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  1. Audrey sat in the back of the car, her chin on her palm as she stared out the wet window silently. It was pouring rain as you drove her home from the hospital. The ride was silent, to say the least. Every minute or so you would stare at her from your rear view mirror. From now on you had to keep a sharp eye on her. Literally. She was placed on suicide and self harm watch. You were given all kinds of directions to help keep her safe, along with anti depressant pills for her to take, but you didn't mind. You couldn't lose her, or even come close again.

    Her eyes were on the soaked houses and roads passing by, but her mind was on the memories. That's all she was thinking about as the car drove home. She was zoned out of reality. (In the rp, I'll be spreading out the memories and more details with different responses.)


    Okay so that was by far the WORST prompt I have ever written in my history of roleplays lol. I promise the actual rp will be better!

    This is a brother sister roleplay. It's not sexual, just putting that out there. I will need a male to play the brother, I would appreciate it if your character is 18 or older, but doesn't matter. As long as your character is older than mine.

    I can use some other characters to! Nothing in particular! You could be a parent, a friend, the brother's friend, anything!

    Sigh... I am already assuming this rp won't get any responses lol.

    BUT, if it does, though it's unlikely, and I don't blame you, here is the character sign up sheet, and then the one for my character.

    PLEASE! Please please pleeeaase don't sign up if you're not going to rp or be inactive. You could be having a role someone else wants that could actually be active.

    Now... the CS!

    1) NAME:
    3) AGE:
    4) HEIGHT:
    5) WEIGHT (OPT.):
    7) EYE COLOR:
    8) SKIN TONE:
    11) EXTRA INFO (OPT.):

    1) NAME: Audrey Jones
    2) RELATION TO AUDREY: She is Audrey.
    3) AGE: 13
    4) HEIGHT: 5'5
    5) WEIGHT: 115lbs
    6) HAIR COLOR AND LENGTH: Light brown, longish
    7) EYE COLOR: Blue with a bit of gray
    8) SKIN TONE: Tan
    11) EXTRA INFO: Maybe tba.
  2. Hey, is this still open?

    1) NAME: Allen Jones
    2) RELATION TO AUDREY: Older brother
    3) AGE: 19
    4) HEIGHT: 5'11"
    5) WEIGHT: He doesn't like talking about his weight.
    6) HAIR COLOR AND LENGTH: He has burgundy hair. At the back, his hair touches the nape of his neck while his fringe is in choppy layers, touching his eyebrows, almost covering his eyes, but he swipes it to the left.
    7) EYE COLOR: Brown
    8) SKIN TONE: Tan
    10) EXTRA PHYSICAL FEATURES: He uses contact lenses when he goes out. When he's at home, he wears a pair of black rimmed glasses.
    11) EXTRA INFO (OPT.): Works part time at a cafe and is also a student who wants to be a writer.
  3. Yeah it's still open. Thanks for joining! I'll start a thread and put it in the modern rp section, in case others wanna join later, though I doubt it. :P

    I'll go ahead and put it up and post the link here.
  4. 1) NAME: Valerie Coleman
    2) RELATION TO AUDREY: Friend of the family/ sees Audrey as her little sister
    3) AGE: 27
    4) HEIGHT: 5'9" (174 cm)
    5) WEIGHT: She never talks about it
    6) HAIR COLOR AND LENGTH: Black hair, reaching past her shoulder.
    7) EYE COLOR: Light green
    8) SKIN TONE: White~tannish
    9) EXTRA FACIAL FEATURES: (I'll post a picture)
    Show Spoiler

    10) EXTRA PHYSICAL FEATURES: She has the scar of a bullet hole on her abdomen, and beside it, she has a tattoo that says "Cheated Death".
    11) EXTRA INFO (OPT.): Valerie is a detective, one of the bests. However, her brash decisions have put her in a lot of trouble, one of them resulting in her almost dying. She has also lost her daughter and her husband in a car accident before meeting Audrey and her family.
  5. Awe! :(

    Now I'm kind of sad lol.

    But you're still accepted! Feel free to post whenever!
  6. 1) NAME: Scott Winsdale
    2) RELATION TO AUDREY: Close friend of Allen's, and a friend of Audrey's
    3) AGE: 18
    4) HEIGHT: 5'11''
    5) WEIGHT: 176 lbs
    6) HAIR COLOR AND LENGTH: Brown, short and wavy with volume
    7) EYE COLOR: Blue
    8) SKIN TONE: Light but not pale
    9) EXTRA FACIAL FEATURES: Has a small permanent scar on his left brow which he received during a mugging and a larger but temporary scar on the bridge of his nose which he recieved in a recent fight
    10) EXTRA PHYSICAL FEATURES: Has a tattoo on his left arm of his mother's name JASMINE
    11) EXTRA INFORMATION: He lives ten minutes away from Audrey and Allen's home, and has known Allen since they were very young. He was raised by his mother Jasmine, and he never knew his father, so he looked up to his uncle Ronnie Winsdale as a role model. When he was 13, his mother and his twin sister Katy were held hostage in their own home and Katy was raped. Jasmine committed suicide only a year later and both he and Katy were raised by Ronnie from thereon. Scott received a scar on his brow when he was 15, after he was mugged by an older boy. Scott and some of his friends took revenge by beating up the older boy a week later, and hospitalised him. Ever since, Scott has taken kickboxing lessons and is now a capable fighter. Scott also enjoyed speaking to Audrey before her ordeal, and considered her as her little sister, although they are not as close as he is with Allen.
    APPEARANCE (open)

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  7. Thanks for your post @Damien Nyr! You're accepted!

    I'll see you in the other forum!
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  8. Amazing, thanks!!
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  9. You're welcome! :)
  10. NAME: Alison Church
    RELATION TO AUDREY: Audrey's next door neighbor
    AGE: 18
    HEIGHT: 5'5"
    WEIGHT (OPT.): 125 lbs
    HAIR COLOR AND LENGTH: Light brown/dirty blonde, it goes slightly past her shoulders
    EYE COLOR: Brown
    SKIN TONE: Pale
    EXTRA FACIAL FEATURES: She wears glasses at times, though is somewhat embarrassed by it
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    EXTRA PHYSICAL FEATURES: Nothing of importance
    EXTRA INFO (OPT.): Although she's Audrey's next door neighbor, Alison has never really reached out to her or her family, mainly because she was too apprehensive. Upon overhearing the recent news about Audrey, Alison has really wanted to reach out and help her neighbors, since she also went through some similar things in her past.
  11. Omg your character is so pretty!

    Oh um.. accepted lol! :)

    P.S. Our characters are the same height! Play buddy lol
  12. Aha, didn't even realize that. Alison's a little short then. :u
    Thank you!
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