INTEREST CHECK Final Fantasy RP Anyone?

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  1. I've been thinking of trying out a Final Fantasy RP and thought I'd better see who all would be interested in doing it with me.

    Here's the basics:

    I'm thinking that this RP would take place in the FF 12 era, (the game with Vaan, Balthier, Penelo, and Fran). I don't want to work with the characters from the game, I think it would be better to make up characters of our own.

    I want the plot to go along similar plot lines like that of the game, with some differences. Who ever joins, we can decide some of the plot lines together, but basically it would be our characters trying to over throw the Archadian Empire.

    I would like this to be a small group RP, but a one on one might be able to work as well! ^^

    We can discuss more of the plot once people show some interest, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me! ^^
  2. I'm all over this like like a chocobo on greens dude. And I actually really loved 12. The story was unique because it wasn't about stopping the bad guy, but taking your home back. And Fran and Balthier <3 Love those two so much. It has been YEARS since I've played it but I will so play/read over it again to catch up!

    Mainly I'm wanting to play this because you want to play original characters. As much as I love the cast of the game I personally don't like playing cannons.
  3. Yay! :D -hands you cookies and other noms-

    Awesome! Thanks for showing interest! ^^ Yeah, I thought that playing our own characters would free up some plot lines for us, as well as provide an alternative storyline. If you know anyone else who might be interested, feel free to refer them here! ^^ If we don't get anyone too interested just yet, I'll post another OOC in the Group RP Discussion thread.

    Do you have any questions?
  4. I am a HUGE Final Fantasy fan, and would love to be in this RP. However, XII was my least favorite and I don't know much about it. I could still try.
  5. AHH! :D

    I know, some people really don't like this one and that always baffled me. FFXII was definitely one of my favorite games, probably because it had less technology and a little more nature in it. But to each their own~ I definitely like other games of the series as well! ^^

    I can provide a Wiki on FFXII if you'd like, just to get a basic idea on what all happened and and idea on what we would be doing.
  6. I found that Final Fantasy X was the best one, and have always wanted to try an RP on that one, as well. I played until nearly the end of XII but just couldn't finish it for some reason. It's an enjoyable game, I just didn't feel attached to the characters. Must seem odd to someone who loves them. :3

    But yes, a Wiki would be appreciated. And I'm totally down. I'd be much happier to stick to a smaller group as I get confused with too many people, but if you want a lot of people, I can try my best!
  7. Yeah, I want a smaller group for this RP as well, I was thinking about 4 people including myself, but if we can't get another person I'm happy with 3! ^^ I'll post an OOC in the Fantasy Forum where I'll have some more info and character sheets, including the Wiki! ^^
  8. Here is the OOC everyone!
  9. I'd be interested in trying, but I also really disliked XII. It's my least favorite game in the Final Fantasy franchise. It all just seemed so lackluster. Mini-rant incoming:
    • The battle system, while it was unique, wasn't really what people have come to expect from Final Fantasy games. Allowing the game to play itself creates serious, serious problems.
    • The characters weren't memorable and didn't seem significant, because the story focused more on the world than on the characters. I think that approach would be fine for a multi-part game, but not being able to get a deeper insight into the characters makes players not care about them. I mean let's be real, Vaan has no influence on the story. In many ways the story isn't even about him. Yet he's the only character you can control. How does that make sense?
    • No Nobuo Uematsu - Hitoshi Sakamoto is a decent composer but this game just didn't have a soundtrack that felt fitting for a Final Fantasy game. Looking back, I cannot distinctly remember a single song from the soundtrack, which is odd considering I can remember and hum numerous songs from the other games.
    • License system. Why do I need a license to wear a hat? This was just a really bad system to prohibit players from outleveling content, which in my experience, is part of the fun of an RPG.
    • Did I mention no Nobuo Uematsu?
    Considering that FFXII takes place in Ivalice, the same world in which Final Fantasy Tactics takes place (which was an absolute masterpiece of a game), I might overlook that and just tell myself that it takes place in an FFT setting and play along lol. I'll check the OOC later.

    Sorry, not trying to knock on the RP idea! I think it is a fantastic one, I just had to vent a little on how I was so disappointed with FFXII.
  10. Please keep in mind that we aren't playing the game, nor going along the games' core plot line! ^^' As for the game mechanics, those won't matter in this RP either, it's merely going to be a fan-based RP where we can explore and create our own story line with.

    I'd be happy for you to join, but please keep in mind that this RP will have little to nothing to do with the actual game, besides some background information!
  11. Yeah I know, lol. Sorry for derailing your thread ^^;

    I will be looking over the OOC! I'm a big fan of FF lore at least, so I think I'd enjoy the RP regardless.
  12. Sounds good! :)
  13. final fantasy rp, count me in!
  14. Awesome! ^^ Please refer to the OOC posted above, and as of now, the sign ups are closed!