(Filled) Corrupted world (Medieval fantasy, lots of kinks, need someone open minded.)

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  1. What I expect in a partner
    1. Be able to post frequently, preferably everyday. If a RP is too slow paced, I tend to lose interest.

    2. Basic English language comprehension. If your grammar/sentence structure is awful, then you might want to seek out another partner. That said, I can forgive the occasional mistake here and there, no one is perfect. (English isn't my birth language either, although it's usually hardly noticeable.)

    3. Be able to post a good amount. Anywhere under two paragraphs is what I'd consider 'really short'. The more elaborate you are, the more I'll adore you as a partner.

    4. Talk with me. OOC banter is appreciated, and if you have comments/concerns about the RP, I'm always willing to discuss them. Criticism is something that's all too rare, and I find that most often, people just give the silent treatment rather than pointing out something that bothers them.

    5. Be willing to RP through PM. To me, a RP is something that happens between two people, something private and often, intimate. As such, I'm not comfortable with my RPs being viewable to public eye.​
    What you can expect me from me
    1. All of the above. No seriously, I wouldn't ask for something I can't give back.

    2. Open mindedness. I can play any gender, (male, female, futa?), involve myself in a variety of kinks/species. Want to try something unusual? Ask. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy simpler things! Variety if the spice of life and all that.

    3. Creativity. I'm not trying to flatter myself here, but I've been often told that I'm good at directing RPs/assuming a 'DM' position. You want to stick to your character and go through the RP? I'm fine with that. I'm more than comfortable coming up with events, locations, characters and all that jazz.

    4. Honesty. If something is on my mind, I will mention it. I'm not the type to keep things to myself. Communication is always key.
    The actual idea!

    Alright, before we begin I want to start this idea/plot will involve lots of kinky stuff, some of which is unusual. A few that you should be aware of are:

    Transformation (Can be discussed, but it will happen in some way or another)
    Polysexuality (I expect you to be comfortable in sexual situations with any gender. Be it male, female, futa or whatever else, regardless of your character's own gender.)
    Relationships with monsters/non-human species. (Due to the nature of the world I have in mind, this is pretty much unavoidable.)

    Do note that this plot is somewhat based on Corruption of champions. So if you've played that, then you already should have a pretty good idea of what I have in mind. If not, then read on!

    Pulled away from your own world with no memories of your own, you're thrust into a new life, a new world. You're told that you're to be this world's saviour, to fight the corruption that has taken hold of it. You're told very little else before you're thrust into this new world. Once there, you can only rely on your own skills, be they with a sword or magic.

    You quickly find out that the 'corruption' in this world is demonic in nature, and has a rather... Peculiar effect on the residents. Inhibitions are lowered drastically, and sexual encounters, should you desire them, are frequent. In some cases, they might even be against your consent. You also quickly find out that your body is very likely to change in some way while in this place. You might grow gills, your skin might change color, your hair might grow or shrink, you could grow breasts, or even a penis, regardless of your original gender, it all depends on your decisions and actions.

    But ultimately, your goal is to rid this world of the demons who have corrupted it. You will be both aided and hindered by many of this world's own resident, and perhaps even other 'heroes' plucked from their worlds and sharing your fate. You are not alone, but the question is, will you free this world of it's corruption, or fall victim to it?
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  2. I would love to do this with you! ^^
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