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Fill An Introverts Boredom {Dominant Required}

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by 罪人配信, Mar 29, 2015.

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  1. Anyone?

    I have been on a long hiatus and I'm back with two ideas I'd like to try out. Usually I would take the role of dominant happily, but, I'm starting to get bored of that role and shift into the role of submission. While I've been down, I've binge read a lot of Ogawa Chise's work and her mangas are very dark and...well, the shit is good. I want to do an MxM with a dark theme. For these two ideas I need only 2 partners.​
    • Idea One: A very odinary man who drinks his coffee black with absolute no cream or sugar; just black. A very ordinary man who hates sweets. But, when he meets a man who is the complete opposite of him he becomes engrossed. He hates sweets, but loves the taste of this stranger? He has fallen hard for this strange man, but the other has more devious and selfish ideas. Can the other man learn to love or just keep this ordinary man to himself for his own amusement?
    • Idea Two: Two men have dated since their last two years of high school. They were the couple that everyone figured would last a lifetime. True, the two loved each other deeply, but one's love turned into an obsession. When A convinces B to move in with him after high school and even sleep with him, said man grows possessive of his lover. Soon the relationship becomes abusive and B figures this is his lover's way of showing affection. When the bruises become visible suspicion occurs and maybe even possibly an affair starts to occur?
    If you guys happen to have ideas, please share and PM me for a quicker response. Thank you ♡

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.