Final Fantasy X-3: Awakening

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  1. Gwen

    "Ah...Godfather figure I see." She grimaced. She was relieved that John wasn't going to take Belle with him. As tough as she thought she was...Gwen knew that Belle was a little delicate. "If he asks you too do something too unpleasant, I advise perhaps that you don't take him up on it. There would be other ways to find him." She bit her lip. She would be willing to look into that Hawthorne character, but she wasn't sure how safe that would be in comparison.


    "That sounds nice." She smiled gently as she went to go retrieve her arrows "Hmm, maybe you could show me where at some point. That might be a good place to draw, or to just relax."
  2. Kavi was standing in the arena, watching the blitzball match as it went on. Some of the people she had been talking to in town mentioned it as a really exciting and neat form of sport, but all she could wonder about was how the players breathed. Back home people couldn't breathe underwater. Did the humans figure it out sometime?

    Aside from breathing underwater, her time here had been..strange, in general. There were lights and sounds and flashes going on everywhere, which was really kinda overstimulating. The gender relations were strange, with there being a man for just about every single woman, and even guys complaining about not being able to find mates! Women also seemed to have a more submissive role...when she first went by to ask for a job as a caravan guard, they practically laughed her out of the room. And whoever was after her had sent two men to do the job, not women. All very different.

    She noticed two men messing with another, more rat-like person. They left him alone after a bit, and since it would sound less stupid if she asked someone else who was new to this, Kavi walked over to the rat-man and spoke:
    "...How do they breathe?"
  3. Taken aback at first by the sudden shift in conversations, he simply stood there in shock for a few moments, before looking out into the bubble. "...I can't actually see that far away. Though when I was closer, I didn't see any... breathing apparatus, so I'm not sure..." He shrugs gracefully, "I've never heard of any sort of... human water-breathing magic, either. I'd have to assume that the players are committed to a life of this... sport? Maybe they just... train their lungs to not need air. Hold their breaths for a long period of time..." He turns, looking at Kavi for a moment - and was struck by her beauty. Even across the racial line, she was gorgeous.

    He cleared his throat, looking back to the game. "Truth be told, I'm not even sure what the game's goal is. I just knew there was going to be a lot of people here of a lot of different races, so I chose to check it out... the food's pretty incredible, though. Not worth the overpricing, but not bad." He chuckles, flicking his hair out for a moment. "I'm as lost as you are on the... sport... or Blitzball..." He looks around for a moment, "Everyone seems into it, though. Least it seems less gory and nasty as gladiator matches. Never saw the beauty in blood sports."
  4. Kavi stayed silent. Not much help, that.

    She kept on watching the game from her current standing position. She liked the defenders, at least. But crowds and noises...not so much. It'd be nice to get back out on some rolling plains, fight some monsters, get some money...cities were not her thing. The people following her around and asking her to eat dinner with them was strange, but hey, free food. The people sneaking up and trying to kidnap her were less nice. She'd have to hunt down the guy responsible for that. Eventually.

    For now she just watched the game and listened to the rat-man ramble.
  5. "...Maybe it's got something to do with the machinery that brought all that water up into the floating bubble. Maybe it... fills it with air, and they're actually breathing in there. Though it doesn't explain how they swim through so fast..." He places a finger across his lips, moving it into his mouth to nibble on it for a moment in thought. It was a strange gesture, though one that seemed to fit the preening man.

    After a moment or two of silence brought on by a goal being made and the roar of the crowd, he looked to her again, offering a smile, "My name's Anton, by the way. I'm from Alfhiem... though I'm sure you could figure that out, it's not like we're seen much of anywhere else..." He chuckled, turning to look back at the game, wondering to himself. "...Humans are strange creatures, I think. While not having any real social structure besides that of business, they're the most prolific and well-off race in the world... I envy them, really. It's... sort of a mystery to me how they do much of anything, though. Wonders abound."
  6. "Special water. Special equipment." a rather gruff Ronso replied to the human and cremiere. He knew a bit about blitzball, having even some of his fellow tribe quit their arena life to join the Ronso Fangs. Of course, he was not here to simply watch them. One of the team members had actually found him in the city, a short while before this game, and was offered to come. Gar declined at first, until the member went and said, "Well, Gar, I'm sure you aren't too busy running away from the arena to see my game!" he said. Gar then understood what this was about. He wanted to turn him in. Gar, simply, would face him after his match and force him to not inform the arena which city he was in. He also stuck with him after parting earlier that day, to ensure he did not send word just yet. He was here now, watching the ronso thoroughly trounce an opponent blitzballer, almost throwing him out of the dome. He'd be a tough opponent, but he wouldn't allow his whereabouts be found by the arena. Not if he could stop it.
  7. Anton turns to face the newcomer, silvery hair accenting the turn with a little extra grace. "Oh, is that how that works...?" He had remembered the water-bubble filling up at the beginning of the match - he's pretty sure whatever device did that was responsible for it. He thinks on it for a moment, "...Wait, what's the point of that? Is taunting reality just a human hobby?" He frowns, then sighs. "I don't think I'll ever understand them... ah, well." He shrugs, "I guess this opens up more 'great deeds' I can do... I've just got to figure out where and what they are." The last line mostly to himself, he turns with a smile to the ronso behind him.

    "You're a... male mithra? I've never seen o-" He remembered the name of the team that was playing, "Oh! No-no, I'm sorry. You're a Ronso, aren't you? My sincerest apologies..." He holds up his hands in apology, "I'm... just not familiar with everything on this continent. This town was not a good first stop for me, I've become rather overstimulated with all the... stuff, here."
  8. Gar almost ripped the rat man across the chest, tensing his claw until he exclaimed against the opposite. No regular person of Spira would ever mistake anyone for a Ronso. This, obviously, was no regular person. Upon closer inspection, he realized he'd never seen such a being as Anton. "What are you?" he asked, looking at Anton up and down, inspecting him. This was rather odd. He'd thought he'd seen just about every being that walked on Spira, having fought everything that could fight.
    He understood this beings plight, being new in a strange world. He felt the same way going to a Ronso pride, after being raised in the arena all his life. It was weird to feel so... alien around his own kind.

    "It okay." he said, listening to him yammer on. What a noisy creature.
  9. Sighed in relief with a nod, looking to the mithra beside him, "I guess I owe an apology to you as well for the mix-up?" He bows his head to her, "I apologize for my ignorance." Turning to look at the ronso again, he would smile, scratching at one of his shoulders, "My race is known as the criemire. Our kingdom is west of the island housing the city known as 'Home' to the Al Bhed race. We were found by... civilization, I guess you'd call it. Al Bhed in particular. A few of us have found our way out into the world, myself included."

    He shrugs, turning to look out at the game as another goal is scored, "It's been strange so far. Not entirely pleasant-strange. Just strange. A lot of humans seem to be vindictively cruel to things, for no real reason that I can divine. It's frustrating dealing with them." With a sigh, he turns back to look at the two, "Still, better than wasting away at home. It won't be long until monsters start populating our islands, too."
  10. John

    "I don't know what it was about, but I doubt it has to do with illegal activity. For a vigilante, he's pretty bent on uphold rules."
  11. Anton sighs softly to himself, shaking his head. "These people aren't winning any awards for engaging conversation." Scratching his cheek, he runs to look at the Blitzball game again. He wasn't used to being around people who couldn't pick up a simple conversation prompt! He did hope not all sentient creatures were like this. He considers whether or not Mithra and Ronso are actually sentient, ears flicking a bit - they did seem to have more bestial aspects than he did. Maybe they were some sort of tame monsters? Barely civilized brutes?

    The thought of it actually managed to intrigue him for a bit, and he turned, "...Can either of you tell me about your homes? This is the only place I've seen on this continent. Are your cultures so advanced, as well?" He asks, clearly interested. "My own culture is ruled by a King and Queen, with the entire population working under them, nobles controlling plots of land - among other things - while the King and Queen work to defend the land and make sure everything runs smoothly. What do you two live by?"
  12. "I live by own morals. No king queen. Prides. I special. Born in arena, raised to fight, kill, hunt. No pride except arena." he said, stopping from continuing. He didn't mind teaching those who needed guidance. He was a member of a scholar group, after all. Even though he was born of the arena, he was taught by the brightest and best of the mage scholars there. He made the choice to become a Red Mage, a jack of all trades, but a master of none. This allowed him to barrage foes magically and physically. He became famous as the "Crimson Fang" in the ring, until...

    His attention shifted to the game, as he saw it wrapping up in a bit. His fight was soon upon him. Time to focus.
  13. Kavi kept her eyes on the game as the conversation continued. Man, this guy would not be quiet...
    "My tribe's rather..backward, by human's pretty small, there's only three males right now, and my sisters and the other women keep beating me to them...but life is calm back on the island. It's not as complicated as here. People don't have titles, they just do things."
  14. “She still fits in our arms for now.”
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  16. Gar grumbled, seeing his old friend exit the arena, scowling. Good. It was easier to manipulate an enraged foe. And a tired one at that. He got up, grunting slightly as he bumped into a passerby leaving the stadium. "Hey! Watc-" he almost said, but stopped as he saw the rather burly ronso towering over him. He stopped and turned white, trying to sift through the crowd to escape the possible wrath of the ronso. Gar gave a small grin. Smart move. he thought. He turned to the cremiere and the mithra. "Farewell. Hunt well." he bid them, nodding slightly and he left, pushing his way through a crowd, his hand on his sword. He had to catch the man, and quick. Who knows what he would try if he left the stadium without Gar watching him, and he wouldn't take that risk.