Figure I might as well make it official...

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  1. Pretty sure I'm going to be leaving Iwaku, or at least taking a fairly solid personal hiatus from it. It's just due to some personal health problems & other stuff going on in my life right now. My health has sort of taken a pretty big nosedive, partially due to me ignoring it because I thought I was being a big baby & my not really having anyone I could tell about it until my head hit the steering wheel while I was driving people. Apparently that makes this pretty serious but I DUNNO THEY MIGHT KUST BE WHINERS. Anyway, health problems, personal problems, can't concentrate, and generally the feeling like I've disappointed enough people without having to muddle up everyone else's business with all my latest failed RP joins...I just reckon its time for me to stay on my porch for a while. I'll probably yell things at you kids from it time to time but other than that I don't know. I might try to continue the RPs I'm already in but I just don't know. Not much I do know right now other than that I've had some awesome times here with some real awesome people. I've learned a lot from you guys, even things I can apply to real life, so I appreciate it.

  2. Stop dying! D:
  3. UGUU ;_;
  4. If you see death... kick the shit out of him and steal his tips jar.