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  1. So like the Grudge vs the Ring movie?


    Character Name: Alex Rossasharn
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 17
    Birthplace/World: Baron, FFIV.
    Occupation/School/Grade: Ronin/Samurai without a job/adventurer
    More: She, along with a good chunk of her family, is under a rather nasty curse. It gets considerably worse with each generation.


    General Appearance:
    Strengths: She's quite strong and durable. Alex can also use her Limit Breaks far more often than other characters.
    Weaknesses: Alex does not have control over when she shifts form or what she does in her other form. Coupled with bonuses to her already high physical stats, this is...bad.
    More: Her effective commands are Fight, Item, Shout (raises limit break meter), and Morph, though that command is locked for now. Once it is unlocked, it will work much the same way as Terra's Morph from FFVI.


    Current Goal/Purpose: Wandering the world, and leaving her past behind.
    Talents: Fighting and killing.
    Fears: That she will fail miserably to free her family from their curse, hurting someone close, getting ostrasized, dying alone, being unable to save those she loves...
    General Personality: A bright, friendly, open, and somewhat perverted person.
    Inner Personality: Alex is extremely reckless when protecting things she cares for. Part of this is dedication, part of it is feeling that dying a warrior's death will make up for her failures in the past.


    General History: Alex and her childhood friends trained to be adventurers, and went out into the wild wild world. Things didn't quite work out, and most of them died.

    After that, she got to spend some time at one Daiymo's castle. She studied how to be a samurai there, and learned the basics before being kicked out because she didn't tell them about the whole curse thing until after it happened.

    Present Life: Alex wanders around from town to town, making money killing monsters, and running the hell away from ones that she can't kill easily.

    Special Historic Notes: Both this and the older version of her history are true.

    Level: 1
    Right-Hand: Rossasharn Family Sword
    Left-Hand: Rossasharn Family Sword
    Item: Healing Potion
    Item: Healing potion
    Item: Gil

    Limit Breaks

    Kazekiri-Alex swings her sword at her foe, dealing wind damage. Ranged.
    Kamaitachi-Alex swings with the flat side of her sword, dealing wind damage to all foes.
    Hissatsuken Dan-Alex makes one excellent sword strike, cutting the opponent in half. Deals heavy physical damage to one target. Also may cause cherry blossoms to waft down from nowhere gently.
    Renzokuken-locked-Deals extreme wind and physical damage to one target.

    They probably won't be named in the rp, but hey!
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  4. Name(s): Raumezuhr, Rahbhal, and Aeleosir (Arch Demons tend to have 3-5 names that they go by, they will respond to all though they have a favorite of them. In this case he prefers Aeleosir)
    Age: Before the creation of Man, was one of gods commanders before siding with Lucifer
    Type of Demon: Arch Demon (High level demon)
    Appearance: Aeleosir normally takes form as a mortal human with hair darker then night and eyes that glow golden yellow. He tends to appear with a slender build and prefers to wear a black, battered cloak. He stands 6'0" when in human form. When he is in his demon form he has crimson skin and pure yellow eyes, with a very bulky muscular build and wear's obsidian colored armor with his black ram like horns jutting out from above his head. He stands 8'0" while in demon form. However that isn't his only demonic form, he can also transform into a 130 ft monster. In this form he looks almost like a Belrog but without any red flames. His flames become blue with black ends. His sword also increases drastically in size to fit his new size. He also grow's a large tail which he can uses to smash buildings and villages with.
    Abilities: He is the 3rd General of Hell, and because of this he can wield black fire with perfection. He is powerful enough to summon mid-level demons to do his bidding. Due to his status and power he has his own harem of succubi which serve him for any of his needs.
    Weapon(s): The Soul Seeker is a 9'6" sword with a 7'7" blade. It is a to-handed sword that Aeleosir can wield with one hand. It is a weapon forged in the black fires of hell. It's special ability is to slowly absorb the soul and absorb any life energy that the opponent has throw their sword. In other words their weapon becomes their worst enemy. As it devours the opponents soul it also breaks the weapon and taints it making the weapon a low level demonic weapon. Aeleosir can summon this sword out of thin air, it will only follow his command, if anyone else were to use it the sword takes their soul as they use it. The sword was created to fight holy and if used against an angel can taint them, slowly making them into a different type of angel. Not a fallen one but what demons call, the Mad Ones. The sword clouds the judgment of reality of the angels making them no longer able to do their duties as an angel.
    Brief History: Aeleosir was on of Heavens strongest angels and was under the house of Michael. However he talked to Lucifer often and Lucifer told him his idea's of how to make Heaven better, and that was to over throw god himself. Aeleosir was one of the first to side with Lucifer and because he did Lucifer was able to get more angels to join him, however god tossed them all down into hell wear they become corrupt and mad. Aeleosir is Lucifer's 3rd Arch demon and follows Lucifer's will strictly. He now helps command all the demons of hell.

    Character Name: Ghost
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 25
    Birthplace/World: --
    Occupation/School/Grade: Ninja



    General Appearance: 5'7", 140 lb., dark-haired, dark-skinned. Commonly attired in a dark gi.

    Strengths: High strength, high evasion, high speed.
    Weaknesses: Low defense, low magic, low magic defense, low magic evasion.


    Current Goal/Purpose: To find his partner.
    Talents: Calm in the face of adversity.
    Inabilities: Poor magical knowledge.
    Fears: Not finding his partner, defeat.
    General Personality: Methodical and patient.
    Inner Personality: Methodical and patient.
    Secret: None.


    General History: Raised by a rogue clan of ninja, Ghost has adopted their modus operandi of selling his talents to the highest bidder as an assassin, infiltrator, and mercenary. One of his partners, a fellow ninja named Fundin, was captured on a botched mission. Now Ghost is searching for him.

    Level: 1
    Right-Hand: Dirk
    Left-Hand: Dirk
    Head: Leather Hat
    Chest: Leather Armor
    Arms: Leather Gloves
    Feet: Leather Boots
    Ring: None
    Accessory: None
    Item: Potion
    Item: Potion

    Action Commands
    1) Attack: Attack with equipped weapon(s).
    2) Throw: Hurl a weapon at an enemy for increased damage.
    3) Sneak: Steal an item from one enemy. Less chance of success than a thief.
    4) Item: Use an item.

    Desperation Move/EX Burst/Limit Break/Trance
    Storm of Edges: Teleport around the battlefield, striking all enemies four times each; each attack is a critical hit that ignores defense and has a low chance for an instant kill. Instant kill effect does not affect bosses.

    Support Abilities
    1) Dual Wield: Can equip two weapons at once.

    Future Abilities
    1) Smoke: Escape from battle with near perfect rate. (Action Command)
    2) Image: Project a ghost image to dodge the next attack. (Action Command)
    3) First Strike: Act first in any battle. (Support Ability)
    4) Sunken State: Turn invisible after being attacked. (Support Ability)
  6. Raz, this is just a clarification, but this is supposed to be long after the ends of the games. At least 300 years.
  7. Character Name: Ace Wildest
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace/World: Born in Moore village on Planet R, FFV's world.
    Class:Beast Master


    General Appearance and clothing:
    Show Spoiler

    Face appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    He is relatively tall, standing around seven feet tall and is rather muscular. His appearance intimidates many.

    Strengths: Great survival skills and knowledge of the wild. Able to communicate with monsters. Relatively strong.
    Weaknesses: Unable to operate or use most forms of technology as Moore's level of technology did not change greatly. Cannot equip very good weapons due to his beast master class. Somewhat slow for a beast master in terms of speed.


    Current Goal/Purpose: To tame or calm as many monsters as possible.
    Talents: Great at wood-crafting, knows how to cook, knows how to survive on his own. Good at traveling.
    Inabilities: Operating machines, being stealthy, terrible at keeping up with fast moving opponents.
    Fears: Technological weapons, earthquakes.
    General Personality: Rough around the edges, he seems cold and uncaring to those who do not know him but he opens up to people once he gets to know them. He comes off as rather mean and tough. But he is rather calm and not easy to anger. He is also rather stubborn and does as he pleases.
    Inner Personality: He does actually care for some people despite seeming cold. He's patient and will help those in need.
    Secret: Secretly misses his siblings and in the back of his mind he wants to become a truly great beast master so he can possibly be re accepted by his family.


    General History: Born into a large family and raised in the village of Moore, Ace was born into a famous ninja clan. Moore was relatively unharmed by the cataclysm thus it still remains after the events of the cataclysm. He was trained to be a ninja at the young age of ten. However, Ace loathed it and struggled with it everyday. He did not want to become a ninja. He was terrible at stealth, instead had a natural connection to nature. He had a great connection with monsters, he was able to communicate with them. Eventually, at age fifteen he told his parents he wanted to become a beast master instead, outraging them. Thus they kicked him out, disowning him from the family.

    Ace stole some money from his family, stocked up on supplies and ran away to the Veldt, which was right next to the Great Forest of Moore. He lived by himself out in a hut in the outskirts of the forest. He trained and honed both his survival skills and beast master skills for several years there.

    Present Life: Ace is now traveling the world, hoping he can use his powers to calm the rampaging monsters throughout the world. He wants to do his part and so he uses his gift to help people and keep them save from monsters. He has sympathy for most monsters but he will kill monsters he can't reason with if need be.

    Special Historic Notes: He hasn't seen his parents or family in years, it's unclear if they may have forgiven him or not.

    Level: 1
    Right-Hand: Whip
    Head:Leather Cap
    Chest:Leather Armor
    Arms: None
    Feet: Leather Shoes
    Ring: None
    Accessory: None
    Item: Maiden's Kiss
    Item: Potion
    Item: Golden Needle
    Item: None
    Item: None

    Action Commands:
    1.Attack: Attacks with equipped weapon.
    2.Control: Attempts to take control of a hostile monster and command it.
    3.Capture/Release: Able to catch monsters and release them so they can attack enemies. He can only have one captured monster at any given time until he releases it.
    4.Item: Uses a held item on selected targets/allies.
  8. It was a great morning in Hell. Anna was looking down upon all the lower demons, or thrash as she always called them as she was making breakfast for her master. Lilith was the queen of succubi and Anna has served her for centuries now. She knocked on her bedroom door and walked in. She was one of the only people to have access to this place and she was very happy Lilith allowed her to. She put it down on her nightstand as she gave Lilith a French kiss and sat on top of her. She leaned forward and softly whispered in her ear
    "Goodmorning Lilith. I have made you some French toast and eggs along with bacon. Also some orange juice. And if you don't hurry I'll have to get my daily milk from you"
    She giggled and looked down upon Lilith
  9. Anna giggled and put her head on top of Lilith's breasts using them as a pillow. She enjoyed the feel of them as they were soft and jiggly. She looked at Lilith and kissed her cheek
    "Well I just enjoy spending time with my queen you know"
    She smiled and used her curse for immense pleausre on Lilith
    "And I know how much you enjoy the feeling this gives you~"
  10. I'm hyped for sun and moon. I might actually buy both. The group as been pretty dead for a couple days. Where is everybody?
  11. That would make SO much sense. They probably didn't connect those dots though, since they're focusing on a new gen and the new forms of first gen Pokemon.
  12. Anya listen carefully to her victim's heartbeat, as it slowed, she gently lets go of his neck and look at the wound. Her fangs actually went quite deep. Blue flames leap from her hand as she use it to close up the wound, "Good as new.."

    Anya sensed herself being watched and looked up. Her red eyes, inherited from the archangel and great general Alexander widen, she didn't know if he could recognize what or who she is but the 16 year old looking girl definitely recognized him. "You.."
  13. The IC thread is up. Feel free to begin whenever you wish.

    I'll join back in when I can come up with a good character, but it's not fair for you guys to have to wait. Go for it!

    Character Name: William Macmillian
    Gender: male
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: mid 20s
    Birthplace/World: Unknown
    Occupation/School/Grade: Bard


    General Appearance:
    though he wears the uniform on the right (in the image shown below)

    Strengths: Able to greatly improve the morale and fighting prowess of his allies with his music and inspiring presence, has unique songs
    Weaknesses: unable to fight/defend himself in a fight (though he can fight in a bar brawl.....sometimes)
    More: always carries his Enchanted Guitar


    Current Goal/Purpose: other than to 'Rock' Unknown
    Talents: Able to play musical instrements of almost any type like a master performer
    Inabilities: fighting with weapons
    Fears: Other than getting booed off stage and Ninjas apearing out of no-where, nothing
    General Personality: confidant (to the point of arrogance), funny and never insulted
    Inner Personality: Much the same, although he tends to be more of a cynical pessemist internally suspecting everyone of betraying or otherwise harming him


    General History: William's past is not something oft spoken of, though when he does speak of it, he speaks of his pacifist parents, both of whom were killed whilst they were young. he also speaks of his fondness for music, often as a form of escapism.

    Present Life: William roams around, playing his music to all who will listen, it is also said that some of his songs are rather humerous

    Special Historic Notes:

    Level: 1
    Right-Hand: His Enchanted Guitar (sounds like any form of guitar )
    Head: His Pipe (for smoking)
    Chest: Highlander Uniform (counts as leather)
    Arms:Highlander Uniform (counts as leather)
    Feet: Highlander Boots (counts as leather)
    Ring: none
    Accessory: none
    Item: Healing Potion
    Item: Bagpipes


    • Sing -- starts singing (see songs below) a song is effective until the end of the round
    • Hide -- makes the character invisible, and will remain invisible until hit by magic, or when any other action other than sing is taken
    • Item -- uses an item from the stash

    songs :

    Flower of Baron: William plays an anthem of his homeland, causing his allies to feel strangely soothed and healthier (increases HP and lessens stress/fear)
    Stillborn: As William's fingers dance along the fretboard of his guitar, his allies feel stronger and more agile and therefore more able to deal with the enemy (increases strength and slightly increase speed)
    Dance of the Dead: This particular song makes his allies with magical powers feel as though their spells/magics are stronger than ever (increases magic/MP)
    Conolly's Lyric: a humorous song (no effect)

    Character Name: Snowpaw
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Seto (Red XIII's race)
    Age: 21
    Birthplace/World: Great Glacier (Icicle Inn), FF7
    Occupation/Class: Geomancer
    More: Snowpaw's techniques are complicated - when he starts a battle, he's in a 'neutral' element - like any other warrior in the game. By using his 'Geotrance' ability, he taps into a set of spells based on an elemental theme - he cannot change that later in battle.


    General Appearance: A part of the Seto race, Snowpaw appears to be a large lion/tiger crossbreed, with an elemental "spark" on his tail. His fur is normally a snowy white, and he wears cheerful feathers in his mane. Two earring adorn each ear, and a copper band is worn on his right front ankle. There is no fat on him - in fact, one can clearly see bone among the muscle just under his flesh. His ear are rabbitlike rather than feline.

    Strengths: Able to adapt to a static battle, high Evasion, high Magic.
    Weaknesses: Cannot change element once one has been picked for the battle. Cannot equip most items because of body type.
    More: His battle commands are Fight, Geotrance, and Item. The Geotrance he selects changes the options he has in combat.


    Current Goal/Purpose: Heal the wounded land, meet new friends, try lots of tasty foreign foods, and learn more about the new world.
    Talents: Very kind-hearted, often a good listener, good at keeping secrets.
    Inabilities: No sense of personal boundries, often asks things of people that are obvious to others, very nosy.
    Fears: Poisonous things, unnatural enemies, "corrupt" individuals.
    General Personality: He's quiet... until someone talks to him. Then it's all sorts of rapidfire questions, wanting explanations for things, playful nudges, and generally "too-close" friendly behavior. He enjoys to laugh, and wants to make others laugh, too - unfortunately, one of the few types of humor he heard was the pun.


    General History: Snowpaw was denied a happy young life. White-furred, his ancestors and great-grandparents had fit in fine within the snowy region of Great Glacier... the True Cataclysm ended that, depositing the entire region into the middle of a desert. Many of Snowpaw's friends and family died. Many of the rest died escaping the desert. It was luck that brought them among the airship Estrada, which deposited the intelligent Seto race in a much cooler climate... however, the taste of what was out there constantly nagged within Snowpaw, until his wanderlust was too much.

    Present Life: Snowpaw wanders the world, learning about the other cultures and other environments. He hopes to one day go home and tell his friends and family what he learned, and maybe become a great leader or shaman... So many places were left 'wounded' by the True Cataclysm, however, that it wouldn't take much to push him towards a path to fixing that.

    Level: 1
    Right-Hand: Copper Bangle
    Head: Feather Tuft
    Accessory: Earring
    Item: Potion
    Item: Ether
    Item: Soft
    Item: Crude World Map

    Geotrance Abilities
    -Whisper of Ice: Become more icy. Resist Fire-based attacks, physical attack does Ice damage, Geotrance replaced with "Whisper", which allows use of Ice spells. (Whisper list: Blizzard.)
    -Roar of the Desert: Ignite with fire. Resist Cold-based attacks, physical attack does Fire damage, Geotrance replaced with "Roar", which allows use of Fire spells. (Roar list: Fire)

    Limit Break
    Ancestor Trance: Powerful attack based on the Geotrance used.
    -White Hush: Used when Whisper of Ice is active. Does Ice damage and Silences opponent.
    -Red Fury: Used when Roar of the Desert is active. Does Fire damage and Weakens opponent.
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  17. There shall be a blue mage...
  18. Yea that one may be a forum one cause while my girl will prefer intellectual stimulation she may still find the more carnal stuff fun. Plus I can have more fun with the pack (and the details of everything) that way :3

    Character Name: Livak Roque

    Gender: Male

    Species/Race: Mithra

    Age: 18

    Birthplace/World: Windurst City (Final Fantasy XI)

    Occupation/Class: Blue Mage

    More: By setting certain combinations of blue magic, certain job traits are acquired which encompass particular spells.


    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler


    Standing at five feet and ten inches with a slender build, still powerful despite its slimness, Livak dresses in a blue tunic and tan breeches.

    Strengths: Agile and fast to go with his magic skills.

    Weaknesses: Not very strong by any means, with blows that are rapid but comparably weak.

    More: Must reselect his style each time he wishes to change spell sets.


    Current Goal/Purpose: To acquire for himself a lavish lifestyle.

    Talents: Unlike many of his kin, Livak is also surprisingly intelligent and thinks quickly about what is the best course of action.

    Inabilities: Poor at speaking with others as well as unable to escape sometimes from his choking envy or jealousy.

    Fears: To be alone and penniless.

    General Personality: While at times egocentric and overly critical or blunt, Livak usually hes genuine intentions and when he says something, it can be trusted. He will most always be very straightforward, even if this means he admits to robbing you blind when you ask.

    Inner Personality: Calculating but with kind and gentle tendencies, he views the world through an often jaded lens but he himself tries to influence the world for the better at times.

    Secret: Livak longs for someone to understand him, to set his fears at ease and accept him for what he is, perfectly imperfect.


    General History:
    Born to one of the few remaining Mithra, his birth was heralded not only for that merit but because men of his race are scarce. He was a pampered child, spoilt by the women until his small band was attacked.

    With all of his many mother figures gone and still young, an angry, lonely, and greedy Livak set out for the nearest town he could find when his grieving in the wilderness had ceased.

    From a mage he tried to rob, Livak was instructed in the art of blue magic before he realized he had let his burning vengeance dim and once again set off.

    Present Life:
    Livakhas no permanent home and settles from town to town as the mood takes him. Livak will often steal what he needs to survive but has since also learned to make honest money. Beastmen are not safe around Livak, since they are who he holds responsible for his mothers' deaths.

    Level: 1
    Right-Hand: Runed Sword
    Head: Blue Feather Cap
    Chest: Blue Cloth Tunic
    Arms: Cotton Gloves
    Feet: Light Boots
    Accessory: Earring
    Item: Healing Potion
    Item: Healing potion
    Item: Antidote
    Item: Soft
    Item: Ether