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  1. [After A Very Long Trial of Terror and Lots of Typing, I finally Freakin' Did It! :D]

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    Goddess of Enigma and Protector of all of Hima, Levion, Supreme Empress of Hima watched over the people, creatures, and morales throughout the land. She was the peacekeeper, the uniting, and the all wise Goddess of Hima. The sky was her throne, Hima was her home, and every person, creature, and belief was the life force coursing through her veins from age to age....

    But does peace ever last?

    Every creature has the urge to kill. Every person does an act of crime. Every to sit on the highest throne. The darkness in the hearts of life can no longer be ignored. They are always there: burning through skin or hide. Coursing ravishingly through veins until ready to explode. Boiling with the help of envy, greed, and insanity. Levion, goddess of good and truth, is the peace keeper. There can not be darkness where there is peace.

    In reverse, however, with darkness...there can be no peace. And darkness is the dominance.

    Levion, though trying to keep the balance, can not take on darkness by herself. The beliefs people made in her wavered. The obiednace of the beasts and aeons are disputed, and the empires of Hima have doubts of having a Goddess hold the high power. In fear and rage, Levion unleashed her wrath on Hima. Sprouting the Wings of Levion for the first and last time in the history of life itself, Levion poisoned every magical creature that graced the earth. The fuel of their anger...was the fuel of her people. Beast became envious of territory. Aeons became greedy with power, and the core of beasts, Mudon, was tainted with hatred for all outside life.

    Instead of saving Hima, Levion only cursed it. After successfully punishing Hima, Levion's life ended in a shatter of feathers, that scattered to all of Hima, infusing into any and everything they landed on. that action...there is always a hope for peace.

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    [ -__- Just bare with me....]

    NAME:(Insert Sweet Ass FInal Fantasy Name)

    AGE:(An Awesome Number!)

    CLASS:(Warrior, Gunner, Black/White Mage, Summoner, Thief, Anything That I'm Missing.)

    BACKGROUND:(Do you live in an empire that is waging war against all of Hima? Are you a heart-felt beliver that Levion will return and restore peace? Do you hate Levion for what she's done but enjoy kicking beasts ass? Do you feel that it is up to the people of Hima to restore peace themselves by ridding Hima of all darkness, including animals? Etc.)

    YOUR PLACE IN HIMA:(Traveler? High Noble? Commoner?)

    ANY OTHER INFO:(Write Your Little Heart Out!)


  2. NAME: Cidoffilias Thricehaven

    AGE: 24

    CLASS: Gunner

    BACKGROUND: Cid is a traveling gun-for-hire. He could really care less which way the country ends up as long as he can get paid. He does however have some honor he will not turn sides for more money. When he takes a job he finishes it. HE was born to a family of nobles but when he was 17 he ran away from that life to live a life of simplicity and has come to detest all forms of nobility. He thinks that everyone is equal and has a hidden sense of justice.

    YOUR PLACE IN HIMA: Traveler

    ANY OTHER INFO: Cid travels the country searching for work. His hair is black as a moonless night and reached to the end of his neck. He is a slave to fashion though he clashes his clothes often. HE wears a nice pure white dress shirt and pure white slacks with a crimson belt with a silver buckle in the middle and crimson boots. Over his clothes he sports a black coat as dark as his hair trimmed with emerald green. His hands are covered with emerald green gloves.
    Around his coat he wears two gun belts both emerald green that hold his two guns Fenris and Aniu. Fenris is a beautiful raven black gun with emerald green vine-like design wrapping around it. Aniu is just as beautiful but the exact opposite coloring, it is white with crimson vine-like design wrapping around it. HE stole these guns from his father, who is still after him and his goons show up every now and again.

    Cid is also trained in empty handed style of kung fu should anyone get to close or he runs out of ammo. Always got to have a back up plan.
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    More More More!

  5. Name: Sorris Striker

    Age: 19

    Class: Gunner

    Background: Sorris was born with a love of right and wrong, for most of his life he was always helping the abandoned and weak. As he got older guns became one of most loved items to hold onto. Among his noble family, helping the poor was not accepted by his elders. Eventually he abandoned his parents way of living and became a traveler at 15, he may have been young, but his gunslinger skills kept him alive since. He doesn't really know what to make of what happened to the world, but he knows that he'll do whatever is necessary to make things right.

    Your Place In Hima: Traveler

    Any other info:

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    Weapons: The weapons he uses are two specially made pistols, created to fit his fighting ability. He was a hell of a brawler and an amazing shot. The guns can deploy golden plasma blades able to hack and slash through most metals or minerals, and special magazines able to hold over three times a regular amount. (which is 22)
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  7. Is Sorris made to your liking Iliana ^_^
  8. I add some extra stuff to Cid. Just wanted to let you know.
  9. Thanks for letting me know Matthias!

    And yes, Tenchi, it is very well suited! ^-^
  10. NAME: Rolic

    AGE: 19

    CLASS: Red Mage

    BACKGROUND: Rolic was part of a village that was destroyed by a roving band of monsters when he was young and became a ward of a kingdom that took him in. Durring his time as ward of a kingdom, he befriended a wizard who taught him bits about magic which he combined with the sword play that was taught to him as he grew and soon he left the kingdom, a compitent spell sword and jack of all trades in his own right.

    He has no oppion about the so called 'divines', unknowingly finding one of the feathers of Levion in a cave and setting in motion the final prophecy of an ancient deviner.

    YOUR PLACE IN HIMA: Traveler

    redmage_blackorb.jpg The reason that he wears the mask is because he was rather sickly and he doesn't like to breath in crappy air, which includes anything monsters breath out. The feather on his cap is actually one of the prophetised feathers, though it doesn't have much power.
  11. Name: Relis Fayte



    Weapons: ~!Twin Blades!~ Yeiro(White Blade)&Relok(Dark Blade)

    Place in Hima: ~!Traveler!~

    Bio: ~!Relis is a young boy with good heart and high spirits who fights to see true peace in the world. As a boy, he was taught to protect and preserve life in the world by his father, Rayne Faith, who was a high believer in the divine powers of Levion and that Levion would save their world. August 20, 2512, Relic's father was sent out on a search mission to find out about an artifact that could grant the user any wish in the world. Whether it be for money,power,fame,peace or destruction.

    Two years have passed, since his father and his search team set out to find this artifact. The mystics dispatched in groups to find Rayne and the others, but their search was in vain, as they could find no trace of Rayne or the Ravens(An elite group of scientists and highly trained gunman). Relis could not sit by any longer, he had to find the others.

    Relis headed to the only place that could give him answers, the Ancient Ruins located high in the skies hidden behind the clouds. Apon making it to the ruins he stood on a magic circle that teleported him up to the entrance of the ruins. But, as he made his way towards the ruins, a Chimera manifested in his path and roared fiercly. Relis, in response, summoned his twin blades and charged the beast. The battle raged on for hours on end until finally, with one last effort, Relis stunned the weakened beast with a lightning strike, followed by a stab through the Chimera's heart.

    The beast roared and yelped in pain, then released a massive shockwave that hit Relis and knocked him out. Relis fell from the edge of the ruins headfirst with his blades on either side of him as he became engulfed in flames from the fast pace in which he fell. The flames surrounded him but, for some mystery reason could not burn him as his swords resonated a golden light that engulfed him and fused with the flames itself.

    Relis crashed to the ground in an open field, creating a giant crater where he remained in an unconcious,sleeping state. As the smoke and dust began clearing, a voice spoke out from within the skies!~ "Sleep well, little one"

    ~!5 Years Later!~

    ~!Relis awoke and sat up. He placed his left hand over his eye as he looked down at the ground!~
    "W-where am I?" ~No Answer~ The lack of an answer was what he had expected, seeing as he was the only person in the field. Relis stood up and his eyes lowered as he looked ahead of him, then he headed north as a group of birds flew high above him in flocks!~

    Other Info: ~!Relis uses his twin blades to control both Dark and Light ablilites. He has no memory of the battle from 5 years ago and travels in search of a legend that spread throught the mysterious land he awoke in!~
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  13. 1132109938_Otherani37.jpg NAME: Cenna

    AGE: 16 (Birthday is soon though.)

    CLASS: Thief

    BACKGROUND: She was born and raised in the capital, and also traveled with her parents a lot. Cenna lost her parents, who were great thieves of their time, during a raid on their campsite. She found her mother's old weapons and her father's old scarf, that he always wore back in their thieving days, in the attic of their home when she made it back to the capital. Cenna also found her parents' journals which they recorded all their adventure before her mother became pregnant with her. She was amazed at all the things they did, and she wanted to be just like they were. Cenna practiced her thieving skills around the capital, getting caught a lot but getting off with a warning. Eventually she became good enough to get away with all her stunts, and it was hard for people to catch her. She has a good reputation with the other commoners around the capital; they all have some respect for Cenna because she is their "Robin Hood."

    The capital's government is corrupt, and now Cenna has a bounty on her head. It isn't all that large, but with everything she does to irritate them, the reward goes up. None of the commoners wish to turn her in. Instead they help her get away from tight situations.

    YOUR PLACE IN HIMA: Commoner

  14. Hazaah! We have a Theif! :D Thieves are sooo funny!

    D:< I expect to be THOROUGHLY entertained, Chrona.

    {On Another Note, as I was talking to Raynboa about, this is BASICALLY the plot...}

    In order to restore Hima back to peace, the Wings of Levion need to be recreated (that is why some of us journey to find the feathers.) However, our biggest threat, other than empires waging war against one another and beasts trying to kill all humans, is Mudon, Lord of Demons. When Levion transfused all of the darkness in humans into beasts, she also infused darkness into Mudon, who is now pissed off at all life, basically.

    So yeah....thats where we could use a summoner (which would most likely be Rayn. She's currently debating on whether to be a Summoner or White Mage). It'd be chaos if we all try to fight Mudon ourselves.

    Oh, and another thing. In order to sprout the Wings of Levion again...someone has to wear them. I'm not sure if it would be Levion herself (if shes brought back) or one of us. Hmmm....

    -.- This is a lot harder than it appears. But yes, this is pretty much the BASIC idea. If you Have anymore please please PLEASE let me know! :D
  15. If it helps, I'll wear them ^_^
  16. I'm designing my summoner now! :3 I wanna make her juuuust right~! > u < <3 And I'm sure as time goes on and she gains new aeons, I'll post up their information here, too, I assume? o:
  17. That's fine Rayn, whatever makes you comfortable. If it would be easier to explain the aeons when a battle ensues, then feel free to do so.

    Hmm...I dont want to think too much into the Wings just yet, Tenchi. First, I want to set the foundation of the role play itself (you know, explain battle scenes, lengths of replies, and ties to characters.)

    I'll be explaining that fairly soon, when all (or most) characters are completed!

    Sound good guys? It better, im slaving my ass off over here. I hope so! :D
  18. OK Ili-sama

    I'll wait for whatever you have in store for this RP, besides it'll be AWESOME and SO WUUHHHNDIVAHHHH!!!! >:D
  19. Any particular class you guys need? A tank dps maybe?
  20. There really is no particular class. If I'm not mistaken, we have a Theif, 2 Gunners, A Swordsman, a Red (Black) Mage, and a Summoner. So whatever fits your muse, go for it.

    All we don't have is a White Mage (which isnt really a requirement) but that's where we currently lie.