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So I'm a picky writer, most don't meet what I want, but I hope you do. I don't mind if you cannot reply everyday, but if we don't post enough, I will get bored no matter how exciting the rp is. To keep my interest, it cannot be any less than 4x a week.

Next, I need someone who posts between 1-4 paragraphs, I don't mind if your first post exceeds the 4, but your average post cannot, I will skim over it and just become bored. I prefer quality, not quantity. I do not have the most amazing grammar, so I don't expect you to either. I also mix up my then's and than's, and my threw and through, and privet and private, and fallows and follows. I do make word mistakes, and I do try to fix them but sometimes I'm distracted and they slip through.

I'm a 50/50 writer, meaning you have to come up with half the part of the story, not just your character reacting. I hate rper's like that, and will drop the rp like it is a hot potato. Also, I prefer to play my main and a side, so I will play my main all the time, but I will had a best friend or whatever that is needed that I will play if needed to move the story along or help the story. Please be able to do the same.

As for sexiness, I prefer 50/50 if the rp calls for something different, I'm fine with that too. IF THE RP CALLS FOR IT!

I do basic character sheets;


Unless the story calls for more, then we can come up with what needs to be on the c/s, but I have to have the c/s. Keeps me from changing her name.....

Alright, if you can do AAALLLL that, than I would love to rp with you :3

Right now I am ONLY interest in apocalyptic, trapped like on an island, hunger games like thing, or mermaids or fairies or nymphs. Sorry I'm just not interested in anything else because I have someone for that already. I do DETAIL SEX SCENE'S ONLY! I haven't ran into toooo many people who don't but thought I should throw it in there. As for pairings, I only do MxM or MxF. I only do sub unless I'm REALLY in the mood and I only do female if it is a hetero couple. I don't do FxF sorry! I will accept a futa though :3 If we do FutaxMale, I will play futa >.<

Okay, think that is all I can think of, I hope someone out there can meet my things, it takes me forever to find partners. Oh, once you are a partner, and I loves you, I will keep you. FOREVER!
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