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    There has been some buzz about a 6inch humanoid found in the Atacama desert of Peru. I immediately got to some researching and thought I'd share my findings with my beloved and open minded community of Iwaku.


    The Atacama mummy is no longer a one of a kind discovery. Once upon a time the famous Ripley traversed to the Peruvian desert and discovered atta-boy. Ripely was known as a man who procured the strangest of oddities and even grotesque relic like objects even by today's standards. Some say that Ripley was very proud of atta-boy back in the 1930's.

    This Atacama mummy took a blowto the back of its head,deforming its skull. Where we have 6 skull plates, this creature has four symmetrical skull plates. Scientists have confirmed through extensive testing that this creature live anywhere from 5-7 years POST BIRTH, has only 10 ribs, survived in one of the driest place on earth, with what they speculate to be a form of progeria((a mutation that hastens the growth of the human anatomy)) also confirmed is the details that no kind of dwarfism mutations can be found.
    Even more fascinating is that 9% of its DNA is unmatched. That's roughly 2 MILLION BASE PAIRS OF UNMATCHED GENES!!

    This is Metapec.
    Though Metapec brought to light some intriguing questions it reminded me of Ripley's little atta-boy and after doing some more research I noticed a significant anatomical difference between these little humanoids Vs. metapec.
    Metapec turned out to be a monkey and you can see in the skeletal structure that this specimen did not stand upright. It's cranial cavity is also significantly smaller then The Attacama mummy and Atta-boy and the worlds most renowned scientist weren't studying this thing.


    The Atacama mummy and Att-boy are still not the only 6 inch specimens found. As stated in this short YouTube video provided below, they say that others have been found in Mexico, chilie, and Russia, though the governments have stepped in to confiscate them before others could confirm. What I find most important is that the scientist don't call it alien or extra terestrial. While they mention those words a few times they focus more on the facts of what this creature is and continue to say, "well, wea know it has human DNA but the rest? We don't really know, and finding out could take years."

    here is an article if you would like to read this too

    So, what do you guys think? How do you think this thing even survived?

    Might these be the creatures people have claimed to see and call faeries?

    Are they genetically modified humans with alien DNA? Extra terrestrial?

    How do you feel when Stanford leading scientists say, "This is a 7-8 year old child that is only 6 inches."?

    I am.....fascinated and love this kind of stuff, this little creature could be ancient, maybe they may even still be running around just beneath our radar, living among us, unseen.


    Share your thoughts, speculations are very welcome!
  2. I like the Beevis and Butthead comparison.
  3. This is a very interesting subject. I've read about 5 articles now and watched the SIRIUS trailer and I'm still just as confused about the legitimacy of the whole topic.

    One of the first things that raises a red flag for me is that I can't find any other credible researchers (besides Dr. Greer and the two head researchers at Stanford, Dr. Lachman and Dr. Nolan. While they are certainly credible people, I find it interesting that they cite other work being on done on Ata, yet no one else seemingly wants to put their name on it) who've studied this or are making articles about it. With only one mention of a skeptic, William Jungers, a paleoanthropologist and anatomist at Stony Brook University Medical Center in New York, who basically is refuting the age, saying that it's an unborn fetus that was mummified. Here's my source for that information

    Another thing I've noticed is that I can't find any relating articles as to more of these things being discovered anywhere else, or even reference to them outside of the SIRIUS video (which was the video of whatever it was in Russia that they found). Though they've (Nolan, Lachman, Greer) never said it directly, they seem to hint that's there's a cover up attempt in the works, which I think, unfortunately, only hurts their cause ever if there is truth in that

    ^Above are just my personal discoveries, I'm in no way trying to make a statement one way or the other. What I've found by looking up debunking theories are several cites to the wiki page (I'll do the work for ya haha), which if you read, offers no debunking what-so-ever. It only states that Ata is most likely not an ET.

    Also, the age of Ata seems to be largely debatable. Even in the video, Greer only says that the features resemble that of a 6-8 year old, I see a lot of skeptics thinking that this is a stillborn fetus

    All in all, fascinating subject. I'd love it if you could link some more of your findings on all of this as I still have a lot of unanswered questions in regards to credibility
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  4. I don't know what to make of it. My immediate urge is to just say that it's a fake and move on, especially as there is so little research other than the primary sources... I don't know. It's weird, I'll say that much for it, but I just can't help wondering if it's a sort of combined mummification/shrunken head type of effort and that, at one point, it was a normal human child, as opposed to an alien or some kind of fey.
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