but they were bought by her anyway. She prefered to be well prepared instead of getting surprised by low supplies.
    Saya looked around for a moment and saw the temple. Al-Bhed were usually not allowed there, which she respected and stayed away from these places. She instead noticed a somewhat large rock near one of the tents and took a seat on it. As she was sitting, Saya took her satchel, which contained her tools, and began to prepare bullets for later use.
  10. Requiem paused, examining his things once more. It was odd. He'd travelled extensively in the past, but this time was different. This time he was setting out with a purpose. And with a couple of old friends. Still, he knew he'd have to focus on the positive sides. Everything would work out in the end, right? That's what he was constantly telling himself. He flipped his lucky coin, catching it and seeing where it landed. "Alright, I suppose that's everything then." He murmered, heading out of the temple. As he walked out, he noticed a young woman in the outer sanctum of the temple. "Hello there" He said, trying to put on a cheerful smile
  11. Saya was interrupted by someone's greeting and stopped her hands in their tracks. Last thing she wanted was to loose a bullet or drop the tools. She moved her head up to the person that spoke to her and smiled in her usual cheerful manner.
    Hiya. Need anything?
    She noticed that this man was tall, and somewhat tough looking. He sure had some kind of charm.
  12. Using his cane as a support, he made his way over the rest of the way, watching her with some interest "Out of curiosity, what is that you're doing there?" He asked, coming to a halt a few steps back from her and leaning against his cane, casually tracing his fingers along the symbols carved along the handle, a mixture of summoning symbols, and gambling symbols. "Forgive my intrusion, it's just, I've never seen anything like that before, that's all." It was part of his nature to be curious. To learn as much about what was going on as he could. It was just his way.
  13. It was unusual that someone was interested in what she was doing. Saya was surprised by this person, but she still needed to be careful.
    Well... Before i tell you, would you mind to tell me what you think about machina?
    Many were against the use of even the simplest machina, and hated those who use it. Saya may have limited her use of Machina, but even she got some glares from time to time.
    The bullets she prepared were simple designed, but somewhat special. They had the usual tip to hold their trajectory, the flat part at the beginning, but without black powder, and a transparent cylinder which always contained a single colored substance. Magic could be felt from each single bullet as they were looked at, and the substance was ether powder or some kind of liquid.
    By the way. My name is Saya Kirisame. Nice to meet you. I'd usually give you my hand but i don't really have my hands free.
    She may not know yet if she could trust him, but there was nothing wrong with being friendly.
  14. Requiem blinked, suddenly realising he'd never introduced himself "Ah, forgive my dreadful lack of manners Miss Kirisame, my name is Requiem, Requiem Dominus Mortalis, although most people just call me Req." He told her, rubbing the back of his head in slight embarassment. Then he recalled her question. How did he feel about Machina? It took him a moment of blankly staring at her before he came upon the wording for his answer. "Machina is much like anything else that people don't understand. We fear it. I feel that it's only through knowledge and understanding that we can overcome our fear of things such as Machina." He paused for a moment, contemplating. "I am to assume then that what you have there is a form of Machina?"
  15. Saya shook her head as he apologized.
    It's fine. Better late than never, right Req?
    His thoughts about machina were somewhat unusual. But he had a point. Many simply didn't understand machina and the advantages it gives. After all, even though many didn't like machina, they had to use it for Blitzball.
    You sure are a smart one, aren't you? Then allow me to explain.
    Saya was proud of her work, and was happy to explain what she did.
    As you guessed, i am using machina. These bracelets here are my weapons, or let's say that they are in standby mode. Imagine them like a weapon in it's sheath.
    Her bracelets looked like ordinary accessories, although they probably could deflect some hits by acting as little shields. There were some mechanical parts under the upper part of them, indicating that there was more to them than looking nice.
    These things i make here are bullets, which i make from items i buy and find.
    I use two kinds: Normal, and Magic bullets.
    My normal bullets simply boost my striking power by giving my punches some extra force. These bullets contain raw kinetic force, or a punch in a bullet if that makes it easier.
    Combining certain bullets by firing more than one at the same time, allows me to cause many things to happen. Healing, boost, or damage.
    Saya finished her latest bullet and showed it to Req. It was a blue one. Blue like the ocean.
    This is a water bullet. If i combine it with a fire bullet, i get steam or pressure, and if i throw in a third one, i can... Am i talking too much?
    Saya didn't mean to bore him or talk too much, but once she was in "machina mode" it would be not easy to stop her from ether talking, inspecting, or working on a piece of machinery.
  16. Requiem listened intently. It was a curious subject to him. One that many that he spoke to would give little to no information about. Listening to this girl explain it was something like a once in a lifetime opportunity to him. Especially with his journey coming up. As she explained things to him, he began compiling the information in the backlogs of his memory for easy access should it become necessary. Information always had value to him.

    Suddenly he realised that she had finished talking. "Ah, not at all. It's a lot to take in, but I do appreciate the information. I've never had anyone willing to talk about Machina with me, so it's all quite amazing to me really. " He paused, looking at her for another moment. "I suppose I should explain a bit about myself then too, huh?" He asked, considering the knowledge worth a bit of information on himself. Something that he typically guarded quite carefully. "I am, though you probably wouldn't realise it, a Summoner. Off on the grand quest of bringing about The Calm and all that." He said. "Of course, I expect even the Al-Bhed know about Summoners, so you won't need the grand history lesson, right?" He asked smiling. Most Temple-Goers loved telling the story. He hated it. "Actually, in all Honesty, I'm only here to collect my guardians and to restock. It's a nice Village though."
  17. Saya's mood dropped a little as Req stated that he was a summoner. She was not in a bad mood or something, but had some sad thoughts in the back of her mind.
    I see. You are right, i know the story, and to be honest i don't like it that much because of the double edged result. Nothing personal though.
    Like many other Al-Bhed, she didn't like what it took to bring The Calm and wished sometimes that there was another way. But Summoners decide to take that path on their own, so it had to be accepted.
    I guess you will be heading to Kilika next, right? Looks like we will be able to talk again then. I'm on my way to Luca, so i will take the Ship to Kilika too.
  18. Requiem nodded, understanding. "You know, we don't honestly know all there is to learn about Sin. My goal is to discover a true way to end the Cycle. If we can accomplish that, well.. Can you imagine the world we'd be making?" He asked, smiling once again, looking up at her. "That's what I want. A world of peace." He looked up to the sky, gauging the time from the sun's position. "Alright, well, I suppose I should get going. Things to do, a planet to save and all that right?" He asked, his smile widening "It was a pleasure to meet you Miss Kirisame" He told her, turning to walk away
  19. Before Requiem could walk away, Saya placed something in his free hand from behind.
    Next time we meet, call me Saya.
    She walked away from the place and headed back to the ship now. Since she was done with restocking, she could relax there again. While she walked, she couldn't resist but to think about his words. A way to defeat sin for good... It was a dream, and like most dreams impossible in her view. Still. She hoped that he would succeed with this plan.

    The thing that she put into his hand was a bullet. There was a "7" carved onto the flat side of the bullet, and a thin piece of paper wrapped around it. It had "Throw at fiends or friends and hope that it's your Lucky day" written on it. The liquid in this one was transparent like water.
  20. Requiem stopped when he felt the item placed into his hand and unfolded the paper, checking it out. It was a curious thing. From what he recalled, bullets were fired from machina referred to as guns. A thrown bullet was quite curious. He turned around to question her about it, but Saya was already gone. Still, she said she'd be on the ship to Kilika, so there was a good chance he'd come across her again fairly soon. He decided to head into town and find his Guardians, pocketing the bullet.
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