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  1. Audrey sat in the back of the car, her chin on her palm as she stared out the wet window silently. It was pouring rain as you drove her home from the hospital. The ride was silent, to say the least. Every minute or so you would stare at her from your rear view mirror. From now on you had to keep a sharp eye on her. Literally. She was placed on suicide and self harm watch. You were given all kinds of directions to help keep her safe, along with anti depressant pills for her to take, but you didn't mind. You couldn't lose her, or even come close again.

    Her eyes were on the soaked houses and roads passing by, but her mind was on the memories. Memories that she wished she didn't have to call her life. That's all she was thinking about as the car drove home. She was zoned out of reality.
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  2. Allen drove past the houses in their neighbourhood after picking up his sister from the hospital. At first, he was unaware that she was suicidal, since he was always locked up in his room writing or doing school work. He cursed under his breath, silently wishing the rain would stop a bit as it was blurring his view of the road, the window swipers were of no use either. Occasionally, he would glance at his sister through the rear view mirror, then to the medication for Audrey that was on the passenger seat to his right before keeping an eye on the road.

    Both of them used to be close but as soon as Allen entered his Senior year of High School, all he ever did was study instead of spending time with his family. He knew should have been there for her. Even if he didn't show his emotions to her, he couldn't lose her. He didn't expect her to become like this. It was like a wake up alert for him.

    As he pulled into their driveway, his hands fell onto his lap, before turning off the engine of the car. He sighed, trying to get eye contact with his sister through the rear mirror, "You should have talked to me instead of self harming. There's a reason I'm here."

    Speak for yourself, you were always locked up in your room.
    he scolded himself.
  3. Her eyes hesitantly raised to the mirror, where she made eye contact for a moment then looked back out the window.

    'You don't even care. Nobody does. It would only make me feel worse anyway,' she thought, but she tried to not let his words get to her. From this point on, to not feel anymore pain, she would try to hollow herself out. To not feel anything. To not care is the easiest way to not get hurt.

    Well, Audrey would do so until she tries again, anyway.
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  4. As soon as she heard the sound of engine out of the house, Valerie went running to the siblings. She spent the last days at their house, comforting their family. She sighed relieved when she saw both of them still in the car. She waited for ten to get out.
  5. As Audrey looked out her window, she noticed that woman running towards the car. Her name was Valerie.

    She talked to her a lot before. She was a good friend of the whole family. She often gave Auds company when she was alone. They were quite close. Were, that is.

    Now Audrey is close with no one. She will distance herself. It's better for everyone that way. They'll see.

    Auds watched as Valerie, or as she used to sometimes say Val, approach them.
  6. Allen's gaze fell to his lap after failing to get his sister to respond to him. In the corner of his eyes, he saw Valerie running towards them. Allen opened the car door, making a big round around the car to open the door for Audrey before greeting Valerie. He gave Valerie a weak smile, "Hey Val."
  7. Scott stood on the pavement, dressed in his leather jacket and black skinny jeans, and watched Ally and Audrey approach Val outside the house. He remained silent as he puffed his cigarette and then, satisfied, thrust it to the ground before crushing it under his foot. The cigarette had been reduced to just about the length of the butt of the cigarette. He felt a huge amount of sorrow for Allen - he knew what it was like to lose somebody close to him through suicide. He didn't like to think of his mother in her final months of her life, and prefered to remember her as she had been before the incident. However, Audrey's actions had brought all of that back up again, and for the entire time that Audrey had been lying in that hospital bed, Scott dreaded having to speak to Allen, and avoided him at all costs. He had visited Audrey in hospital once while nobody was there, but she had been fast asleep, and so he left her a bunch of her favourite flowers and a box of maltesers anonymously.

    Taking a deep sigh, he decided to cross the road while it was empty of moving vehicles, and approached the three as they stood by each other. He attempted to give Val, the only one facing him, a friendly smile, however he assumed due to the difficulty to do so that he had appeared rather menacing. Instead, he took a step onto their driveway and spoke out.

    "Hello, stranger," he greeted Audrey. He winced immediately - he should never have approached them. Of course, she wanted to be alone. He felt stupid for saying anything and was about to turn around, but a sudden panic overwhelmed him and he remained in his place.
  8. Audrey saw Scott approach the car as she slowly got out, avoiding eye contact with anybody. Or contact in general.

    "Hello, stranger," he said to her. In a normal case, she would smile at him and say something back; but this wasn't a normal situation. Him being no different, she didn't look him in the eyes, but saw him wince, giving her a small wave of sadness. Or was it hurt? It's been hard to tell them apart lately.

    Auds crossed her arms as subtly as possible, looking at the grass as so on. Anything on the ground.
  9. Alison was in the kitchen wiping the counters down after she had finished supper. As she threw the towel in the laundry basket, she heard a rumble from outside. She looked out the window and saw a familiar car pull up to the house next to hers. She walked closer to the window, pushing the curtains aside slightly so she could see her neighbors closer.
    She bit her lip, aware of the hardships Audrey has faced in the last 72 hours, though she wasn't even there with Audrey. Alison also had a history of self-harm, something she never, ever spoke about. Something in her wanted to throw open the door and run lovingly to Audrey, to grab onto her, to hold her close and tell her that she's not alone and that she would get better in time. Alison glanced towards the door, almost thinking about going outside to see if she was alright.
    No, that'd make a scene. Something Alison knew Audrey wouldn't want. Instead she silently stood there at the window, her head tilted, her frame slightly illuminated by the light behind her.
    Alison had never really talked to the family next door, other than a Hello or Good morning to the parents or older brother. She didn't recall ever speaking directly to Audrey. The only way she knew about it was overhearing Audrey's mother mentioning it to someone at the supermarket.
    She saw more people go out and greet her neighbors, first a woman and then a younger man. Now definitely wasn't the best time to go out there.
  10. Valerie watched as Audrey got out of the car, almost missing Allen's weak smile. She gave him a weak smile as well, trying to look strong. They needed her, she had to be level headed, even if it hurt.

    "Hi, Allen." Then, she saw Scott approaching, and he seemed to smile at her, well, at least trying to. She only nodded to him, with a weak smile. She turned her head to Audrey, trying to find the girl's eyes, but they were on the ground. She clapped her hands, drawing attention to her.

    "So, I made hot chocolate! There's plenty for everybody!" Val tried to sound confident, she needed to be strong. For Allen. For Audrey. "Why don't you come as well, Scott?"
  11. Scott's eyes narrowed with sorrow, as he placed a single hand on Allen's shoulder to greet him. He knew he shouldn't have approached. He should have just left them alone. He caught Audrey's eyes lowering to the ground. It was to be expected, she had only recently attempted to end it all. She probably felt guilty for causing everyone to worry so much about her, and most likely a little awkward too. He prepared to back away again, but he heard Val clap her hands together. He didn't know her very well, but in the few conversations that he did have with her, he could tell she was a caring soul. Perhaps too caring, he wondered. No, Val was only trying to help Audrey feel better, maybe to remind her that things weren't always so bad. Scott let his train of thought speed away until he heard Val say his name. He paused for a second, working his brain to recall what Val had said. He shook his head quickly. He couldn't remember exactly what she had said, but it was probably an invitation to enter the house.

    "No, don't worry about me," he said, his voice sounding dry due to his sorrow. "It was only meant to be a flying visit."
  12. She jumped at first, then squinted her eyes a little when Val started about the hot chocolate. She sounded a bit like she didn't care about the situation, not that she wanted her too. She didn't want anybody to care, especially not to feel pity or sympathy for her; it's not like she was forced into suicide. Then it wouldn't be called suicide... would it?

    "It was only meant to be a flying visit." She tuned back in to the conversation. What happened? Audrey blinked and looked over Scott before looking down again.

    She didn't want to draw attention to herself, but she didn't feel like standing out here anymore. She shifted her weight on her feet, waiting a few seconds before slowly walking around the back of the car and making her way to the door, hoping it's not locked.
  13. Scott noticed Audrey glance towards him, and so he attempted another weak smile in return, but the effort was in vain. As she slowly walked around the car towards the door, Scott lowered his head and sighed. He couldn't blame her for wanting to be alone. Although he was usually the type who would easily let small things get to him, he could understand Audrey's silence. No matter how guilt-ridden she had made her family and friends, it would never even marginally compare to how guilty she was feeling right now. At least, that's what Scott believed. He looked straight into Val's eyes and nodded at her.

    "I think it would be best if I get on my way," Scott said sullenly. "If you need anything, anything at all, no matter how big or small it is, just call me."

    Scott seemed to direct the second part of his speech at only Val and Allen, but he was actually speaking to Audrey as well, ensuring that he had said this loud enough for her to hear him while she was still within earshot. He paused as he pulled his hand into his pocket and pulled out his mobile phone. He had only just realised that he had never had Val's number before. After fidgeting with the menus for a second, he opened a new contact and then stretched his arm out for Val to type her number in.

    "I'll do anything to help," he stated, managing to force out a caring smile.
  14. Valerie took the phone from Scott's grip and quickly typed her number. She gave it back to the boy and got a hold of his hand, holding it firmly between hers owns.

    "Unfortunately, I'll have to go to work tomorrow, my boss won't let me take another day free. And Allen could use some company besides his family, he'll need help to hold them together. Of course I'll be always here, but I'm only one." She whispered to him, giving him an encouraging smile. She turned to Allen and nodded to the door.

    "Let's get inside, shall we?"
  15. As Scott watched Valerie turn to face Allen, he returned his phone to his pocket and then pivoted on the spot, before walking off their driveway. He only made it as far as the neighbouring house before he stopped, dead in his tracks, and pulled out his packet of cigarettes. As he pulled out his second-to-last cigarette, he pocketed the box and then checked his pockets for his lighter. While searching himself thoroughly for a few seconds, Scott caught sight of an attractive girl peering through the window with her eyes keenly watching the events outside the Jones' house. He fixed his eyes on her as he found his lighter in his back pocket and flicked it to light his cigarette.
  16. Alison had a small smile on her face as she watched the events next door. Audrey most likely didn't realize it yet, but Alison knew she would be very grateful for all the love and support she would recieve from her friends and family. They all started to head inside, and Alison supposed she should better get ready for bed herself. She looked at her phone to check the time, wondering how long she had been standing there, and hoping nobody had seen her.

    When she looked back up she noticed a man looking straight at her, the one who offered his phone to the older woman. Alison paused, unsure of what to do. Oh god, he just saw her staring at them next door. She must look pretty creepy, standing by the window like this. Should she hurriedly dash out of the window? No, that'd be too suspicious. Or should she just stand there, like she didn't notice him and had been looking at something else this entire time? She glanced around, contemplating her next move, and then down at the window frame, pretending to notice a small smudge on it and rubbing it off. There, she was cleaning the window, that's all. Definitely not looking like the stalker-next-door. Her eyes darted around some more, then she quickly shut her blinds and rushed to sit down on her sofa, as if the man outside could see into her house.
  17. "It's good to see you again, Scott..." Allen muttered, shoving his hands into his pockets, watching Scott walk off. He glanced at Valerie then to his sister, before clearing his throat, "We should inside before we get sick by the rain."

    He placed a hand on Audrey's shoulder, guiding her to the front door, knowing that Val would follow right behind them. He unlocked the front door, entering the house. Their parents weren't home, they were never home. Even if they were home, they were only home to sleep. Hence, this made Allen growing up too quickly, which made him not realize others around him. When he was in high school, he had to study hard in order to get a scholarship to the college of his choice. Thus, he locked himself in his room to study, forgetting those around him. After that, locking himself in his room became a habit of his.

    He somehow blames himself for everything that has happened. But then again, all of this is a wake up call for him. "Please, make yourself at home, Valerie." he said as he entered the kitchen, placing Audrey's medication in the medicine shelf then preparing drinks for the rest.
  18. Audrey slowly made her way to the stairs, trailing a little bit of water with her. Her arms were crossed over her chest as she reached her room.

    She got out some pajamas to wear for after she got out the shower (link at bottom). Before going to the bathroom, she looked at herself in her mirror above her dresser. She looked pathetic, nothing near pretty. Her eyes looked tired, her hair didn't look too bad, but it was still a mess. She was a bit pale... on too of everything though, she was almost soaking yet, which intensified all the flaws.

    She shook her head as she sighed and left to the bathroom, getting in the shower.

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  19. Scott could see that the girl had noticed him now, and watched as she awkwardly tried to distract herself, or perhaps it was an attempt to hide the fact that she had been spying on Audrey. He then sighed as the girl quickly pounced from the window and concealed herself behind a curtain. Amused by the reaction of the girl, Scott scoffed and then continued flicking his lighter, however the rainwater continuously put out the spark. Irritated, he put the lighter back in his left jacket pocket and placed the cigarette on his ear. He then proceeded his journey down the road.
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