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  1. This thread will mostly have information on the life in the world along with OOC chat.


    As you know, magic is divided into four types, or branches; Light, Dark, Grey and True.
    Only two of these types are officially recognized by Fina; Dark and Light. And as such the existence of the other two is hidden, most of the populace never learn of their existence.
    By sheer power, the most powerful is Grey magic, followed by the Dark and Light, which are tied, and the weakest is True magic.


    Once a mage specializes in one emotion, the option of summoning a magical weapon; an artefact. Opens up to them, the artefact will be the representation of their usage of the emotion, if someone is aggressive, they might receive a sword, those inclined to protect might receive a shield.

    The artefact will also hold one ability, usually tied in some way to the emotion.

    Light Magic
    In the eyes of Fina, Light magic is the only correct magic for mankind. All other forms of magic (of which only Dark is publicly acknowledged) are evil and will unquestionably destroy humanity.
    Light magic is powered by positive emotions.

    Dark Magic
    Dark Magic is far more common then Fina likes to admit, outcasts, hermits, even some villagers employ dark magic on a small scale.
    Dark magic is deemed illegal by the City of Light any anyone found using it will be condemned to death.
    Dark magic is powered by negative emotions.

    Grey Magic
    Grey magic is the rarest type of magic that regularly appears, a grey mage will appear every fifty years. Its powered by one's resolve and by such nearly immeasurable.

    True Magic
    True magic has not been seen in centuries, however it is according to history the weakest.
    Its not powered by anything, and is merely learned.

    Life in Fina

    Living in Fina is in a lot of ways similar to present day life, Fina maintains a pre-collapse electrical plant that powers the city's street lights and the houses in the "high" sections of the city. Most of the city also has running water.
    The city is ruled by a pair of immensely powerful Light mages, the "Shield and Sword of Fina". Their word is law.
    However, a council of less powerful, but still immensely powerful mages manages the city's day to day life, mostly dealing with common issues.
    Fina also houses the "Dark Matters Bureau", which is the body that condemns and pursues Dark Mages.
    Fina has around six million residents.

    The City of Fina

    Fina is divided into quite a few sectors, namely these are;
    The West Defensive Line
    The City of Fina
    The Industrial Sector
    The Lowlands
    The Fortress of Fina
    The New city

    And Near the city, but not in it is the Great Forest, located on the northwest, between the Western defensive line and The industrial sector.

    The West Defensive Line

    A sector built out of necessity. As it would be, Dark Mages organize raids against The City of Light, almost exclusively attacking from the west.
    This sector is mostly low, sturdy houses. Every now and then a tower or a layer of wall will be built in between the house rows. As the location is dangerous, this is one of the worst places to live in, however the military of Fina seldom asks who lives there, and rumours say even a Dark mage could live there, provided they keep to themselves.
    The sector is located on a smaller hill west of the city, and is connected with a major road and several smaller ones.

    The City of Fina
    This sector houses the majority of the Light Mage population of Fina, if not of the world. Its located on the central hill, underneath the Fortress of Fina. The houses here are pre-collapse, meaning fully equipped with power and running water. The quality of life found here is almost unmatched anywhere, however it is also exclusive to Light mages and their servants.
    This is also where the town hall is located.

    The Industrial Sector
    Fina houses most of the world's heavy industry. The largest iron smelters and smithies are found in this sector, it is also where most of the city's non-mage population works.
    The Industrial sector is located to the north of the central hill, on a smaller, but wider hill. Its connected to the City of Fina with a majestic bridge.
    Despite housing industry, this sector also houses a large population. The air here is dirty, but it is the only area with electricity available to the common folk.

    The Lowlands
    Despite the splendor of The City of Light, the common folk have to live somewhere, this is what the Lowlands are for, resembling more a medieval city then the majestic city above it, the Lowlands have no electric power but do possess running water. Of course the streets are in fact lined with street lights.
    The Lowlands span from the Industrial sector on the north to the East hill and the New City on the east, over four million people call the Lowlands their home.

    The Fortress of Fina
    The crown jewel of the city; The fortress of Fina stands on top of the central hill, the buildings here are ancient and imposing. The lights, by which the city is famous for are dim and red here, amplifying the feeling of majesty.
    On the very top of this hill is the Tower of Fina, where the Shield and Sword of Fina reside, the square in front of it is lit 24/7. It is said that the darkness never reaches that hill, in more way then one. Never did a Dark Mage step onto it.
    Besides the two paragons of Fina, this is where the arch-mages live, and on its outer walls lie the Dark Matters Bureau and the Grand Magic Academy.

    The New City
    The City Of Fina, no matter how majestic, is limited in space. It is for this purpose that the New City was constructed on a hill east of Fina. A new section of highlands, the New City comes with electric power and running water, and in many ways mirrors The City of Fina.
    The main difference is that all of the buildings are newly constructed, not to mention that the highest echelons of common people can buy houses there, no matter how rare these people are.
    Rest of the World

    There is only two other major cities besides Fina, these two cities are much more medieval, no power, no running water. However with the aid of magic these cities still hover around two million people.

    A coastal city, Ententa is the main producer of food for Terra Nova, the city is also located near countless farming villages, along with the fish its ships catch resulted in its rapid growth. Now it is the second biggest city, a position it is trying to fiercely guard from Palai.
    Ententa is located West from Fina

    Palai is a city located on the foot of the Accursed mountains, it is from this hills that the coal and iron necessary for Fina's industrial engine are extracted. The city is not comofortable, and its said that you can find coal dust anywhere, but the city earns immense amounts of money for it.
    Surrounding Palai are numerous villages which do low scale mining. The thickly forested hills are also said to house a large Dark Mage population
    Palai is northeast from Fina

    Rest of the people live in villages all over "Terra Nova" the landmass where the three cities are located, they are mostly mining, farming or woodcutting villages and they supply the cities with necessary resources. The village life isn't easy, but its mostly pleasant and quaint, without the worries of big city life.

    There is also a large number of hidden Dark Mage houses, caves and even smaller villages, these places are usually well hidden and often abandoned, in favour of more desolate locations.

    That's all for OOC data, if you are interested in anything I might have nor put here, please do tell me.

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  2. Hey~hey^^!!

    Kay so like just double checking...

    Min age for charrie is 15 right? And we only juuuust started realizing our powers? And gathering plot is that our charries are from Someplace~Other~Than~Here and we are on our way to Fina and then something bad happens that brings us together?
  3. Yes, once every three years the academy of magic in Fina sends out people to seek prospecting mages and picks them up, its a large caravan of many wagons that goes from village to village, each of you was picked up either in your home village, or in your home city.
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  4. This caravan, I assume they don't pick up Dark Mages, right? Since those are seen almost as criminals in this world?

    Also, is it possible to pretend to be a Light Mage even if your affinity is towards Dark magic?
  5. When you start displaying affinity to magic, you display affinity to at least 3 and up to 5 emotions, at least one of those is dark and at least one is light.
    Your training dictates what type of mage you'll become. Nobody is born as one.
  6. Updated some info on the two other cities.
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  11. Kay soooooo like I'm thinking that she and 7 others escaped. After trying to keep on the move, through peril and confusion, they lose one of their dancers. As they move west, they find a travelling carnivale whilst passing through a village.

    On a whim they offer to audition for the carnivale.. They are accepted and it just so happens that the carnivale was making its way west to Ententa. And so now the dancers joined up and are now living the dream. .. As clowns. ;33

    Yeeeeahhh... well, like it was the best way to hide their identities whilst still being able to perform.

    But! As they moved further west, their talents could no longer be denied. They were given one shot. And they blew everyone away with their trained theatrical prowess of storytelling through music, dance and acting. And though it started off small, they soon became a hit.

    So like now they are a big side production of the carnivale, gathering a near full orchestra and theatre/dance troup. And I think along the coast, during one of their longer extended venue stays, Charlisse is practicing her magic. I think this will draw the magic people seekers to her.

    So like yeah~yeah! And so she is found by the caravan as it happens to pass through the coastal city of Ententa^^

    How's that? ;DD~
  12. Of course the city will pass by Ententa, and don't worry, the mages of Fina have their ways of detecting mages, even before mages know they're mages themselves.
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  14. That's all right, so long as you post here I know you're still in the RP
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  16. Only one left, yeah. After that we can begin.
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