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    The human race couldn't live on earth anymore. Too much radiations from wars. The ARK was built, at first is was just the United states, Canada, UK, area's that were aboard. Other countries made other ships, and humans left earth to survive. A generation later, and all the ships connected. Peace was finally met by all the countries. Rule's were set in place, if any crime is committed, no matter how small, or how big; it is punishable by death. Unless you were under the age of 18, and when you turned 18, the president would over see your case, and keep you, or float you.

    This rp is about two people that had committed crimes as teenagers and had grown to the age 18. They lost their case. They were to be floated for their crimes, so, they banded together and just barely managed to escape on a POD ship.

    Now on the ground, they have found that they aren't alone. They are immune to the radiation that plagues the world, but at least they can live on earth. Together they must find a way to survive Grounders, Acid Fog, and a great many other things that puts their lives in jeopardy. Anything was better than being floated, but now they find that life on earth is ten times more difficult than life on the ARK.
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