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  1. Title says it all, nothing pisses me off more than loving a plot and then BAM I'm not old enough... This is happening in every section too, and it's just absurdly frustrating for me as a minor. In the last 10 minutes alone I fell in love with and then had to look away from 4 threads because of this, and honestly I don't even want to see them anymore. Hopefully this idea will catch on, otherwise it makes it hard to peek out of the libertine section :/
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  2. SAME! Oh my gosh it sucks when you see an amazing plot and have a character set in mind and then whoosh. Gone away with two little numbers! I second this idea!
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  3. It's probably a time saver not to filter out the 18+ forum from view, since there's always the dependent of a member becoming a legal adult. Still I'm pretty sure there's a specific "Liberteen" Signups/Plot discussion folder. If you're looking for mature plays... I believe it's best to stick with that for now.

    However -.-... I'm not quite sure how or where you see mature threads for the older age group, assuming you do by you stating there were roleplays you couldn't join, since all four 18+ folders are supposed to be blocked for the younger members ,vice versa, and you aren't supposed to post lovey dovey sexy uppy smut stuffs in the interest check or RP Ads..

    But what would I know, I never go libertine. Maybe there's some sorta glitch.
    You should probably contact a moderator of whichever folders of the four you're allowed to view if there's a "Liberteen" thread not accessible by you.
  4. I understand where you guys are coming from and I have the same thing going on for me, but I manage to brush it off and understand that everyone has their own personal preferences. I have my own, others have theirs, and although things like this happen to me, I can take it and leave it. I personally do not believe we should filter out 18+ only threads, but rather, we should respect others personal preferences, even if the outcome isn't what we hope for.

    @Ser K+ She isn't talking about Liberteen, she's talking about the 18+ only prefixes on forums.
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  5. This is a touchy subject.

    Because what honestly constitutes as "18+" anymore outside of heavy sexual themes and whatnot. What level of gore, violence, drug references, and other mature matters is for teenagers and what is for adults? Is there a line to clearly draw, or is it just an arbitrary concept all together?

    Honestly, I kinda agree with SweetBlood on this, but I really don't have much of an opinion on it.
  6. I'm just saying I hate it because I feel trapped to only play libertine...

    And to clarify, I don't mean to take away the tag, I mean to have a setting option to not have those threads appear. Like a box you check or a search filter, but I don't mind the tag itself or people's preferences. If they want 18+ that's okay, I just get annoyed seeing it because it's all I ever seem to find.
  7. @SweetBloodVampyre Ah, the question wasn't too clear.

    In terms of the 18 only tag, It's to be kept. like SBV said, everyone has their preferences, and Smut has a lot of categories, and some of them can be dreadfully serious.
    Oh and keep in mind, those pure, fun loving 13 and 14 year old members could view those God awful childhood ruining sexual subjects if there wasn't an 18+ block.

    It's just something you have to deal with.
    Though a checkbox is a good suggestion.
  8. The 18+ Content Tag is not meant to necessarily restrict content and has no specific restrictions, and if it's a roleplay with sexual content going on it needs to be in Libertine. Not in the main forums.

    The tag is ONLY there to save the GM and players time when the GM doesn't want players under 18 in their roleplay for whatever reason. The GM has the right to do this. Maybe they just prefer playing with people in their own age group; maybe they don't feel comfortable playing specific things with people younger than 18, like romance or violence. That's entirely up to them. We see GMs doing this often enough that it qualifies as something to put in as a Content Tag (which are supposed to be used so that people can easily see whether they want to join a game or not).

    As to filtering it out; I don't think we can currently make that an option. I know that when we can, we plan to make Content Tags be clickable and searchable. For now, though, you're just going to have to bear with it and try to find a game that isn't restrictive in that sense. Sorry. :[
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  9. @ElBell Ah, I see. That's what you mean. Well, by all means, if that makes it easier for those who don't wish to see such threads and you'd like to have a separate search filter for 18+ only, I understand the want for an option as such.
  10. Damn, okay. No new roleplays for me I guess. Thanks though...
  11. Contact the author and ask if they are willing to do a non-mature version of the same plot.
  12. Most aren't even mature plots
  13. Ask them to remove the eighteen plus requirement. If it is not a mature plot with adult content, it should not be a problem for them. I am confident that they would be nice enough to do that.
  14. @Prisk while ideally that would happen, if an adult has chosen to put it up because of "maturity" issues they've had in the past, they might see some "kid" they don't know asking for special privilege as justification for their preference. If someone has really cool plots, you can compliment them and admit you were disappointed you're not old enough. If you're cool about it they might let you in, but I would strongly suggest not asking to be let in despite them putting the tag on it. People have their reasons, and they might feel someone is forcing them to justify it when it's their game.
  15. @Mistletoe Fairy That is a valid point. But, if it is a plot that resonates with her on a deeper level, she should definitely approach the author in some manner. The author can always politely reject her request, so a widespread fear that minors cannot discuss some aspect of a plot with an adult seems unnecessary. However, you are correct in that the delicacy of the wording and approach is equally distributed, thus the minor should be "cool about it".
  16. For myself as an older player, it is not a fear. It's a preference. That's all. Nothing more. I enjoy and prefer the company of my peers, just as teens prefer their own company. The truth is roleplay isn't just about the story; it's about the camaraderie of being creative with another person or group.

    I want to make friends and find fellow writers that I have something in common with. This is the reason I prefer to restrict myself to playing with older players. Sadly for me, there is no tag for "Over 30". I wish there was.

    I agree that if you love a plot idea, compliment it, even if you are too young to participate. We all are encouraged by praise. Don't ask to be the exception. Follow the thread! Be a fan. Be a friend. Share your thoughts. Ask questions.

    And lastly, poke at the truly amazing staff here from time to time, and remind them know how helpful a filter tool would be to us all. Though if you filtered out all the things you think you don't like or you can't yet take an active role in, you might miss out on some great stories you could be reading. Or some great friends that might in time become RP partners.
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  17. Maybe it could be made into a "thing" per say to explicitly state if you only want 18+ members in your roleplay in the sign-ups/interest check thread, and to not wait until you reach the rules or preferences section of the thread. Most people in the 1x1 section are great about doing this, and it makes scanning through threads a ton easier, but it still is pretty heart breaking when you find a roleplay completely unrelated to sexual content and/or "mature" themes that is limited to 18+, or even when it's a roleplay about violence or nasty topics and suddenly, no teenagers because they can't handle it. The GM does have a right to do it, I just feel it should be mentioned before you lure people in. Same thing happens a lot. "Enter this free, no purchase necessary, contest!" And then you click and start reading up on it and oh, wow, you have to be 18. Only difference is that contests are usually 18+ while roleplay isn't.
  18. @Rainjay

    That's one reason why we added the 18+ Content Tag. It shows up on the thread from the forum index, so people can see at a glance whether they should bother to click on that thread.

    I think there are plans to have Content Tags eventually display IN threads as well, but right now we can't do it.
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