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    Info & Discussion Thread
    A Word For The Readers

    Final Fantasy is something that has been in my life for over twenty years, which is practically my entire life. It has inspired me from as early back as I can remember. Before the world had been seduced by the story of a little flower girl from Midgar, I was sitting in front of my sister's NES slaying hordes of goblins and wolves on a quest to save the world in the original Final Fantasy title.

    I'm not fucking around here... As a radical vintage Square fan, someone who not only enjoyed those games, but a young boy who was profoundly moved and inspired by those games, I'm promising you a beautiful, unforgettable story. I mean, if I were to credit my five biggest inspirations as a storyteller, they would be Xenogears*, Lost, FFVI*, FFVII*, Gundam Wing. You might be thinking that's not an impressive list of inspirations, but I encourage you to play Xenogears (PS1). Words cannot begin to describe how genius and masterful the storyline is. It's something my heart longs for everyone to experience, because it's so perfect. As a 13 year old boy, it moved me as a human being. It opened up my mind in a way that was indescribable, and I've been chasing that in a good story ever since, unable to find it anywhere.

    The concept of this story came to me pretty quickly when the initial idea was formed. But I've worked tirelessly on the details of fleshing out this story, world, and these characters. The result is, in my (obvious) opinion, the ultimate homage to not only (but primarily) Vintage Final Fantasy, but Vintage Squaresoft. I've included franchise staples like Cid, Biggs, Wedge, and the classic airship. I've also harkened back to some fan favorites. The Black & White Mage. I've also drawn a lot of inspiration from the Final Fantasy Tactics Job system, including Time Mages, and Monks. And for those who were itching for it this entire time, the Summons play a massive role in this world, it's lore, and the storyline of Final Fantasy, and Final Fantasy II, a role play you will have the chance to participate in and help dictate the outcome of.

    I've chosen to make the summons the deities of this world (I'll be getting directly into info on the primary set of summons right away, as they are at the core of this world and series of stories. I always felt the summons were shelved; sloughed off as backdrop spells who had story and character only in the eyes of the people who created them. FFVI was brilliant in that respect, with the Espers having real character and playing such a role in the plot of the game. I wanted to do that as well, but in my own way of paying tribute to FFVI) Mortals came to command their power centuries ago, and that helps form the premise of FFII. We'll dive into the story behind how and why that happened, and whether or not it was a good idea to go digging them up after centuries of being dormant, as well whether or not they should be buried once again.

    It's going to be everything you expect from a Final Fantasy, and hopefully more. This isn't your standard grade FF. It's probably going to be one of the more mature and complex Final Fantay stories you've digested. I've striven to make this story perfect, turning to Xenogears, FFVII & FFVI a lot when in doubt. I have a lot of confidence in this project, because in 7 stellar years of role playing, creating over 50 unique, interest capturing and successful RPs, this is the best story I've ever conceived by a sizable margin.

    I believe Square-Enix would be proud.

    I hope everyone enjoys this story, and I want to thank everyone who reads it ahead of time.
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  2. History of The Summons

    I have put a serious amount of work into the Summons, and their lore.

    There are ten main summons that are the most powerful. They are the Deities of the ancient world. Bahamut created the world in which this story takes place. He is the father of all life, and the other Gods.

    There are ten Greater Gods.


    Alexander created White Mages, Hades created Black Mages, Odin created regular men, and Ramuh created Time Mages.
    Palidor, Ifrit, Shiva, Titan, Siren, and Sylph created the elemental magics and forces, and the vast array of creatures upon the earth.

    Later, Ramuh stole dominion over thunder by turning Palidor into a staff which he uses to wield his power (because Palidor was too wild and untamed for one with such power)

    Each Greater God created Lesser Gods to act as servants, slaves, pets, or messengers.

    Bahamut, being the oldest and strongest of the group, created a host of offspring, all more powerful than any other summon.
    Neo Bahamut
    Lunar Bahamut
    Chaos Bahamut
    (After the Great War, Lunar Bahamut and Chaos Bahamut became Bahamut ZERO to protect the world from harm)

    Alexander created Cruisader from his blade.

    Hades created Diablos from the darkness of the underworld, and Doomtrain later from the souls of the dead.

    Odin created Gilgamesh from the fiery soul of Sleipnir, his horse, and the essence of the warrior from Gungnir, his sword.

    Ramuh created Quezicotl from [Palidor] his staff.

    Ifrit created Phoenix from a breath of fire.

    Titan created Golem from a chunk of rock from the earth.

    Shiva created Icen from a lock of her hair.
    (Icen was killed in the Great War)

    Siren created Leviathan from a lock of her hair, as her sister created Icen.

    Sylph created Typhoon from a raging tornado.

    It is not known how exactly men came to wield the power of these magnificent spirit creatures, commanding their power at will, and I'm not spoiling that just yet. The lore and history of the Summons will be explored in further detail in Final Fantasy II, a story some of you will get the chance to participate in. New Summons will also be introduced in Final Fantasy II, including Cactuar, Knights of The Round, and Hades will make his debut.
  3. Main Characters
    Anastasia Maria Grace​
    Seto Bobaloo Sobral​
    Casius Magnus​
    Marrick Cross​
    Cid Armstrong​
    Hans "Stryker" Venechenko​
    Lillian "Lilly" Nobunaga​
    Banion Warbear​
    Biggs Armstrong​
    Wedge Armstrong​
    Dorian Cunin​
    Juakeem Mohinder​
    Henato Bobaloo Sobral Jr.​
    Sedato Bobaloo Sobral​
    Bastian Fairheart​
    Allister Galloway​
    Vicks Hitaku​
    Henato Bobaloo Sobral Sr.​
    Elder Kirin​
    Chieftain Akena​
    Priestess Talla​
    Sarovoc Ducrinus​
    Chief Agent Victor Chimera​
    Agent Leo Strata​
    Agent Lyra Strata​
    Agent Tallis "Tank" Cortez​
    Agent Callixta "Raven" Ravana​
    Agent Simon "Cypher" Heidt​
    Lucious Ducrinus​
    Lazarus Ducrinus​
    Tybin Marks​
    Sabin Marks​
    Character Profiles

    Character histories have been summarized, highlighting main points of a character's background and origin. This has been done to keep some stuff held for IC development, given that I currently have no co-writers, only readers. Consider it anti-spoiler measures. :)

    More characters will be added.

    Name: Anastasia Maria Grace
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Race: Zenobian
    Occupation: Resistance Fighter
    Alignment: Divine
    Personality: Ana is a simple girl with simple needs and values that drive her complex way of life. She's humble, semi-shy, polite, and passive. To meet her on the street, you would think she's a sixteen year old choir girl from a local church. She radiates innocence and pureness. But beneath her genuinely angelic shell, a beast lies dormant. Ana is willing to fight and die for her values of freedom, equality, and universal justice. We meet the fragile desert rose in Zenobia, but as this journey unfolds, the fiery beast will emerge, and we will see a new side of Ana stand up to fight for the people of Zenobia.
    History: Ana grew up in District 89 of the slums of Zenobia. Not quite the outer badlands, but not quite the sophisticated sub-metropolis of the inner slums; a District in the middle. It was still no picnic, the slums will be the slums. With three of her best friends, Jin, Willow and Kato, she helped form and lead The Zenobian Resistance... Four kids from the slums. Noble, however meager. Ana and her friends decided to make a move, and a big one. They aim to hit Zenobia Prime, and hit it hard.

    Name: Seto Bobaloo Sobral
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Race: Tribe of Sobral
    Occupation: Mercenary
    Alignment: (Chaotic) Righteous
    Personality: Seto struggles with identity issues, and responsibilities of a past he left behind a long time ago. Seto has a lot to learn about himself, where he comes from, and what that ultimately means... For a long time, he's viewed being honorable and righteous as weak, naive even. He's built a complex defense system around his heart, attempting to harden himself against the world, and obtain what he believes is power, control, and a strong will to impose upon his foes. By nature, however, Seto Sobral is a man of the old world. He values honor, truth, justice, and the old way of life.
    History: Seto was raised amongst the ancient tribe of the Sobral Clan, one of the oldest races on the planet, survivors of the Great War thousands of years ago. He is the youngest of three boys, and was always the runt of the litter. His brothers Henato (oldest) and Sedato Bobaloo Sobral are tribal heroes, fine warriors and honorable men. Long has Seto lived in their shadow, struggled with the pressure of conforming to their mold. Ten years ago, when Seto was just 15 years old, he ran away from the tribe in search of a new home. A place where he could find his true self, and be accepted for it.

    Seto unknowingly carries with him something of such importance, such magnitude, that it will forever reshape the face of history, once again...

    Note: The (Chaotic) in Seto's Alignment refers to events which occur when Seto comes into possession of the summons Diablos, and Doomtrain. They subsequently taint his "soul"; their dark power influencing and consuming him, before he is relieved of this burden by Casius Magnus.

    Name: Casius Magnus
    Age: ?
    Gender: Male
    Race: Black Mage
    Occupation: Nomadic Warrior
    Alignment: Chaotic Righteous (Divine)
    Personality: Casius, not unlike any Black Mage is governed entirely by logic, reason, and a factual, non-emotional frame of mind and existence. Black Mages feel the very basics of human emotions. Rage, sorrow, guilt, fear, but they are so dull, so repressed that they aren't allowed to influence the choices and judgment of a Black Mage. As a result, Casius' personality is very odd. He is a quiet, gentle man, but when the necessity presents itself, Casius is very violent, destructive, "devastating".
    History: Casius was raised in one of the most prominent of Black Mage tribes. A disciple of martial arts and Black Magic from the time he was just a young boy. Casius became a powerful, well respected member of the Black Mage tribes, favored to lead the Tribal Council one day. But as Casius aged, he became restless. He longed for more. More power, wisdom, experience, as opposed to growing old within the biased, closed off Black Mage tribes. Against the will of the Council, Casius left the tribes, sacrificing his heritage, and his roots. For any Black Mage who chooses the outside world over his own people, is considered an exile, no longer welcome amongst the tribes. Casius now travels the vast expanses of the world, seeking his higher form of existence.

    Note: The (Divine) in Cas' Alignment refers to something very special. How can I put this... Casius proves himself beyond reasonable doubt, and in exchange for what he does, he is... "rewarded". You'll have to wait well into Final Fantasy II for this one. A little riddle: There once was twelve, now fifteen. Amongst noble warriors, he can now be seen... ;)

    Name: Cideon Armstrong
    Age: 52
    Gender: Male
    Race: Zenobian
    Occupation: Captain
    Alignment: Good
    Personality: Cid is a rough and tumble old stallion who is both compassionate and wise. He bounces from determined hardass, to passive sage where and when needed. He becomes the leader of the protagonist crew in many ways. But it's more than just his ship that earns him the title of leader. He is decisive when he must be, and supportive when he must be. He's a well balanced mix of the various Cids we've encountered in the franchise, as he was created to be.
    History: Cid is a retired member of the Zenobian Army. For twenty years he served the Ducrinus Administration, running ships, leading units, and training soldiers. Over the years, Cid witnessed aweful things, even played a hand in some of them. But he continued to serve his country and people, a duty which, at the time, felt like the right thing to do. But after the Zenobian army destroyed a small town where his brother lived with his wife and children, Cid's attitude changed completely. After the death of his brother, he was charged with caring for his nephews, two small boys. It was no easy feat for the old war horse, but he had to do what he had to do. He was still overwhelmed by the guilt and rage of his past, and with the help of some rebels, he was inspired to atone for his sins, and work toward earning his brother's forgiveness before they met again in the world beyond. Cid came into possession of a small, outdated airship, and began to raise his nephews aboard the vessel he called, The Valiant. For years they have been sailing the skies, assisting rebel forces abroad. It's the only way Cid knows how to atone for his past, and avenge the death of his brother.

    Name: Stryker?
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male
    Race: Zenobian
    Occupation: Retired Zenobian Special Forces/Owner & Operator, Rebel Radio
    Alignment: Good
    Personality: Styker is a bit a of a brute. He's quick to draw, and quicker to pull the trigger. He avoids nonsense of any kind when it comes down to business. He's a rough, tough customer who is rarely known to mince words. He has a very low tolerance for dramatics, very little patients, and he likes to get things done in swift and convincing fashion. He's usually the one offering brute force solutions to problems while the rest of the gang waste time worrying about the little things.
    History: Stryker is a former Zenobian Special Forces soldier who served Lucious for a very long time, knee deep in the Ducrinus filth. He wrestles with demons and ghosts from his past as he tries to reform himself, and atone for his sins. After the death of his daughter, Stryker's wife left him, unable to cope. He's been alone since. Several years after, while hanging around the slums, Stryker overheard a group of Zenobians listening to a man on the radio. This man had been sending transmissions over the Zenobia News channel's signal. Prerecorded messages to the Zenobian people, telling them that they weren't alone, and that the revolution was on it's way. The man, although captured soon after and executed, had become a hero of the common people. It inspired Stryker on a profound level, and the rest is history.

    Name: Lilian Nobunaga
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Race: Surbian
    Occupation: Swordstress
    Alignment: Good
    Personality: Lilly is a strong willed, tough woman. She is compassionate to the rebel struggle, and despises the Zenobian Empire. She is one fiery woman with more attitude than most men could handle. She's a soft spoken, quite woman who is very introverted. She's a true warrior princess of the Surbian people, who were wiped out by the long arm of Zenobia twelve years ago.
    History: Lilian Nobunaga is a native Surbian warrior trained in the art of Swordtrem, an ancient martial art formed around the use of a sword against any sized and armed foe perfected. Twelve years ago, the Zenobian Empire reached Surba in their conquest to overthrow and destroy the old world. Lilly's people were massacred, leaving only a tiny portion of them alive to this day. Lilly proudly, and viciously carries the torch of her people, burning bright through the edge of her blade.

    Name: Biggs Armstrong
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Race: Zenobian/Arnene
    Occupation: Rebel
    Alignment: Righteous
    Personality: Biggs is the strong, silent type. Like Casius, he usually has little to offer the conversation, besides what's necessary. Like his little brother, Biggs is a free spirited, philosophical man who values insight into the world, and the set of morals his uncle Cid instilled in them.
    History: Biggs and Wedge share an identical history. After their village was destroyed by Zenobians, they were taken into the care of their uncle Cideon, a man they hardly knew. It was tough for them both, but they had each other, and eventually, they warmed up to Cid, learned to love him like a father. They've spent most of their lives aboard The Valiant, helping in the fight against the Zenobian Empire.

    Name: Wedge Armstrong
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Race: Zenobian/Arnene
    Occupation: Rebel
    Alignment: Righteous
    Personality: Wedge is a simple man. Like his brother, he's a dreamer, somewhat naive at his core. The Armstrong brothers have been sheltered by Cid, despite their living aboard an active rebel vessel, and being rebels themselves. Cid raised the boys with a strong moral code and value system, in many ways, teaching them based on the mistakes of his own life. Wedge is a light hearted, fun loving young man who loves as passionately as he fights.
    History: Biggs and Wedge share an identical history. After their village was destroyed by Zenobians, they were taken into the care of their uncle Cideon, a man they hardly knew. It was tough for them both, but they had each other, and eventually, they warmed up to Cid, learned to love him like a father. They've spent most of their lives aboard The Valiant, helping in the fight against the Zenobian Empire.

    Name: Marrick Cross
    Age: 34
    Gender: Male
    Race: White Mage
    Occupation: Rogue Paladin
    Alignment: Good
    Personality: Marrick is a strong willed, arrogant and confident man. Since his betrayal at the hands of his former master, Marrick has grown callus and bitter. He's learned to be ruthless and calculating; even underhanded when he must be. His own survival and interests have become his primary concern, although his loyalty at heart will always be with Whiteguard and his people.
    History: Marrick was born into and served the Whiteguard Paladin's Order. For twelve years he devoted his existence faithfully to the Order. Never questioning or doubting the teachings of the Arch Mage, or the tasks and duties he was given. He was a model Paladin, and servant of Alexander's creed, and the Arch Mage's will. But all of that devotion and loyalty was betrayed by the Arch Mage four years ago. Marrick (who had been betrothed to a young maiden after reaching the rank of Master Paladin) had developed a secret love affair with the granddaughter of the Arch Mage for several years. Their love was forbidden in more than one way, as it were. Arianna was only 18 years of age when they first met, making her two years shy of the purity age as the White Mages decree. When a young woman comes upon her 20th birthday, she is deemed old enough to pursue affairs of the heart and body. But not only was Arianna too young for the 28 year old Paladin, but she was the granddaughter of the Arch Mage. Two years into their torrid love affair, Marrick, drunken with love for Arianna, kneeled before the Arch Mage seeking his blessing, and permission to take his granddaughter's hand in marraige. This, of course, outraged the Arch Mage, and Marrick was subsequently stripped of his rank, land, and exiled from Whiteguard forever.

    Left as an outcast, Marrick travelled for years, seeking a new home. It was through his travels that Marrick learned of the Zenobian Empire, and their conquest to destroy everything, and everyone. He has since become affiliated with the rebel forces, helping where and when he can to keep the Empire at bay, and away from Whiteguard.​
    Name: Banion Warbear
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Race: Turrian
    Occupation: Warrior Monk
    Alignment: Righteous
    Personality: Banion is a gentle, loving, wise man who is very in tune with the forces and balances of the world. He loves and respects nature, and all of the animals and life which belong to her. He is passive by nature, but aggressive when he must be. A true protector, and guardian of nature.
    History: A child of Turra, and proud tribesman. Banion grew up a fierce hunter and warrior. Gifted with size, strength, athleticism, and a remarkable personality. He quickly became a student of the Temple of Turra, studying Turrian martial arts and the belief system of the Turra monks. He became a hero of his native land by the time he was just 22, earning the name, Warbear.

    At 25, Banion was summoned back to the Temple of Turra by his masters. It was not a celebratory occasion. Word had reached Turra of a vast, evil entity sweeping across the eastern plains, consuming with machine and fire everything in their path. Zenobia!

    Banion has been leading his fellow tribesman ever since, fighting the Zenobians using the powerful, mystical arts taught to him by the Turra Monks.

    Name: Sarovoc Ducrinus
    Age: 41
    Gender: Male
    Race: Zenobian
    Occupation: President, Zenobia Prime
    Alignment: Wicked
    Personality: Sarovoc is a callus, monster of a man. Plain and simple.
    History: N/A

    Name: Victor Chimera
    Age: 39
    Gender: Male
    Race: Zenobian
    Occupation: N/A
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Personality: Victor is a ruthless, calculating man, but often misunderstood. Victor is a man who has been molded by the Zenobian government to serve a single purpose, complete any task assigned to him, without question or hesitation. His past, the things he's done, is the only thing he knows. His sense of right and wrong has been shattered by his masters. Despite his effectiveness as an Agent, he is a man like any other. Capable of love, sympathy, fear, happiness. He is emotionally aware and empathetic to certain situations. Unlike most of our Antagonist cast, Victor has the capacity to identify right from wrong in those extreme cases, such as Ana Maria Grace, and his compassion for her. But let's not forget, although Victor chose to spare Ana from Sarovoc, his solution was to kill her...
    History: N/A

    Name: Leo Strata
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Race: Shinjan
    Occupation: Zenobian Agent
    Alignment: Wicked
    Personality: Leo is a text book sociopath. He rarely shows any form of personality at all. He is a man so broken, so damaged, that he is more dangerous than a nuclear warhead.
    History: N/A

    Name: Lyra Strata
    Age: 32
    Gender: Female
    Race: Shinjan
    Occupation: Zenobian Agent
    Alignment: Evil
    Personality: Lyra is a wicked little thing. She enjoys the thrill of the hunt, the satisfaction of the kill. Only in Lyra's case, the prey are human beings. She's witty, even has a sense of humor, perhaps some compassion where her brother lacks it. Unlike Leo, she is capable of emotion, or at least she isn't afraid to show it.
    History: N/A​
  4. Songs that helped inspired
    Michael J. Saulnier's
    Final Fantasy

    Main Theme​
    Ana Maria Grace's Theme​
    Seto Bobaloo Sobral's Theme​
    Casius Magnus' Theme​
    Marrick Cross' Theme​
    Cid Armstrong's Theme​
    Stryker's Theme​
    Banion Warbear's Theme​
    Lilian Nobunaga's Theme​
    Bastian Fairhart's Theme​
    Biggs & Wedge Armstrong's Theme​
    Sarovoc Ducrinus' Theme​
    Leo Strata's Theme​
    Lyra Strata's Theme​
    Ana & Seto​
    Seto & Casius​
    Bahamut's Theme​
    Cruisader's Theme​
    Gilgamesh's Theme​
    Odin's Theme​
    Alexander's Theme​
    Bahamut ZERO's Theme​
    Lyra Strata vs Lillian Nobunaga​
    Marrick Cross & Sarovoc Ducrinus​
    Stryker & Sarovoc Ducrinus​
    The Death of A Heroine​
    An Ode To Zenobia​
    Odin vs Cruisader​
    Gilgamesh vs Alexander​
    Seto vs Sarovoc​
    The Battle of Zenobia​
    Remembering The Fallen​
    A Foreboding Conclusion​
    Songs that helped inspired
    Michael J. Saulnier's
    Final Fantasy II
    Main Theme​
    Bahamut's Theme​
    Cruisader's Theme​
    Gilgamesh's Theme​
    Odin's Theme​
    Alexander's Theme​
    Hades' Theme​
    Anastasia Maria Grace's Theme (KoTR)​