INTEREST CHECK Final Fantasy RP (Mature)

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  1. I want to do a FF RP that will be mature. I want to be the girl though!! :D

    Details may be discussed.
  2. k i will be sephiroth
  3. Okay, what shall the plot be?
  4. ok lets do the ff 7 roleplay
  5. lets just make are own
  6. Ewww. Learn Grammar. It helps a lot. I'm thinking we should make It like arc Enemies. One part of the story, all to chase a villain, to find out his strings has been pulled. by the eventually final guy. But in between, Making a group like the light Warriors (3 or 4, I reaaaally don't mind.), a setting. The FF 1 old school Medieval land? The life stream like one of 7? Ah, screw 7. It's only good for 2 characters. But Jokes aside, We should introduce either the Dissidia like world, Or the original world of the very first final Fantasy. Starting off by some Princess Chasing, to Screwing around with the 4 fiends, pwning the Exectitioners, etc. And Finally, to end it up with a memorable face off with the god of discord.