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  1. So, you find someone interested, hash out some details, throw out some ideas, the game thread goes up and...nothing. Partner just drops off the face of the earth. Happens to everyone!

    Well, rather than just just try again after a week of waiting, instead I'd like to reduce my effort and simply recycle! Basically, what I'm looking for is someone who'd be willing to join me in continuing this started thread. All I'd need from you is some commitment!

    Specifically, the game would continue with your character being on the island doing their own thing before the plot gets underway, in which our characters end up meeting, with yours joining Avalon's young pirate crew by the end of it, before going on to further adventures. I'm hoping for at least an Adept posting level who's also willing to play multiple characters to help fill out the rest of the crew. Five each would fill out the crew nicely, I think, but it would be done gradually, with one member joining an arc if any, not unlike how the canon works. I'll also warn that I quite like the setting and its many details, so I'm finicky about Devil Fruits in particular.

    I like huge, sprawling plots, so the game could go on for ages if you're stubborn enough, and as for the rest of the details, I can suggest what I'd worked out with the other person or certain things can be changed entirely as long as it doesn't contradict the single post.

    Of course, I could simply start a new game, but I want to see if I can take that one linked above anywhere first. Feel free to ask anything!
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  2. I'm interested, as long as you fill me in on the details you've worked out so far.
  3. Absolutely!

    To summarize, the game starts on Recursi Island in the South Blue. It takes place 2 years before Roger begins the voyage that would take him to Raftel, 6 years before his execution, and 28 years before the series starts with Luffy beginning his adventure. The initial idea was that canon characters existed, but probably wouldn't show up that often, as the focus would be on the OCs.

    The original idea for the first arc was that the other player's character was going to steal part of the Marine's shipment, incidentally taking something intended for the crime group Avalon's interacting with there. Having taken something important, the idea was that the two would meet while the crime group is trying to recover the goods and the Marines are trying to do so subtly (as the commanding officer is crooked, and trying to avoid coming off as suspicious to his subordinates). All that's happened so far is that the criminals saw Avalon, thought him to be shady, and tried to hire him as some muscle, but he refused.

    That was the plan, at least, but we can take it numerous ways based on your character. Perhaps they're one of the Marine subordinates whose suspicious of their commander's actions? Maybe they're part of the crime group and hoping for something better? We might not even need to involve the Marines at all, though it'd be weird not to use the crime group since they've already showed up (even if they are unnamed, as you might have discerned).

    As for the other details that are more or less up in the air, my plan for the next arc was to introduce the Navigator character. I also planned for a Quartermaster, but not for a good while. After the Navigator's arc though, there'd probably be another joining arc in which you introduced a character, be they a Cook, Sniper, Shipwright, Doctor, Musician, what have you.

    One idea I did have though is that the Seven Warlords of the Sea don't exist yet. The people who joined them do, but I like to think that the group was formed as either a countermeasure during the Age of Pirate or as a response to the touchy situation with Doflamingo (as a way to pardon him of his crimes with an explaination the public can buy). If you want though, we can toy around with the formation of the Warlords themselves, or say they already exist at this point.

    We can discuss further in PMs if you'd like! I think I got much of it, but if you have more specific questions, shoot!
  4. Excellent! I was worried there was going to be a lot of complicated stuff involving the canon, but a sort of stand-alone group works perfectly. I'm totally fine playing the first idea for my character. And, as you say, we should probably move discussions onto PM.
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