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    Hello! I'm interested in creating a roleplay of which we can all train as SOLDIER together :D There will be missions and plot galore. You'll be questioning who you are as SOLDIER, if you're even Human anymore, and what your morals are as who you are. This will be an unconventional roleplay, going with or against some of the storyline of Final Fantasy 7. If you don't know anything about the plot, then don't worry! Do as you wish, but if you know about the plot, I would ask that you feel free to flex what will happen to your liking. It would make things more dynamic and lovely for everyone <3

    Story line: You've finally upgraded to a Third Class SOLDIER! Time to get out of those infantry clothes and into your new uniform. You'll be inserted into a team of two, making you the third member or you'll be starting your own squad. Don't die and do as best you can to complete your missions given to you! Maybe you can even do well enough to see the great Sephiroth in action..

    Stipulations: I'd like that you create your own characters, try not to base them to strongly on the characters in the story line. You will be seeing a lot of the characters from the plot, Cloud, Zack, Tsung, and so on. If you want to control one of these characters, feel free to contact me and speak to me about it! Otherwise, I'll be controlling most of the NPCS or Important characters.

    So what do you say? Do you want to join SOLDIER?​
  2. Character sheet!

    Class:(Should be 3rd Class, unless approved by me)
    Weapon of Choice:
    Appearance:(Picture would be best, but feel free to explain it with detail.)
    Materia:(Keep it limited, remember you only have Two slots. I would prefer if it were simple things, Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Cure should be fine for now.)
    History:(How did you do in the Infantry and how you did you get to join SOLDIER?)
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