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I really want to do a good ol adventure roleplay. One with some neat events, and character progression. Now to make sure you understand what I am looking for, allow me to explain as much as possible. Let's start with-

The world​
Our roleplay starts at the border of the 2 countries of Ilesea, a land of dust and sand, and Nalune, sometimes called green patch. Both are having their usual problems, and one common problem. Each other. While there is no war, the relationship between these two is rather frosty. Most problems come due to regulations of trading. Similar resources are provided and sold by both into other lands, making their wealth depend on the marketing failure of the other.​
This year, there is a certain change in Nalune. Something caused monster population to boom. The human population is changing. Many people die, but on the other hand, many fighters and guilds move in to hunt monsters, make profit, and test their skill. Whenever Nalune survives, fails, or can make use of this problem depends on its residents.
The plot​
My character already is an adventurer, though his name is unknown. He has not earned himself a nickname or special title, but has won several tournaments just to earn the prize money and test his skill. But do not think now that he is a prince charming. On the contrary. While he has the potential, he refuses to become a hero to the people, simply because it would be too much work. Like a rough gemstone, he has his flaws, but should not be underestimated.

Your character is a noble of Nalune. And not just any random noble. She is the daughter of the current king, making her a potential heiress to the throne (or a country she marries into). Too bad her current situation is not one to envy. Her chariot is currently hunted by a Serpion. A dangerous dragon type hybrid creature with fast legs, quick reflexes, and a deadly scorpion sting at its back. Unknown to her, her chariot happened to drive through its territory, causing it to attack.

During the chase, one of the wheels break off, and she falls out and rolls right onto my character's path. She just sees the Serpion approach, thinking she is about to die she closes her eyes, but is surprisingly fine for someone who should have been pierced by a sting. When opening her eyes, she sees how someone blocked the attack with a sword. The creature is defeated quickly, and she expects that she has to thank her savior in a noble manner. But the person just walks away. She is glad about it at first, but realizes quickly that she needs help. All her stuff just drove away with 2 horses, and while she is not stupid, she has no idea where to go to get back to her castle.

The plot would continue with her asking for his help and getting his interest by offering him a reward. On their way back, they will witness the changes in Nalune first hand. Some bad, some good. And once they arrive back at her home, what then? Just part ways, or did feelings develop during that time?
All I ask for is at least one reply per week, and that said reply is at least 2 paragraphs big. More is of course always welcomed.
Bring in some ideas for the story. I hate leading the story on my own, and ideas from 2 sources can be quite fun.
I will read your resume, so do me the same honor and read mine. Should there still be questions, ask and I will answer ASAP.
I know that setting the balance of smut to plot is difficult and depends on how the story plays out, but I expect this to be story driven. If you are looking for smut, please look somewhere else.

Now then. Any questions?
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I am very interested in this idea! I think I will be able to create a strong character for the princess, that will not let herself be left lost in the wilderness.
I also read you are from Germany, I am Swedish which makes our time during the day to match up.
I am very good at bombarding questions before and during the RP to understand, and be able to create my own ideas of what might happen along their adventures.

My very first question would be; if you would like to RP with me? :) (if you're still searching)


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Hmm, I am intrigued :)

Lusterless Nova

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A few hours each day, and many hours on Sunday (I need to work like any other bloke)
Dammit. I forgot to close this one. Kat? Huntress? I'm very sorry, but the idea has already been taken.
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