Final Fantasy: A new Threat in Eorzea

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  1. With what has been happening lately with all these random...Oh I am sorry I didn't see you there I am Mymidon a Dragoon Knight from Gridonia. You are here because you were looking for something, for me it was Power to protect good, for my friend it was Glory, for you those, well I don't know but you can be the one who can help the world. Though right now...this is only a atherial vision by my friend Tera the Black Mage or Thaumaturge.

    So yeah you have many jobs to start from but only one person can get one

    Disciples of War

    Combat in the front line

    Gladiator is one who can dish out damage but helps others by defending them, they turn into the paladin who still do the same but also help by healing all the others.
    Status: Open

    Marauder is another who deals heavy damage by using two handed axes or great swords. They turn into the warrior who does pretty much the same.
    Status: Open

    Archer attacks from far range with arrow. When ready they become bards which can buff everyone around them with beautiful, graceful tunes while still being able to attack from afar.
    Status: Taken by me

    Pugilist are the ones who attack close combat with punches, kicks, and different martial arts styles which then turn into the monk who in turn can become stronger by channeling the Chakra in their bodies
    Status: Open

    Lancer is one who does damage from medium range distance and can cause damage piercing thrusts, they flank their opponents from behind or to the side. They become the Dragoon Knight who are dependent on the wind element to use their strongest attack Jump they also gain the advantage to attack from the air.
    Status: Open

    Ninja is the stealth class and attacks silently from behind or throws shurikens from afar and uses dagger or short swords
    Status: Open

    Gunner attacks from afar with medium to far range weaponary and pelts enemies with bullets till they have to reload
    Status: Open

    Disciples of Magic ((Some descriptions are taken from the wiki))

    People of this are users of magic

    Arcanist are Accompanied by a familiar in battle, adepts of the art of arcanum derive their might from symbols of power born of geometric techniques hailing from across the southern seas. Held within special grimoires, these symbols lend shape to the arcanist's aether, thereby allowing them to produce a myriad of powerful spells. They then turn into the Summoner and summon either Ifrit, Titan, or Garuda. They start with the familiar Carbuncle. They can also choose the path of a Scholar who gain help from the power of farie, Scholars usually stay back and either heal, buff or attack from afar
    Status: Open

    Conjurer use the elements of Earth, Wind, and Water. the catalyst they use is mostly a wand or a staff. Conjures are so versed in magic they are the main healers in groups. They can become White mages who deal with Holy magic and revival
    Status: Taken by Ausriasan

    Thaumaturges are mastered in the art of Thaumaturgy are the strongest in the use of black magic and be a force of destruction. They are the ones that can control latent nature and use to to attack. They can become Black Mages which allows them to buff them selves and few others and their magic becomes stronger
    Status: Taken by The Dreamer...

    Here is the form that I want you guys to fill


    Age: (Above 13)

    Race: (Hyur is your human, Lalafell is your short...kid looking character, Roegadyn is your giant character, Miqo'te is you half cat half human character, and then there is the elf character Elezen)

    Class: (Only one person will be in each class)

    Appearence: (Pic or description)

    History: (Doesn't have to be some huge long story just make it make sense)

    Oter: (Don't know what else)

    Here is mine

    Name: Hydieon

    Age: 17

    Race: Miqo'te

    Class: Archer

    Appearance: Black hair and ears along with his tail, light skinned and wears black shirt and black pants

    History: After his own home was destroyed by Bahamut he fled to Gridania to become an Archer,till the carrige get attacked and his life was saved by a Dragoon

    Also Lancer, archers, Conjurers, and Ninjas start in Gridania. Archanist, Gunner, and Marauders start in Lima Lominosa. Pugilist, Gladiator, and Thaumaturge start in Ul,dah
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  2. I'm in! Reserve a spot for me please.
  3. what class do you want?
  4. lol I'm not trying to be rude but... your races are off. lallafel is the short one, elezen is the elf, and Roegadyn is the giant. :)
  5. Thank you completely got them mixed up
  6. Even though I may as well just change the name since people messaged me to add more classes when the classes dont even exist in Eorzea at the moment
  7. Hugely interested in this. Could I reserve the conjurer role?
  8. sure you can
  9. mind holding on to
    for me please ^^​
  10. do you want us posting the profiles on here?
  11. Yes I do want you posting the profiles on here and Thaumaturge is now take by the Dreamer
  12. [​IMG]

    Name: Darkness

    Age: 16

    Race: Elezen

    Class: Thaumaturges

    History: Darkness had a lovely, loving family that was before it was taken away from her as her family killed in front of her was the reason she used her magic. it shocked her that she was able to do this. her power was much more stronger then when she used it for practice with her mother. which scared her. luckily no one was hurt and she got away before anyone could take her away. that was when she meet a man that was like her. even once he helped her with her power she still could not control it. which the man said was wired because they where masters at this. she only seams to be able to control it when she angry, scared and such. so she was sent off to learn to control her abilities and not let anger control her. (Hope this does not destroy your plot if it does please tell me so I will change it asap)

    Other: she likes to sing and dance when she alone.​
  13. Name: Mahiro Tokugawa

    Age: 17

    Race: Miqo'te

    Class: Arcanist

    Appearence: Medium length black hair with red highlights, One red eye one blue, medium length tail, 5'2“

    History: Her parents were killed by the amalja when she was 14 and has been seeking her revenge since.

    Other: This is my actual character in it lol
  14. Both of you are accepted aslo for Darkness another Thaumaturge will save the cattige she is on from an attack

    As with my dragoon with save the carrige heading to Gridania
  15. alright
  16. Is there an IC yet?
  17. FFXIV RP? :D
  18. There is not a IC yet but I will make it tomorrow and yes theis is a FFXIV RP Celaira
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