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  1. So, here's the deal. Our characters are not total strangers, if that's what worries you. Rather, they're pretty much rivals/enemies at the start of the RP. They don't like each other, not one bit. This RP is all about changing that. It won't start romantic, but it'll definitely end up that way. I'm not too strict/forceful on the post sizes, but try for a well-written paragraph at least. I'm also not picky about your character, but there are a few key details I'm setting in stone regardless of who plays who. I'll list those below.

    Dancer character Has been dancing her whole life. Can't skate, roller or ice. Straight-A Honor Roll student. Very prideful.

    Skater character Only been a figure skater for six months. Doesn't like to compete. Sleeps a lot. Failing certain classes. Notebook filled with doodles instead of actual notes.

    There ya have it! Just post below with a character skeleton for the girl you want and I'll do the same for the other.
  2. Hi is this fxf or mxf
  3. Skater~
    Name: Natalie Bennett
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: image.jpg
    Personality: Went from school being easy, to really hard, really fast and instead of keeping up, Natalie sat back with her sketchbook and doodled. Her life practically revolves around skating, and sleep. She is hard working and determined when she wants to be, and inexcusably lazy when she doesn't. She would compete more, but hates the jittery feeling she gets beforehand. All her nervous habits come out and she paces and sweats and feigns sickness right before she has to take the ice.

    ((Man this is awesome, I am an ice skater so :bananaman:))
  4. Oh, nice. I was gonna leave this for dead, but nice. I'll get mine up in a moment. Just gotta do some other things, first.

    Name: Victoria Loveless
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Started out nice enough, but the stress of ballet, homework, and maintaining her "perfect" grades has gotten to her. A lack of sleep at night has made her snappy and quick-tempered, and her pride won't allow her to ask for leniency on her assignments. In her mind, doing so would essentially lessen the value of her Honor Roll status, as well as lessen the value of herself. She's extremely well balanced and qualified (albeit too young) to be a Prima at her dance school, but as her entire focus has been on ballet and academics, she lacks anything resembling skill in any other sport.
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  5. Okay! Sorry it took so long. Things happened and I got distracted.
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