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  1. "For they...are coming back."

    And so are their heirs. It's been 20 years since the planet was on the brink of destruction (18 years after Advent Children). The cosmic disease known as Stigma was wiped away and abolished from the group of warriors who were hand picked by fate to do something the universe would forever shift to. The Chosen One, The Redeemed One, The once great warrior of the infamous SOLDIER military under Shinra Inc, Sephiroth is nothing more than a fabled bad tale of the past used as a symbol to remind the people the power of unity, and of destiny. Midgar has been rebuilt, now Neo-Midgar. SOLDIER is among a rank of peace and justice, and Shinra is now the most successful clean energy manufacturer on the entire planet. Every year the old heroes reunite to spend time and commemorate what once was almost lost, except it they have their own little selves to think about.

    The seed of the old heroes are upon them, and they are as about as dynamic and sure fire as their parental counterparts. It seems the world they live in was nothing like the old ones, and their knowledge and recollection of the trouble and struggles of the world were distant, with all of them living in security and mild royalty backed by President Shinra's support. Some of the old heroes have retreated to a life of reclusiveness, some gave still found ways to serve the planet and the Lifestream.

    But....with Cloud's daughter having intense visions and nightmares increasingly of a new threat, and these visions starting to become reality, can the Old heroes band together once more for a threat unexpected and like they've never faced before? Or will it be up to the young and fresh versions of themselves to rise and do what their parents did long ago?

    Of course this is an interest check to see who'd be interested in playing the kids of the FF7 Heroes. I WILL allow rpers to rp as the old heroes as well, just understand they probably won't have or see as much action in this adaptation of a sequel RP. I would want my character to be Kagi, the daughter of Cloud and Tifa Strife. I also allow pairings but they would have to make sense [VincentXYuffie, CidXYuffie, etc. ] Marlene and Denzel (for fans) are apart of the Neo Generation and are up for being played as well. And yes, the turks are still around and some will still be in the organization but this will focus on a new and younger generation of Turks. However Rude, Reno, Elena, Tseng are all available as well, as well as any pairings [ElenaXTseng, ElenaXReno, etc. ]. Children of Turks are allowed, but won't actually be Turks themselves.

    Anymore questions or concerns just respond or PM me! Hopefully this gets traction.

  2. I personally loved 7/Advent Children.
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  3. It's a really good story
  4. I have played seven but not advent children. Am I still allowed to join?
  5. advent is a movie, but as long as you know the story and characters anyone can
  6. Okay cool.
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