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  1. Sukira laughed as one of her beloved Chocobos nuzzled her cheek. She loved raising her chocobos here in her quiet farming town of Damarel. The only real excitement in the town was caused, usually, by her and her parent's. They owned quite a big chocobo farm. They owned about 50 or so Chocobos, each one cared for individually, usually because every spring, the government's army usually paid them a visit and took all the young, strong chocobo's that had been born that year and give them to their army superiors. Well, bought, not took. That's how they stayed in business and how they were able to keep their family afloat was the army's massive chocobo buyout every spring.

    Although, her favorite one was also the one that raced the fastest in the chocobo races they held once a week and the one she was never going to hand over to the army. This chocobo's name was Areya. She was a beautiful bright yellow, her feathers shiny when in the sun. All the chocobos were fed a special diet to keep their health optimal, but Sukira always fed Areya an apple or two, maybe three a week. That helped her energy for the races. Since she started feeding her apples, that helped Areya maintain her speed throughout a race.

    Patting Areya's head, she laughed when Areya nuzzled her cheek.

    "My friend, I won't let the army take you away. You are my friend and I won't let anything bad happen to you!" Areya let out a happy squeal, nuzzling her some more. Just as she held out her hand with Areya's favorite treat, she heard a cry from the townsfolk.

    "The Army has arrived!"

    It was spring again and the chocobos that had been born were now big enough and strong enough to carry riders. She gave the apple to Areya and headed out to meet the army along with her father and mother who were waiting already at the front of their house. Behind an army admiral who already owned a chocobo that was long ago raised by them were 20 strong looking Soldiers.

    "Welcome, Admiral Barock. Good to see you and your chocobo doing well!"

    He dismounted his chocobo and shook Sukira's father's hand.

    "Glad to see your still raising fine Chocobo. I hope you have about 20 strong ones I can buy off of ya."

    Her dad nodded.

    "Indeed we do. Please allow your soldiers to follow my daughters to the stables where the young ones are kept"

    Sukira smiled a fake smile. She wasn't too fond of the army, but she did have them to thank for supporting their chocobo farm every year. She motioned them to follow her.

    "This way Admiral. Bring your troops. But let me tell your troops what my father told you before you found your chocobo. Ok?"

    The Admiral nodded.

    "A chocobo is a very faithful companion and will be a smooth ride the rest of your life if you treat them with respect. Before you just pick one from among the youngsters, make sure you choose one that you feel will respect you and you it. So just go up to their beaks slowly with hand extended. If they move their head up to have their beak meet your hand, that means they accept you and as you come to ride it, they will respect that you are the rider. Understood? Going up to fast to them will spook them so do so carefully! Now follow me!"

    She started walking towards the barn with the young chocobos.
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  2. 'Another day, another lesson to teach.' She thought while she was on her way to the academy for the soldiers of the army. She went along the floors and halls until she stood infront of a class room. "Teacher: Larisa Maylon, sword fighting and tactics" was writen on a sigh next to the door. 'The recuits are waiting' she thought and entered her classroom. Larisa was only 19 but she was already teacher of the recuits. Her long black hair, tied into a ponytail, she entered with a smile, a forced one. 'Is it right what I do? Or is it a big mistake to do what I do?' Her thoughts are always doubtful.

    The class is smaller this time 5 or 6 of the recuits which are on the end of their training, went to Damarel for the New chocobos. Nothing importand is teached today either. A few reruns from the last two lessons.

    "With that, the lesson is finished for today! See you all in two days." With that she walks out of the class and went out of the building. The building was in the middle of Levanger, the Capital of Searia. She watched the recuits walk out into a trainig arena while she walked to the stables from the chocobos. She smiled at the chocobos, secretly wishing she had her personal one. She felt calm when she was next to the chocobos. She came to this place when she had to think or to calm down.

    This time she was waiting, waiting for the New chocobos, she loves to See them and the hope of getting her own one is making her able to wait.

    "You are waiting here again?"

    A male voice asked from behind her. It was. Marock banelle, a strong soldier. He is 45 years old and found larisa when she was four, alone in her parents house, a fight happened in the house and a friend, who tried to protect her, lost his live against the bandits which attacked the house. Her father died in duty weeks before that and her mother when she was born. She likes him and was living together with him when she was younger.

    "Yes, they can arrive every day"

    She answered with a smile and turned to him. He smiled as well and hugged her. He didn't had any children, but larisa was for him like his own daughter and Marock was for her like her own father.
  3. As the soldiers bonded with their very own chocobo, Sukira smiled. It hurt every time the young ones were taken, cause she helped raise each one with care. However, that was the nature of this business.

    After the admiral paid for them, they we're each given a starter harness and sent on their way. Before the admiral left, Sukiras father spoke up to the admiral.

    "We have extra chocobos this year. If there is anyone you can think of that needs or wants their own chocobo, send them my way"

    The admiral nodded and waved as he walked off. Sukira ran up to her father.

    "Father, you said I could race Areya in the capital this weekend if I helped will the army chocobo buyout. Can I go now?"

    Her father nodded.

    "But be safe!" She hugged her father, gathered her things and grabbed Areya and her racing saddle. Saddling her up, she took off towards the capital, her trusty daggers by her side should she run into trouble.
  4. Larisa took a step back and smiled further. Beside of the Chocobos, he was the only one who understood her feelings. He also knew that she was doubting herself and her decisions, but he never would tell the Lords about it. That's what she believed at least and until now, no one of the government came to her to talk with her about it, means that he really kept it a secret, because doubting the Royal couple and the High Priests and Priestesses was a hard violation of the law in Searia.

    "So what are you doing here?" She asked and he became silent. He walked over to a near Chocobo. "I'm here" he paused "to tell you that a war is coming up. The King wants that you and the other teachers join the army in this war." He then looked over to Larisa with a sorry look in his eyes.

    "W-w-war? Against who? I mean did we got attacked? Why a war?"

    "Cause of some rebels who want to bring our government down."

    Larisa let out a sigh and sat down with her back against a wall of the stables.

    "Rebels.....but what if they are right? What if we are to blind to see that the government is bad? What if we are the bad people?"
  5. Marock had a sad look on his face.

    "You know what happens to Rebels who oppose the government Larisa. It isn't new to you. However, I just thought I should let you know. Thinking about it, you should get yourself a Chocobo soon so you won't be without one..."


    Sukira raced Areya on the road to Levanger. Areya loved feeling the wind through her feathers and just as equally, Sukira loved feeling the wind in her hair. At this rate, they'd reach Levanger by nightfall. Sukira new full well that the army was stationed in Levanger, so she had to be on her guard and her best behavior. The races weren't illegal or anything, otherwise her parent's wouldn't let her race. It's just, a lot of people got 'too competitive' and had to be escorted out by officials on duty. She couldn't afford to be escorted out of these races . These races would be what determined if she were to go onto the semifinals and the finals a month after this race. It would be what would help her and her family's chocobo farm to keep on going even longer. It might even help her find a suitable mate for Areya. As the sun set, she could see Levanger in the distance. She pushed Areya just a little longer, reaching the Capital in no time flat.

    As they neared the gate, she dismounted Areya, wanting to give her a break. Besides, you couldn't ride your chocobo into the city. Only soldiers were allowed to have Chocobos in the city. You could walk your chocobo into the city, but riding was strictly prohibited unless it was in the chocobo racing arena because of too many people trying to impersonate a soldier and oppress other soldiers. There were many who were upset with the government. She wasn't happy with it either, but at least it was some kind of structure. Maybe not the best, but it was something. However, this world needed something more than just an ok government. They needed a government that would stabilize the growing contention within the countries round about.

    Showing the gate guards her permit, they let her through, just like her parent's said they would. Now, to only find the stadium so she could stable Areya up. She looked around trying to find someone that could point her in the right direction. Spotting a girl with black hair watching the army's chocobos round the corner, she ran up to this woman, Areya following quickly behind.

    "Excuse me. I was hoping you could help me find the Chocobo racing stadium and stables. I am entered in the big race tomorrow and need to rest my chocobo after a long day's journey"
  6. Larisa let out a deeps sigh and nods, seeing him walking away. "At least you understand me, right?" She looked at a Chocobo with a sad smile until she heard someone coming closer. She turned her head to look at the new person. She saw a girl with brown hair and a Chocobo walking with her.

    "Oh, what a nice Chocobo you have there." Larisa smiled when she saw the Chocobo and moved closer. "Well yes, I can show you, follow me, please." With that, she walked along the streets. "So.....where do you come from? I only know one city with such nice Chocobos." She said and smiled some more while slowly a large Arena was visible in the distance. She Pointed at the building

    "There it is. I will bring you to the stables. Do you have a place where you can sleep? If not I can you take with me to my house. I want to talk with you about Chocobos, cause I'm sure I will get one soon."

    She smiled and soon she opened a gate for the stables and smiled. "Here it is. Well, my suggestion is still open....or you go to the Inn over there." Larisa point on the opposite side of the stables.
  7. Sukira smiled and patted Areya as the girl complimented her.

    "Why thank you. Areya loves the complements! Don't you girl?" Areya squealed with delight. Following the girl, she asked where she came from.

    "I'm from Damarel. Me and my parents run a chocobo farm. Areya is a Chocobo I raised myself. She's my pride and joy. She's also very fast so I'm testing her speed against other chocobos to she where she ranks! As for your offer, I would gladly accept it! Thank you! If you really are thinking about getting a Chocobo, we can definitely discuss that!"

    Going to the stables, she locks Areya in her preassigned stable, leaving her food and water so she would be well kept. Patting her on the beak, she follows Larisa to her house.

    "Thanks again for offering to room me for the night. It is much appreciated. In return, when you come to Damarel, I will give you one of our chocobos free of charge! It will be my payment to you!"
  8. "Really!!! That's awesome! Thank you!" Larisa shouts out and hugged the girl from the farm. "I wait for such a long time now! I love Chocobos. They are so calm, so soft and they are good listener" she winks at her and then stops.

    "Btw, my Name is Larisa Maylon. What is your Name?" She asked friendly and smiling. When she stands infront of her door she says. "Well here we are, don't expect to much." She winks at her and opens the door.

    Inside There is a staircase up to a second floor. There is a small kitchen with a place for water, an oven and some drawers and shelfs above the oven. On the right site from the door you See a Couch a table and some chairs and a bookshelf.

    "The bedroom is above in the second floor. The bathroom as well. Well, feel yourself at home."
  9. Sukira smiled and bowed slightly.

    "Thank you so much! It means the world to me! Don't worry, I'll make sure you get the best chocobo we have left at the farm!"

    She followed Larisa's instructions to the bedroom and set her things on the bed. Running back down the stairs she ran to where Larisa was, looking at all the decorations her house had.

    "You should come watch the race tomorrow! It's in the evening! Areya and I could use someone in the stand cheering for us! Oh and I'm sorry, I forgot to give you my name. My name is Sukira. It is a pleasure to meet someone as nice as you are here in the capital. I have only been here a couple times, but everytime I did come, people here weren't that nice to my parents or me...Thanks for being nice Larisa. It means a lot!"

    Looking at all the pictures and decorations in the house, Sukira spoke up again.

    "So what is it that you do? Hope you don't mind, but I've got a lot on my mind and it's hard to go to sleep quite yet..."
  10. "No problem, I know what you mean, the most are really not that nice" She sighs and nods with a smile "I would really like to watch the race and I have free tomorrow so I will be there."

    With that Larisa sits down on the couch and smiles. "Well, I'm a soldier......well more a Teacher of the recruits." She tried to smile further, but it slowly becomes to a sad look.

    "Sorry....I really have to talk with someone about this." She pauses a moment. "A war is coming up....A war against Rebels. I don't know when, I got told today a moment before we met."
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