Fill in the blank with random food

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  1. I felt like making a gross out game!

    Many foods sound so delicious but not so much any more when mentioned like this.

    Just fill in the blank here!

    "I _______ In my pants"

    Like earlier I said "I Macaroni and cheesed in my pants" Then Diana was grossed out.

    It is fun to turn a delicious food into a gross thing by doing this! Try it out!
  2. I ramen in my pants...
  3. I icecreamed in my pants.
  4. I cauliflower in my pants
  5. I spaghettied in my pants!
  6. I beef jerkyed in my pants
  7. I creamcheesed in my pants.
  8. I Steaked in my pants.
  9. I jell-oed in my pants
  10. I shrimped in my pants
  11. mmmmmmm shrimp^^

    I bluberried in my pants
  12. I spammed in my pants!
  13. I honey'd in my pants.

  14. Aahahahaha!! That is the other one I love to say!

    I cherry Cobblered in my pants!
  15. I marrowed in my pants.
  16. I pied in my pants
  17. I artichoked in my pants.
  18. I pomegranate'd in my pants.
  19. I sausage rolled in my pants.
  20. I jambalayad in my pants. ...(Jambalaya is a southern food with rice and spices... a lot of times it contains sausage or shrimp. I hate the taste though.... x.x <-------there you go! ) ...-_-