Final Fantasy: The Brave Soul Project

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  1. Plot (open)
    The Eien Corp. developed the Brave Soul project. People were taken and trained to defend the world from evil. For years many soldiers were trained and many elite saved thousands of innocent people. Fifteen year later the head man over the Brave Soul project becomes corrupt and slowly the Eien Corp. is taken over, this darkness spread through the city and world. It all began in a matter of weeks and now the trained soldiers are ordered to capture and enslave innocent people. Soon the world is ruled by this one man, Hiro Tsunata. The forces of darkness and the man work together to manage the world and keep it under the constant strain of dictatorship. Our heroes were trained in the Brave Soul project. They finished their training days before the events took place. They were sent on a mission to another continent and as the darkness spreads they learn they have the blood of an elite fighter, which most have seemed to disappear in this time of crisis. Now they make it their mission to fight this corruption and make it to the Eien Corp.

    Character Sheet (open)

    Age: (16+ please)
    Looks: (picture or description)
    Class: (refer to the classes spoiler)
    Weapon and Equipment: (refer to weapons and equipment spoiler)
    Skills: (refer to skills spoiler, if YC doesn't have skills put N/A)
    Magic: (refer to magic spoiler, if YC doesn't use magic put N/A)
    Bio and background:
    Other: (anything you'd like to add?)

    Classes (open)

    Warrior: A trained soldier who packs a punch with high attack and is a tank. They withstand physical damage more but are prone to take more magical damage. They are the slowest out of every class.
    Monk: A trained soldier who is fast and physically strong. They take equal amounts of damage, have higher evasion and speed but less than the thief.
    Thief: A trained soldier who is swift with high agility. They take more damage but can avoid it with their quick evasive skills. They have weak attack values but can steal from enemies.
    White Mage: A trained soldier who heals comrades wounds. They take more physical damage but less magical damage. They have weak physical attack, health and evasion but can heal and protect the party.
    Black Mage: A trained soldier in the magical arts. They take more physical damage but less magical. They have weak physical attack, health and evasion but can attack enemies with the elements.
    Red Mage: A trained soldier who is well rounded. Stats are equally close, they can heal and buff the party, attack enemies with magic or take the frontlines. They cannot master what other classes can.
    Tactician: A trained soldier in tactics. Their stats are relatively weak all around. They can tell enemies strengths and weaknesses, pick up on how the enemy acts and gives advice from the rear. They also dabble in time magic.
    Ranger: A trained soldier who attacks from afar. They take normal damage from both physical and magical attacks. Their evasion is higher than most but the thief.
    Summoner: A trained soldier in the arts of summoning. They take more damage from physical attacks but less from magical. They can summon various creatures to aid the party but it can exhaust them to the point of immobility.

    Weapons & Equipment (open)

    Warrior: 1 handed swords, 2 handed swords, axes, heavy and medium armor, shields.
    Monk: Nun-chucks, fists, light armor.
    Thief: 1 handed swords, 1 or 2 daggers, light armor.
    White Mage: Staves, hammers, robes.
    Black Mage: Rods, dagger, robes.
    Red Mage: 1 handed swords, dagger, staves, rods, robes, light armor, light shields.
    Tactician: Books, dagger, staves, robes.
    Ranger: Guns, bows, dagger, robes, light armor and medium armor.
    Summoner: Staves, robes.

    For the CS put what weapon and armor your character will be using. Ex. A warrior can have a long sword or a White Mage would have an oak staff. A Thief would wear leather armor and a Summoner would wear a white robe.

    Skills (open)

    Warrior: Shield Bash, Charged Slash, 360 Spin, Stun Bash,
    Monk: Pummel, Drop Kick, Somersault, 1 2 Punch, Whirlwind Kick/Punch
    Thief: Steal Gil/Item/Weapon/Equipment/Health, Distract, Throw.
    White Mage: N/A
    Black Mage: N/A
    Red Mage: Shield Smack, Parry, Riposte.
    Tactician: Exploit Weakness/Strength/Tactics, Advise.
    Ranger: Rain of Arrows, Bullet Rain, Charged Arrow/Shot, Fire/Ice/Thunder/Water Arrow (if Black Mage enchants arrows)
    Summoner: N/A

    If you have any skill suggestions please suggest them, some classes are lacking in skills, except the Red Mage class & Tactician. They will only have those that I put.
    A character can have one skill starting out but can have up to four as we progress.

    Magic (open)

    Warrior: N/A
    Thief: N/A
    Monk: N/A
    White Mage: Cure, Cura, Curaga, Shell, Protect, Esuna, Holy, NulShock/Fire/Ice/Water, Aero, Aerora, Aeroga, Life, Full-Life, Auto Life.
    Black Mage: Fire, Fira, Firaga, Blizzard, Blizzara, Blizzaga, Thunder, Thundera, Thundaga, Water, Watera, Waterga, Flare, Death, Demi, Bio, Break, Ultima.
    Red Mage: Cure, Cura, Fire, Fira, Blizzard, Blizzara, Thunder, Thundara, Water, Watera, Shell, Protect, Esuna, Aero.
    Tactician: Scan, Haste, Slow, Regen.
    Ranger: N/A
    Summoner: Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh, Leviathan, Alexander, Bahamut, Odin, Titan, Carbuncle, Phoenix, Ultima.

    Have any suggestions, throw them my way.
    Start with basic magic then more will become available as we progress.

    Rules (open)

    -Respect others.
    -Take personal fighting to PM.
    -Have fun!
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  2. Name: Raimus Dwei
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Class: Tactician
    Weapon and Equipment: Encyclopedia of Death, Elemental Robe.
    Skills: Exploit Weakness/Strength/Tactics, Advise
    Magic: Scan, Haste, Slow, Regen.
    Bio and background: Raimus was born with the ability to manipulate time so his parents sent him to the Eien Corp. to train. He was sent at the age of twelve and finally passed all his tests at the age of 20. He was best suited for the tactician role and thus he learned a lot about monsters. If they have a weakness or strength he can name it. His father left him the Encyclopedia of Death which is a family heirloom.
    Other: Likes sweets, animals, and researching unknown monsters. Dislikes spicy food, people that annoy him, and being told facts he already knows.
  3. Name: Venase Nikori

    Age: Indeterminable [Appears in 20]

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: (open)

    Class: Red Mage

    Weapon and Equipment: Leather Armour and an oak staff

    Skills: Parry

    Magic: Cure, Esuna, Aero, Shell

    Bio and background: Venase was born to an outcast Viera in a peaceful village. The fact that the Viera species, men and women, usually hide in forests and try their best to avoid all outside influences proved to make a newborn in common society quite a rarity. This was enough to pique the interest of Eien Corp. She has been in the Project for quite a while, yet no one knows her exact age, though not through lack of finding out. She had a natural aptitude for magic due to her lineage and was given sufficient training in protecting herself with a quarterstaff.

    When the inquisitive girl finally finished her training, which took longer than it should have due to her short attention span, she was sent off with another group to a far away country. Unfortunately it was there that they learned of the terrible occurrence back at the corporation. Now it was up to her and her comrades to put a stop to the corruption.

    Other: Viera are know for their excellent senses. Most notably hearing and sight.
  4. Interested~

    Reserve me a spot :3
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