Final Fantasy 6 coming to the PSP and PS3

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  1. *Insert fangirl scream here*

    Holy shit this is great. I'd love to see the graphical overhaul Final Fantasy one, two, and four got for FF6!
  2. I'd be happier about this, if it weren't for the fact that I have FF VI as a Homebrew on my PSP already... :/
  3. I wish they'd make it for the iphone.
  4. WAIT WHAT!?
    HOW THE...
    WHAT THE...
    -drops dead from sheer excitement-

    I'm so damned happy I could shit magicite.
    Now, if we could get Final Fantasy 5 on PS3/PSP/3DS... >3
  5. *Kicks the track "walking on sunshine" as Kefka proceeds to destroy the world IN THREEEE DEEEEEEEE*

    Top 3 villains were all from the 2D, kefka, Exdeath, Golbez. Back when "Clad in Armor" was cool and Magicite Melted Minds. That's right Golbez and Exdeath could take a bullet and Kefka took a sword to the gut.......sorry Sephiroth but you have no place here and never did.
  6. Kefka > every other villian.
    He's the only one to actually SUCCEED in destroying the world and taking it over. The only.
    I can't imagine the voice they'd pick for the characters. His Dissidia voice was okay at best.
  7. Mmmmmmmm. 3D Faris. Maybe we'd get to see just how great those "assets" Galuf talked about are...

    Nope. He was a decent villain for all the manipulating, I'll give him that. But Kefka actually destroyed the fucking world, Exdeath raped it pretty hard, and Golbez is just badass. Watching him pick off your party one by one before "Good-bye, Cecil" still gives me chills.

    Now we're just stuck with long-haired often effeminate fags like Sephiroth, Kuja (King Faggot as I call him), Seymour, and Vayne.
  8. M. Bison: YES! YES~!

    And fucking hell... Galuf! 3D! Epic!
  9. U8 this is only one of my favorite games ever in my life. frothing at the mouth brb