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  1. Soooo I'm trying to get a group RP started and I generated a map for it. I saved it to my computer hoping to be able to upload it to the thread but it's too large a file apparently

    5.89 MB

    Um is there any other way on Iwaku that I can get this information to those who are interested in seeing the region map themselves?
  2. You can always upload it to an image hosting site like photobucket and use the image bbcode:

    [img]urlhere[/img] to post it ^.^
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  3. I did not know that was a thing here. I don't really use photobucket but i'll give it a try.

    Thank you @Noctis the Devious
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  4. You're welcome ^.^ I'm honestly surprised o.o photo hosting sites is actually one of the main ways people post images. That or getting the url address from a browser like Google or Bing.
  5. Well I have been playing with it and the biggest issue I have found so far is that when I test how it turns out with downloaded or zoomed in it does not focus like it does in the original image...

    -In the original file I can zoom in quite far and the text will correct itself and be legible. I can then drag the mouse around and pan the viewfinder to see other parts of the map in more detail.

    -On the downloaded file from photobucket (or from just zooming in) this does not occur and I cannot read the text at all. This is important for city names and such. The information cannot be read from the original view which simply shows the entirety of the region. It may be hard to explain so I will try and use the BB code you taught me to link the file from photobucket

    The file is also almost 5000KB smaller than the original

  6. Try using Imgur instead. It tends to be nice about keeping your large files as intended, whereas Photobucket will compress the hell out of them.
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  7. Try imgur. Imgur doesn't reduce file size or zoom noticably.
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  8. Ah. I shall try that site instead. Thank you both for the suggestion
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