Fill Revi's House with Owls

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  1. Hey, guys! As many of you know, I recently moved house. Many of you may also know that I adore owls. Like, really obsessive like of owls. In my old apartment, the walls were covered in little owl silhouettes, but when we moved, I had to get rid of all but two, and I am in a much larger place now. I keep seeing owl stuff everywhere and, due to unexpected financial trouble, I can't really afford any of them. I also was supposed to have been given some supplies that I had intended to turn into owls, but that fell through.

    That's where you guys come in. I want your handmade owls! Seriously, I'd love wonderful gifts of handmade owl decorations. They can be paper plate owls or cutouts or whatever you can think of. Felt or painted or anything that can go on a wall. They don't have to be "masterpieces" because anything that is done by my friends will be treasured forever. My goal is to cover the dining room wall in owls. If we are good friends, lemme know if you think you want to make me an owl! I will send you my address and we can go from there!

    The only rules are:
    Nothing vulgar. I want cute owls, so no sex or violence.
    These need to be handmade by you or you and your friends/family.

    Oh, one last thing. If it is a sketch or anything and you don't have money for a stamp, I DO have a printer and can print stuff out and hang it up, too.

    Thank you in advance! I really look forward to seeing the owls!
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