Final Fantasy Dissidia: Battle's Apocolypse

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We won't back down...
We won't run and hide

The cycle of battle wages on... an endless tide of combat and bloodshed. Never will it end...will it? That is up to you.

The war of the gods Chaos and Cosmos has risen anew with a vengence. Once more, the warriors of Final Fantasy have been called to do battle. However, as the tides of war begin to turn in Chaos's favor, Cosmos must revive her army. And she knew just how to do so.

Her call has reached beyond the thirteen worlds of Final Fantasy and into other universes. Heroes from all realms have heard the call to arms, and answered.

However, Chaos has heard of these plans, and called to all of those corrupted enough to seek out utter darkness and stamp out all light. Villans from many realms have gathered to combat Cosmos and her attempt at harmony.

Is hope lost for the side of light? It would seem so. Harmony is giving way to discord, and the worlds are plunging into darkness, one by one.

The Battle's Apocolypse is drawing near.
Can you stop it?


Welcome to Final Fantasy dissidia: Battle's Apocolypse. We are a Final Fantasy Dissidia based RPG, but with a twist. You can play as any character from any anime... ANYWHERE! Happy Role-Playing!