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Miss Flufferbutt

I'm looking for something...

MxF | FxF

All plots made with MxF pronouns for simplicity, but all are open for all bolded above, unless otherwise specified.

I play as male/female.

Posting expectations:
I'll post at least once every 2-3 days, and would like the same from my partner. As for length, a paragraph or more is fine. I can usually do 1-2. Quality over quantity; just give me something to work with.

Special/Secrets -- (First, I'm going to start off by saying this one will be written differently; it'll be written in letters/journal entries, with regular posting to show their thoughts and such outside of the letters. It's something I'd like to try.) He is a US Marine. He meets her while on leave, but has to go back to base a few months after. They decide to keep contact via letters. However, she meets someone else while he's away and doesn't tell him. (This one's gonna get me right in the feels, but it's just so juicy.)
Adventurous guy/shy girl -- They get set up on a blind date with each other and hit it off. He is the adventurous type, always looking for a thrill. She is shy and safe in her comfort zone. Despite their differences, they continue to date. This is their story. (This should have a good mix of humor, fun, and angst as they get to know each other and delve deep into their minds.)

Blindness - He has been unable to see any color since he was born -- all he can see is in black and white. One day, he meets a girl who he sees strangely; sometimes she flickers with color, sometimes she radiates it, sometimes he can't see her at all, etc. To uncover this mystery, he starts stalking her, trying to see what makes her so... odd. (The roles can be reversed here. This one will have a touch of magic.)

That's all I have for now, though if I come up with more, I'll add them... Feel free to tell me your own ideas, too!
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I love the blindness rp!
Would you be open to letting me be female or play double?

Miss Flufferbutt

Great! :D What do you mean by play double, though? Since I'm just not sure how to fit extra characters in...


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I won't go any toilet play or scat or gore or any of the like in my mature roleplays.
Would you like to try reversing the Blindness rp? Since you have the normal one?

Miss Flufferbutt

I'll PM you. ^^
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