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Filled for Now!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Nikkole❤, Jun 25, 2016.

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  1. As always I would like anybody to roleplay with me. My plots can be tweaked to your liking if you wish. I'm not picky about many things. Grammar, punctuation and spelling isn't a big thing to concern yourself with at all. Because I'm not perfect either. Just try not to do any one-liners if possible. Enjoy reading my post!!

    **Stars mean how much I really want to do the roleplay**

    Alien Girl x Scientist*

    There was a reporting of seeing a UFO crashing into a field. The military has gotten the alien girl and has gotten her into the military base and in with the scientist into a captivity tube. The scientist is to test and write down anything the alien does til they decide to kill her. Buut.. of course.. my kind heart won't allow it. :D

    Vampire Princess x Just-Turned Vampire**

    The princess happens to be in town wondering around amongst the humans and she comes across another vampire being beat up by another vampire. After she fights the bully off him, she soon figures out that the the vampire getting beat up is a just turned vamp and those aren't supposed to be allowed but she doesn't tell and keeps seeing the vamp everyday and eventually falls in love with him. But once they fall for one another, the bigger vampire from earlier ends up having to finish the job and kill the princess if she gets in the way.

    Emo Girl (CA) x Asshole Football Player/Cheerleader(CB)****
    (this is for females that are willing to play also.)
    CA is the emo girl that gets picked on by the popular people which is CB and their friends. CB goes too far with the name calling and once CA runs away crying, CB does everything they can to get CA to forgive them. They fall for each other eventually once CA starts to trust them. So when they're relationship is getting good, lots of people don't like it. So how far will the CB's friends go to stop this relationship of theirs?

    Relationship Unmatched In Heaven*
    CA is getting married to someone that is unfit for them. They treat them very horribly. CB is CA's best friend and have feelings for CA. Once feelings are out there from CB, CA say they feel the same way. Once they "celebrate" how happy they are to be together finally. They decide to run away with CA's supposed spouse and other people the spouse hired is after to kill CB.

    ***Princess from the past x Person in the present*
    This character is the princess and she's supposed to get married soon. But of course, typical fairy tale, she doesn't care for the man too much. So one day, she escapes to a tower -- she goes to that tower everyday, to be left alone in her thoughts or simply read. It's late at night around the time she's up there this one day and when she's up there and looks out the window and see a light far out in the midst of the forest. So she sneaks away from there and goes after the light. Once she's out miles and miles and miles away from home. She ends up in a city; modern times she never knew about and there tries to start her new life.

    The part where the other character comes in and they try to start a new life with her.

    ***Warrior Princess x Warrior
    The princess is the leader of all the warriors and of course, all the men want her but she doesn't want them. But the king forbids her to be a warrior anymore and has someone else lead them. Your character is the someone else. She hates him but always watches him and he watches her. They insult each other all the time. Soon the princess is to get married to someone and the warrior can't watch her go be with someone else.

    Other Plots I'm Too Lazy To Type Up:
    -Popular x Unpopular***
    -Fairy x Vampire **
    -Goddess x Human *****
    -Vampire x Vampire Hunter
    -Knight x Princess********
    -Unwanted Interracial (and/or Lesbian)Couple!!! ***

    Well... pm me if you're interested

    And if you're not.. pm me anyway to have a conversation! :)

    I only play females!
    FxF and MxF Only!!! :D
    Doubling up is required in all roleplays!!
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  2. Hey, the emo girl x asshole football player sounds nice :D And the Alien girl x scientist does too
  3. The alien one then.
  4. Pm .. or the God forbidden thread?
  5. I do not know what that Thread is. Link maybe?
  6. Sorry.. I don't like threads.. so I was saying.. the 'god-forbidden thread.'

    Possibly just flew over your head again so.. never mind..

    Pm or thread?
    #7 Nikkole❤, Jun 26, 2016
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  7. Yeah.
    Pm so we can discuss this more.
  8. Popular x unpopular will be fun to do ^^ -claps-
  9. Still Looking! :) All roleplays still open! ^_^
  10. Alien Girl x Scientist
  11. Pm me
  12. Unwanted interracial couple!!!!
  13. OMG! I did not see your post! I'm so sorry! Pm me!! :)
  14. Always will be looking! :)
  15. The vampire princess x just turned vampire and the vampire fairy one interest me!
  16. Inbox me!
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