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    Anyone else here a fan of this series? My favorite in the series is FD3 and my favorite deaths are as follows:

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  2. I've seen it! :D I actually rewatched the first three a couple of months ago. I was halfway through 4 but I admit I got bored. I may start watching it and 5. Haven't actually seen the last two to completion.

    The series amuses me, to be honest. My favourite was the 2nd one.
  3. I own all five on DVD thanks to the collection :) 4 and 5 are pretty good! 5 especially
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  4. Nice! I'll get to watching 4. I reckon I may have been slightly disenchanted by the characters, but I did love the fact that the main was in a happy and steady relationship. ^_^ I'm definitely going to give it and 5 another try.
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  5. [​IMG]

    I love this guy! <3
  6. It was kind of fun in the first movie because it gave you the impression that death was an entity out to get them. The longer it went on, however, the more ridiculous the deaths became, and the lengths they went to make it all seem like some absurd accident became irritating. Couldn't get past the third.

    Other than that, sure, I enjoy them. 1-3, at least.
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  7. @SacredWarrior - That dude was fun alright. Finally a proper antagonist. For a little while anyway.

    I dug the ending of the 2nd movie ^_^
  8. I love the series, but the effects in the last one were just awful >_> I wish they would have used similar effects to the first one instead of making everything look so fake with CG... Though I guess most movies have that problem now a days. Except for that though, it's one of my favorite horror movie series, together with saw and wish master.

    I don't have any favorite movie, but I have some favorite death scenes in each movies :D

    First movie:
    The teacher who got herself stabbed while her house was on fire xD It was just hilarious.

    I also love the opening scene from his vision of the airplane burning. The effects are really good there.

    The second movie:
    The elevator scene where a woman gets her head shopped off is pretty good.

    The second elevator scene where an explosion burns that girl to death.

    The random ending explosion where his arm just flies to the table xD Just a funny scene.

    Third movie:
    Second favorite vision opening scene after the first movie.

    The girl getting nailed from behind.. .. You know what, I am not even gonna explain myself on that sentence :D

    Fourth movie:
    Girl getting head shot off by car wheel. It's a shitty CG effect, but I like the intestines lying on the ground afterwards :D

    The mom being shot in the head by a stone. The death itself is pretty boring, but the buildup is great. I'm just sitting there thinking "Oh boy, what will kill her? The fan? The scissors? THE CHAIR????" And then came the stone like "FUCK U BITCH!" Note that when I watched that scene I was much younger and didn't really notice that there were clues to what it would be xD If I had watched it first today I would probably not have been that surprised cause it did hint towards it quite a bit even though they did try to fake you out as well.

    The cinema vision scene (WTF, TWO VISIONS IN ONE MOVIE??? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?) I actually liked it more than the first vision in the same movie xD I would put it on a shared second place with the vision in the third movie.

    Fifth movie:

    The opening vision scene could have been my second favorite if it hadn't been for the effects... It gets a third place.

    The eye laser scene is pretty good. I have glasses myself and would really want to do some kind of operations so I don't need them anymore, and that scene just creeps me out. o_o

    And yes, I did watch a compilation of ALL the deaths just to see which ones I enjoyed the most, cause no one keeps all of them in their heads :D
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  9. Aye I laughed there. ^_^'
  10. Dude I can never be behind a log carrier or car carrier on the road ever again.
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  11. I saw one today... As someone who freaks out in a car anyway, it wasn't fun.
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