Fill in the blank with random food

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  1. I felt like making a gross out game!

    Many foods sound so delicious but not so much any more when mentioned like this.

    Just fill in the blank here!

    "I _______ In my pants"

    Like earlier I said "I Macaroni and cheesed in my pants" Then Diana was grossed out.

    It is fun to turn a delicious food into a gross thing by doing this! Try it out!
  2. Adam Kane

    With Reginald

    Adam walked with Reginald through the open air market. He watched as Reginald complained about them taking his money. He smiled nervously while thinking a few dollars missing is just a drop in the bucket to all The orginazation owes them. He remembered their mission was non perishable food so that's what he went for. He noticed a table with some sacks of rice, beans and other non perishables. He smiled then pointed at the items. "UmHow much do I owe you?" The owner of the stall spoke but Adam couldn't understand them. "Um" Adam started moving his hands around like he was coun ting money. He spoke slowly and louder. "HOW...MUCH....DO...I....OWE...YOU?"

    Adam continued to try to communicate but nothing was working. "Reginald!" He shouted for his odd companion. "Do you speak...this?" He gestured tword the owner of the stall. "He keeps yelling stuff at me but I don't understand what he's saying at all. Can u handle this?" Adam was getting annoyed, he practically pushed Reginald up to the counter. "Get him to shut up already."
  3. On a side note; Wow, a LOT of people have liked Spidey's sheet thus far XD Thanks guys!

    But anyways, if he's accepted then I'll have a post in the IC up as soon as I can.

    On a side note, @Michale CS, are you alright with the idea of certain characters within the shared universe to retain their memories from their lives before the merge? For example, my Spidey is a slightly different version of the 616 version, but he'd still be the same Peter Parker who participated in the JLA/Avengers event. As a result of the universes of DC and Marvel merging into one, I'm guessing most of the world's history was revised to accommodate the lore of both worlds (ex. WWII now features both Cap. America and Wonder Woman as soldiers who fought for the allies instead of one or the other). During this, some people may have been altered (ex. my Peter), or changed entirely (ex. The Flash is now Jessica instead of Barry, played by our friend @ch0sen1).

    But, given the scale of such a large combination of universes and timelines/events/lives being re-written, sometimes there would be a bit of carry-over; some people, be it for whatever reason, have managed to retain their memories of the time before the universes merged.

    Think of something like a sleeper agent, where random flashes of their past lives sometimes shoot through their minds. Other times, they can recall everything, but the combination of their old memories and their new memories oftentimes clashes.

    I'll use Peter as an example here.

    Let's say, for example, Peter as he is now, can remember everything that happened to the old Peter before the events of JLA/Avengers. Let's say he's currently friends with Gwen Stacy, who he's known for about ten years. Now, let's say he can recall a life where Gwen and he were romantically involved, but then she was killed by the actions of one of his enemies.

    But that was a different Gwen. A different Peter. A different life.

    However, it haunts him like a bad nightmare that won't end. Although he might feel something, he refuses to become involved with Gwen for fear of repeating the events of a life he never lived.

    The same could be said about somebody like Batman. If he recalls the days before the cosmic event, he may not have deliberately taken on partners to aid him in the fight against crime. Sure, he would've met sidekicks like Dick Grayson and Stephanie Brown through similar/different means, but based on how Bruce would want to take care of the situation, their partnership would turn out differently.

    It's just an idea I wanted to throw out there, sort of an 'Achilles Heel' for many of the heroes and villains who may retain their memories from before the crossover.

  4. I cauliflower in my pants
  5. I spaghettied in my pants!
  6. I beef jerkyed in my pants
  7. I creamcheesed in my pants.
  8. I Steaked in my pants.
  9. I jell-oed in my pants
  10. I shrimped in my pants
  11. mmmmmmm shrimp^^

    I bluberried in my pants
  12. My mom thinks I'm asleep when I'm actually here online. Living the dangerous life.
  13. I honey'd in my pants.

  14. Aahahahaha!! That is the other one I love to say!

    I cherry Cobblered in my pants!
  15. I marrowed in my pants.
  16. I pied in my pants
  17. I did just graduate from a Christian University with my minor in Biblical Studies. That qualifies me for things that I probably shouldn’t be qualified for. :p
  18. I pomegranate'd in my pants.
  19. I sausage rolled in my pants.
  20. I jambalayad in my pants. ...(Jambalaya is a southern food with rice and spices... a lot of times it contains sausage or shrimp. I hate the taste though.... x.x <-------there you go! ) ...-_-