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  1. "And what is the weakness of fire?"
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    "Water."came the simultaneous answer from a host of teens in the small classroom. The teacher, a man by the name of Dubero, grasped a spell book firmly in his long slender hands. He stalked the aisle like a cat stalking an unknowing fly. His eyes were closed in a satisfactory expression as his longs legs strode up and down the aisle, winding between the chairs of the many students in front of him.

    "And of water?" his smooth voice purred.

    "Lightening."came the same reaction. Riname kept her mouth together in a thin line as her eyes followed Dubero's every movement. He reminded her of an intelligent animal: wise, high on a pedestal, but quick to attack anything it may seem potentially dangerous.

    "Mihan." Riname's eyes snapped up to meet the teacher's crimson one gazing down at her. A force of power pushed through her mind but she fought the gust of aura that flooded from the man's eyes. The sheer power of the mage was enough to make anyone shudder in agitation. Riname, being the strongest of all of the other black mages in her class, blinked her brown eyes before returning the gaze to the tall man looming in front of her.


    "The weakness to lightening."he replied, his lips in a tight line. Riname struggled to keep her expression the way it was as the two of them exchanged gazes. Dubero knew that she knew all of the answers from back to front, and even more so! Yet Riname found herself under the intense stare of his red eyes once again.

    "Earth."she answered. Dubero hovered in front of her for seconds longer, the black silk of his hair slipping over his shoulder. The fright was starting to settle in when Riname began to fight to keep eye contact with him. This was only another one of his little "tests" he gave to her. Being the smartest, strongest, and most diligent mage in the class had it's ups and downs. She was experiencing that "down" as Dubero's eyes began to slowly slit. The hand that she held on her lap squeezed her skirt. Fight it, Rina. He's only trying to crack you. Remember what he thought you: 'Black mages are bold like the title.' Riname's stare started to grow more intense, though not on the same level as Dubero, who was squinting his eyes every time he saw her twitch. And twitch she did, for the true strength of the man's power was becoming overwhelming. The peripheral she had was beginning to blur and transit into a deep, dark swirl of hues and colors. Her mind was becoming enthralled by the majestic sensation that swam through her mind...eyes closed...head swaying...

    "Mihan!" Riname's body suddenly went erect as all of the feeling, focus, and color returned to her in a very slow pace. Her face was a burned auburn when she slid her eyes back over to Duberon, who was now leaning back to examine her. The rest of her peers gasped and mumbled in intrigue, only deepening the blush on her pale cheeks. A tug was discovered on the side of Dubero's lips as he returned to his prowling stroll.

    "And earth?"


    Riname's heart raced rapidly against her chest. Had she just connected with Dubero? The greatest black mage in possibly all of Hima. Her fingers were growing restless, lying limply at her sides while the melodious ding of the castle bells signaled for their exit. Riname was slow to get up. She fought desperately to bring the feeling in her knees back, for she was sure they had melted off. Dubero, who was now facing the rectangular window at the side of his mahogany desk, had both hands clasped behind his back. He stood straight with his tied hair hanging nochalantly on his back. Riname thought not to bother him, and didn't wish to for that matter! Grabbing her book, she raced out of the room, for fear that he may turn around and return the fiery stare.
  2. It was daylight hour and people were about. It was a summer afternoon to most, the beach surrounded by citizens and travelers, teens and children, every there was just relaxing. Finding there way to take there mind off of what happened years ago in Hima. The sun was beating down on many heads laying in it's wake, the smeel of ocean waters, screaming gulls, and the cheering of happy children. For a moment it seemed like paradise. Like a vision of unity: No war, no anger, no hatred. Just peace. And as much as Sorris wished this will last forever, he was roughly mistaken. But still managed to smile.

    The sight of the happy faces made him think of the future, a future for Hima that he was sure would come for it's people. He positioned himself laying his back against a mound of sand, made by a few kids he knew. His honey-colored eyes shining from the rays of the sun, his snow white hair breezing in the gentle winds. it made him happy to know, that no matter what he'd fight for these people and save them, no matter the feat.

    "Sorris" yelped a young child, the boys was short, about a three year old's size, he and a few others knew Sorris from a past event. What is it?" he asked playfully as he smiled tilting his head. "Can you come play tag with the rest of us?" responed the boy, Sorris made a gesture like he was pulling his ears and stuck out his tounge, "sure, anytime" he said. As he walked with the boy to a group of other kids, from there on Sorris played and watched over them, sorta like an older brother. And as he played he remembered what he fights for..... Peace

  3. She paused at the outskirts of a town. The sun was bight and shining, the grass almost dead in the heat of it. There was a small wood near the town. She headed towards that, deciding that she would stay there for the night, rather then bother the people who lived here. She stopped and looked back, curious. She always did this, wondering what it would have been like to be adopted, living in a town or city. Would she have friends? Or would she be a book person, like she is now, always stuffing her nose into the nearest book and ignoring everything around her? Sighing, she turned her back to the town and headed into the wood. She didn't bother to go deep because it was obviously not explored. Looking around, she saw that the trees were mostly oak, though there were a few maple. She shrugged, then cleared a spot next to a couple large bushes. She willed the bushes to expand and grow upward and curving. Slowly, oh so slowly, they did. They connected when they reached 4 feet above the ground, grabbing each other like living things. Finally, exhausted, Skye released her power on the bushes and sat down under the shelter they made. It reminded her of a dome. It wasn't close to night yet, but she preferred to be prepared.

    "Doesn't even have to be night for me to sleep."
    She muttered.
  4. "Come and get one of the greatest knives in the business! The Polithian Mistoc 2! It carves! Stabs! And it's even safe enough to use in your everday home! The Polithian Mistoc 2! You can't get it any cheaper than here, folks! Only 15000 gil! Yes, that's right! 1500 gil! Just 1500 gil can by you the sharpest tool known to Hima since the discovery of a sharp branch! The Polithian Mistoc 2! Right here!"

    Vex twisted the knife back and forth. Back and forth. The knife he owned wasn't this 'Polithain Mistoc 2' that the man was screaming at the top of his lungs about, but it had gotten him as far as Elne, so the knife was not half bad. Although, Vexro was intrigued by that blade. It was about the same length as the one perched between his fingers. The major difference between the two was the blade itself. The Polithian Mistoc 2 could have been forged from diamonds or a similar priceless gem.

    Easy pickings.

    Sitting on a nearby bench out looking the bustling city. Vexro stood up, straitening his brown pants out before shoving his hands into his pockets, wrinkling them up once more. He ran a row of fingers in the blanket of golden hair before he neared the man with the box of knives. The man was nothing more than a short stubby old merchant somewhere in his late 50's. Smirk littering his lips, Vex leaned into the man's general direction in curiosity.

    "Polithian Mistoc 2's?"he repeated, playing the role of the amused customer. His act hit right at home when the merchant's beady's eyes sparked.

    "Oh! These are the finest knives in all of Hima!"

    "Do tell."Vex curled, all the while, his hand that held his knife carving under the wooden table that held the Polithian Mistoc 2's while he leaned in, smiling in mock interest.

  5. "Really now?" A traveler dressed in red, the most distinctive feature of him being the large white feather stuck firmly in his hat, moved to the front, the mask of cloth that covered his mouth showed a faint smile, one that could have been cunning or carefully hidden distain. "That much gil seems a rather heafty ammount for an untested blade. For all I know, the blade might just be sharpened wood treated with a spell to make it look like metal." The man stood infront of the merchant, a sword at his hip but his arms were crossed. "Hmm..." His eyes spied the man who had talked to the merhcant before him and the smile made itself more visible under the mask. "I propose a little wager. If your knife can cut the feather on my hat, I will give you 6000 gil. If ig doesn't, then the 6000 gil is mine. Should be an easy feat for 'the sharpest knife'." He took the large feather off of his hat, knowing that he would get a bit of Gil soon. The feather was of a devine, and it couldn't be broken, heck, he used it to sharpen his sword! "So, do you accept the gamble?"
  6. Relis continued to walk through the field and soon came up to a city. He stopped then looked at a giant door that sealed it off and two guards stood on either side of the door. "Welcome Traveler!" The guard on the left greeted. "Welcome and we hope that you enjoy your visit to our fair city." In unison, the guards raised their spears then slammed them on the ground. The door began to raise , slowly revealing the city. When the door raised completely, Relis walked inside and looked around.

    The city was busy with people and cars that went opposite directions of each other. Along the streets were bazzars and tents selling various items. There were also shops that lined along each other side by side as well. A couple of children ran passed him playing tag, while others looked around for any little things they could find. Relis looked at the children then stopped and turned to face them.

    Before his eyes played a vision of his father taking him to a place of similarity and showing him around a city. He blinked twice, then lowered his eyes as he turned his attention back towards the direction he was previously walking.
  7. Run, Rina! Run, run, run!

    Riname passed through the crowds of Elne as quick as possible. The speed was not as quick as she thought it would be due to the weak state her legs were still in after Dubero's test. She thought about that test on the way to the market. That was the only reason she was running! Riname felt stupid, running away from a memory, but to her, the thought kept haunting her and haunting her. Each second that passed was another chance for her to feel the intense stares of those red eyes. She was almost brought tot tears as she skidded to the left to avoid toppling over a elderly woman.

    "S-sorry, mam!"she shouted as she sent an apologetic wave with one hand while keeping her beret in place on her head with the other. She turned back to the rush of human traffic. Here and there she could hear people shouting out deals or high gossip. Riname found it odd that there was gossip around Elne; nothing ever happened there. Everything was tightly knit and wound by the government that there was no room for debate. Everyone did what they were told and backed off if they were warned. As a result, no one got hurt. Riname took a quick left at a corner which only led to more market carts.


    She felt a tinge in her right side and suddenly her right foot lost footing, resulting in her tumbling down the steep hill of the market street. Scrapes and cuts zipped across her exposed skin, ripping at her white stockings. She shrieked out in pain. Her mind whirled, despite the situation: at this momentum, she would run directly into something and knock herself out! Riname screamed, not having any other choice but to continue to roll down the hill.​
  8. "Sorris.?" beeged an old lady. "Yes ma'am?" he replied, as he strolled over to the elder with his hands behind his head. Sorris had sent the kids of to their parents while he handled what this woman would ask of him. "I need a few of these ingrediants for a soup I'm making, could you be a dear and go get them for me?" He wasn't busy, nor was he going to say no. With a gentle smile and quick wink of his right eye Sorris nodded and made his way to the market district in Elne. The names of his weapons were Axl and Spark, he strapped on to his thighs and made way to Elne.

    "Now, where to begin?" he questioned as he skipped back and forth trying to remember what she asked him for. He'd already gotten most of the ingrediants and carried them in small basket. He was still missing a few things at the time, though the last item seemed a little more difficult of finding. She needed a chocobo egg, a chocobo egg! Those things barely lived round lima, being giant birds and everything. They liked open areas to rome in, so finding an egg was going to be a challenge. "This is harder than i thought..." he eased, as he set down the basket of food and rested back against a wall. The day was fluttering with people, the brisk smell of beach winds and soft ocean sifted through the air. It was relaxing to him, calming his mind as he remembered that the request will be done whether it takes minutes or hours. He was closing his eyes to experience the full amount of ease, but before a second of it a noise arised and woke him from his state.

    Sorris stalked his eyes from left to right and along the hill, but ni sign of the noise came up. On his way down to the beach, he witnessed the noise again. It was a woman, rolling down a hill uncontrollably. And as he could se, if she didn't stop soon, she'd probably take a lot of damage. Being the helper, he left the parked basket behind and sprined down the hill to the girl. it was rough to make out at first, bt her uniform showed she was a student, a mage a that. She screamed for help, and he was closing in quickly but was having a hard time keeping up. He took a deep breath as he he leaned his upper body forward and picked up speed, as he came to the down ramp of th hill, an planted his feet and slid closer to her. He lundged over to her and grabbed her shirt, before the two fell any further, he drew out Axl and activated the plasma blade. With a powered thrust he planted the blade in the ground and finally, they stopped moving.
  9. After a night of rest under the bush dome, she set out again, glancing at the map every now and then. A city wasn't that far ahead, and she had gotten an early start, so she made good time.
    The guards at the gates greeted her warmly, if a bit suspicious. She stepped inside, smiling grimly to herself. The great walls around the city made her feel trapped and closed in, but she pushed it back. "Talk about major claustrophobia..." She murmured to herself while passing a knife booth. She glanced at it to see a couple people standing at the booth. Pausing for a moment, she heard what the red figure said. "... knife can cut the feather on my hat, I will give you 6000 gil. If ig doesn't, then the 6000 gil is mine. Should be an easy feat for 'the sharpest knife'."
    Skye looked at the feather he held. It could be enchanted... She thought, then shrugged.
  10. The man was beginning to crack under pressure and Vexro was soaking it all up. A man with a feather in his hat joined in on the talk of the knife and what an offer he made. Vexro need only glance at the feather to know that it was similar to one that was wound around his neck. Vex knew about the feather which made the thievery enjoyable.

    "That is quite an offer."he said to the man and red and then turned his attention to the merchant. "I would take him up on that if I were you. If this Polithian Mistoc 2 is as sharp and durable as you say, then this is easy money, is it not?" The merchant started to dart his eyes between the two until he broke under pressure.

    "Yes! The Polithian Mistoc 2 is the sharpest knife in all of Hima! It can't cut any item! Even if the feather has a stem of steel, the Polithian Mistoc 2 will easily sever it! I take you on that offer!"he exclaimed. He slammed both palms down on the table with the knives. The table shook under the pressure of the merchant's heavy hands and allowed the wood that Vexro carved under a knife to give in and fall right into his palm. Easy profit. Vex held a shocked expression looking between the man in red and the merchant. He smirked at Rolic while he tucked the Polithian Mistoc 2 into his pocket.

    It's been a while, my friend, he thought through his head and watched Rolic work his magic.
  11. Riname continued to roll and roll down the hill and every second that passed was a second that she cherished, for she figured it would be her last. So many thoughts rushed through her mind at the same speed she was falling. I am a black mage, here to follow in the footsteps of my father...but what steps is he taking? He doesn't care about the well being of Elne...he only wants to make it the best city so that he could be one of the greatest rulers in all of Hima. And what am I to do about it if my duty is to follow in his steps. Dubero even knows I don't want to...but if Dubero did know...why is he always testing my powers? What will happen to Elne when I'm gone? What...will happen to Hima?

    The answer to her question was a tight choke hold around her neck from her own collar before being yanked to a stop. Riname's eyes were forced to widen as she let out a hacking cough while being wrapped in the arm of someone she could not yet see. The sudden halt in momentum was caused by a loud blast from...a gun? Riname coughed some more and looked upwards at her savior to see...

    "Sorris! How did you--" She couldn't finish her sentence before a pericing scream of a woman filled the air. Riname's head turned slowly to see...a Gryeth.​

    Gryeth (open)
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    DESCRIPTION: Gryeths, normally found in distant forests are aggressive by nature. Mostly territorial, they only prowl their lands and find anything in its land, its first instinct is to attack. It's most frequent attacks are GROWL:(A loud roar that drops Defense.) FANGED CLAW:(An combo of a slash of claws followed by a bite.) GRANITE:(By pounding the ground, Gryeth's send a claw to a large boulder towards the enemy.)

    The towns people began to shriek and scramble around the market. Carts were being overthrown and the chaos was ensuing already. Riname grabbed at her throat softly and began to rub it as she eyed the beast. The people had a right to panic; Gryeth's are known to be territorial in forests...and this one was in the middle of a market square in a city. She dropped from Sorris's arms and continued to eye the beast.

    "Thanks for the help. Now, I need a little bit more."she said, drawing the long black staff with the large, pure white feather attached to the top of the staff.​

  12. Rolic's hidden grin turned to one of hidden self saistifation as the merchant agreed to the test. He was actually just about to open his mouth when the woman screamed. He whirled around at that and beheld a monster, one that should not be this far south. One that shouldn't have been here. At. All.

    It was also a monster whose species was a great and terrible pain in the ass to kill.

    He turned again to adress Vex and saw that the merchant had run away as fast as his short pudgy legs would carry him. "Well, he had the right idea, huh Vex?" He picked up one of the knives as he resettled the feather on his hat. "Hmm. Might hold up for a bit. Care for a little test? I hear gryeth fur is both warm and expensive."
  13. "Right." he announced, as he stood firmly and drew his weapons forward. A Gryeth was known to be deadly around people, but Sorris would welcome the challenge to battle such a beast, to the very last breath. With a devilish look in his eyes and determined grin beneath his lips, Sorris horizontally aimed his weapons forward and was ready for battle.

    ~Battle Ensues~

    Sorris sprints himself in a circle, firing both of his guns with direct hits to the creature's face. He slides under the beast's belly using a rapid fire of slashes and blasts as he drifts beneath it. As Striker slips from under it's tail, he grabs the tip of it using the swing of the Gryth to land on it's back as he fires on the way down.

    The Creature shook off the begining attacks and threw Sorris from apon it's back. Before it leaves itself open it uses and quick claw attack to keep Sorris in the air, juggling him around with heavy damage. It roared, as it swifted away from Sorris believing he was finished.

    He roughly hit the ground, but was still in fighting condition."Oh no you don't!" Sorris grunted as he worked to his feet to use a special attack. He activated his blades, and shot forward screaming "Falcon Wrath!" A specter of a falcon appeared befor his wrist as he struck the creature.

    The Gryeth negated the ability, and used another fang claw attack to finsih Sorren's strength.

    ~Sorris Loss~
  14. snow.jpg A loud groan escaped the lips of a heavy coated man who was leaned up against an old bench adjacent to the Gryeth. All the crashings of makeshift cover, screams and the creatures roars finally awakening him from his drunken stupor. "Argh... what... what's with th... the noise? Can't I ever get eight hours a sleep!?" The Blonde haired man groaned, as he stood up on wobbling legs, a gloved hand rubbing his face.

    "You've been asleep for a day you bum!" A high pitched voice answered in irritation "And unless you sober up quick we both going to take the longest of naps!" A small winged looking person cried from inside his coat pocket.

    "Shaddup Domino! My head feels like it got bum rushed by a horde of old bitties fighting over the last fruit cake for miles.... I-" His voice went quiet as his blurred vision focused finally, and before it stood a Gryeth. "Well... shi-ahhhh!" Lunging backwords, he just avoided a large clawed hand that would have scooped his insides to the street. Then either in bravery or foolishness he shot out a heavy right hook catching the elbow squarely on the joint. The creatured howled in annoyance and snareled viciously at its assailant.

    "Uh... nice puppy?" His tone nervous as was the grin on his face. "I think I'm gonna need a bigger fist.... or a lot more fists...."
  15. Skye froze at the first scream, then looked to where it came from. Standing, right there, smack dab in the center of the square, was a Gryeth. People were running away, screaming, pushing things over. It was chaos. "Shish kabob..." She glanced to the ground below the creature long enough to see a few meager weeds poking out of the ground. "Won't work.. it's earth." Glancing around, she saw a well not to far off. She ran to it when the beast wasn't looking in her direction. She saw that it was focused on someone attacking it. Without paying attention to who won, she faced the beast.


    She glared at the creature. "Weakness, water. I'v got water... Now I just need to use it." Closing her eyes, she used her imagination to help. Willing the water to rise, it took the form of a two headed snake. It's left head darted forward and it's fangs sank into the Gryeths lower left leg. The other head bit into the neck, then pulled back.

    It turned to her and roared. She tensed, remembering what she's read from books. It slashed at her, then lunged forward and snapped, only to get a mouthful of water. Taking a step back, it roared again.

    She quickly moved to the side. The two headed water snake became a single thick vine. It whipped the Gyreth, cutting through the skin. It roared and clawed at Skye. It's claw barley nicked her, but it had enough force to throw her into a food vendors stand. The water whip collapsed and soaked into the ground. Skye lay in a heap of of ruble. "... Ow..."

  16. Relis stopped cold in his path and looked around as the people of the city paniced. Children cried, people ran over each other in a frenzy knocking each other down and some were even being stepped on, causing many injuries. The sight of the people in a panic was very troublesome as he began to wonder what had caused all this commotion. A sudden sensation washed over him and shook his body as his eyes widen. Relis looked towards the direction in which the people ran away from and made his way there.

    As he got closer, he could feel the presence of a beast, but it wasn't ordinary. As Relis closed in, he felt a massive shockwave that his him in the chest. He slide back a little, then placed his hand firmly on the ground to slow himself, stirring up dust. He looked up towards the direction once more when the dust cleared and dashed again. When he closed in, the presence of the beast increased as the roar would grow louder. Relis stopped next to a girl and looked around, cape flowing with the wind. He looked at the injured for a moment, then back at the girl who was dressed in strange clothing holding a staff.

    He gave her a reassuring nod as his eyes lowered, then charged into battle, summoning his twin blades Yeiro & Relok.

    ~Battle Ensues~

    Relis charged at the beast and stopped then stood in defensive stance holding his blades in x-formation in front of him. He readied one of his skills, Light Wave. The skill would take a few moments to build so he had to wait before he could strike.

    The beast roared fiercely and charged Relis then swiped his right claw at him hitting the blades with tremendous force. The impact broke through Relis's guard, sending him sliding back, and gashing his left arm in the process but he regained himself, then charged back into place and stood in defensive stance once more.

    His skill charged completely then he charged the beast and jumped into the air and slashes horizontally, sending two glowing slashes downward on the beast's head. The attack landed damaging the beast in a flash of blinding light that surrounded the area and faded away. It was enough to damage the beast a good bit, but not enough to kill it. He landed in front of the beast, then jumped back into place, getting into defensive stance once again, readying his second attack.

  17. Seconds later a stranger engaged the monster, drawing it's attention. "Well hell... that makes things easier. Lifting a cigarette to his lips, a passed a thumb over the head of a match... his calloused skin striking the primer powder, igniting it under friction. "Heh... here we go."

    ~Battle Ensues~

    Bringing the match to his cigarette, Kestal puffed deeply, clamped it between his lips and then sprinted toward. Taking advantage of Skye, and Relis's momentum efforts, Kestal threw his shoulder into the creature sending it reeling up onto its hind legs. The force of the blow was astounding! "Come on! All abourd the pain train, baby! WOO!" His hangover obviously subsided. Following up his shoulder rush, he then threw a combination right uppercut followed by a heavy hook carrying such force a horn broke loose from the Gryeth's crown. The beast stumbled backwards from the blitzing assault.

    Shuffling his feet, Kestal ashed his cigarette, and then jumped up slamming his forehead into the monster's face causing it to stumble back some more. With an audible groan on both participants part, Kestal grabbed his head "Oh damn... that was dumb... my damn head..." Having collected its senses, the Gryseth's jaws shot out towards Kestal with murderous intent. Stumbling backwards, Kestal let fly another freight train hook against the side of the creatures face knocking it to the ground, but not out for the count as it arose a few moments later.

    "You have ta be kiddin me! Stay down already... my hands are starting ta hurt." Clenching his left hand again he felt a sharp pain shoot up his hand. Looking to it he could see the bone from a finger sticking through the skin. His technique had gotten sloppy. That split second had been all the Gryeth had needed to recover. It charged toward sending its massive weight and force squarely into Kestal's chest propelling him backwards. His body crashed through a few carts, a bench, and a pane of glass. His low groan hinting to him still being conscious prior to him slowly climbing to his feet which held a distinctly heavier wobble to them now.
  18. Vex was anxious to see what Rolic would do to gain the 'sharpest knife in all of Hima.' He had known the red mage for quite some time now. However, that did not mean he knew of all of his tricks. Rolic wasn't a natural thief like Vexro. The knife was on the merchant cart and in his hand in less than 2 minutes. The task was too easy and Rolic must have known the same to strike the deal. The stubby merchant was just about ready the knife to cut the white feather perched on the red hat before a blood curdling scream filled the mid day skies. Vexro turned around fully to see the towns people in chaos; scrambling, running and stampeding through the tight streets. For good reason, too, because in the middle of the square stood a Gryeth.

    Vexro scowled and fumbled with the handle of the new knife he had recently acquired and looked the Gryeth up and down. That monster was way too big to handle for a lonely thief. He exchanged knowing glances with Rolic.

    "I could use that fur and a little bit of back up if you don't mind."he said, unsheathing the Polithian Mistoc 2 from its sheath. Gryeth fur goes high on the market and for good reason because most people wouldn't be able to get close to the beast. This time the Gryeth was coming to him. Vexro pulled out the Polithian and hunched down in a semi-crouching position.

    "Let's play."

    ~Battle Ensues~

    Vexro twisted the Polithian and started to run up before he saw the bodies of 3 people fall to the ground, one of them actually flying almost 30 feet in the air. Vexro was now all of a sudden not feeling so hot about encountering the creature. he only hoped Rolic had his back. Vexro waited while the Gryeth's back was turning after catapulting a man before he sprinted lightly on his toes behind the Gryeth and cutting part of the fur on it's back. The fur hadn't budged. Vex's face fell as he looked from the Polithian Mistoc 2 to the fur of the Gryeth.

    "This piece of crap blade..." The Gryeth snorted and slowly revolved around to find Vexro sawing slowly away at it's fur. Vex looked up at the enormous face. The Gryeth was already angered at the lost of one of it's horns and now a human was trying to sever its fur. Vex highly reconsidered his plans and tried to jump away before the Gyeth let out a loud roar. The roar reached places in Vexro's body that any normal sound could not do. He felt every bone in his body tremble as he dropped to one knee with a weak sensation befalling him. His blond hair fell over his eyes as he began to pant. The roar subsided but Vexro did not have enough stregnth to even raise his head to look at the Gryeth. The next attack could appear fatal.
  19. She watched as Sorris leaped into battle...without thinking! The Gryeth held a deep hatred for every moving object around it and it had every right! The beasts were extremely territorial, and to have one emerge from the ground in the middle of a bustling market square only angered it more. Riname bit her bottom lip as she watched her best friend dive head first into the battle. As quickly as he entered its vicinity, he was already on his knees in pain. Riname gripped her staff, shoved all previous thoughts from her mind, and jogged over to the already weakened Sorris, prepared to attack.


    Riname stood next to Sorris who was on his knees and panting loudly. The Gryeth had clearly hurt him and was recovering from its attack. Sorris, heaving himself up, prepared his next move that Riname remembered so well, Falcon Wrath. Her eyes darted from Sorris to the Gryeth when a sudden sinking feeling settled in her stomach. It...won't be enough!

    "Sorris, wait!" she shouted but to no eval for the boy had already charged the monster. The large image of a falcon appeared from Sorri's wrists followed by a loud battle cry from the boy. The Gryeth waved its neck in annoyance, shattering the move in mid air before swiping at Sorris twice with its claws and biting down as Sorris limped to the ground in defeat. Riname's eyes traveled down to Sorris. The power that lay dormant within the staff and the feather of Levion pulsated but Riname hushed it with a calm exhale. Remembering Dubero's teachings, she held the staff outwards in her left hand, preparing to cast water.

    At the same time, however, a girl ran to a nearby well, eyes focused on the Gryeth. Riname couldn't cut her concentration to tell the girl to move. The Gryeth's eyes landed on her and she only hoped the girl had a plan. And she did, for, to Rina's surprise, the girl successfully conjured a water snake to rise from deep within the well. The snake was nowhere near the size of the Gryeth but it was definitely its weakness. The snake charged at the Gryeth and an a successful roar of pain and annoyance growled from the beasts mouth. Instead of majorly wounding it, it only pissed it off. Riname could only watch as the monster clawed once at her and she fell to the ground.

    Riname's grip on her staff tightened as she finally felt the affects of water flow through her mind, veins, and into the staff. It would take a bit longer but time was something Riname couldn't afford. The Gryeth's gaze returned to her...until it was bombarded by three other boys! Riname was surprised to find that so many of the towns people had such abilities! A Gunner, a thief, a drunken boxer, a swordsman, a geomancer! The three men gave her the time she needed to cast. With a spectrum of symbols burned in a blue light underneath the soles of her feet, Riname glared at the Gryeth, concentrating hard on the pressure of the water before she slid a foot behind her and spun the staff in a baton-like manor. The motion caused a giant sphere of water flying towards the Gryeth's jaws while it neared the end of its roar. A satisfying crack was heard and the Gryeth's roared died down to an agonizing whimper. The sheer pressure of the water making contact with it's jaw was enough to bring it down to one of it's hind legs.

    "Almost...f-finished..."she panted and slumped down to the ground, grasping her chest. She had did the majority, but also overdid it. The Gryeth growled, attempting to rise again, only this time, Riname hoped someone would finish it before it finished them.
  20. Skye grunted and sat up. I'm pathetic. All I did was make the beast mad. She looked around to see others were attacking the beast. A mage she hadn't noticed earlier used a powerful water attack that made the Gryeths roar turn to a weak whimper. She pulled herself to a kneeling position as the mage slumped down. Skye quickly checked herself over, and seeing no serious injury, she stood up and headed to the exhausted girl. "Lookit what she did... I just got in the way. Pathetic." She was now at the girls side, unsure what to do. "Well, first off, moron, is try to get her out of the beast sight, or, if your to useless for that, try to get her farther away!" She hissed to herself. Gently but firmly, she pulled the girl farther away from the weakened beast. The mage still had a grip on her staff. Skye reached forward to help her with it, but paused. She didn't know if the staff was safe for her to hold. Sighing, she pulled the mage behind a stand. "Useless, pathetic." She knew that she had tried her best, but her best obviously wasn't enough. "Can't even think up another name to call myself." She was always beating herself up when stuff went wrong, even when it had nothing to do with her. Useless and Pathetic were the nicknames she had given herself. I wouldn't be shocked if people started calling me that.‚Äč