Fighting To Remember

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  1. Tora did not remember anything. They said they had found him floating in the middle of a lake, as if he had tried to drown himself or fallen from the sky. He was a strange boy, white hair like snow, long and tied up in a ponytail and looked more like an animal's tail than just bunched up hair. He had red markings inked onto his skin, like tattoos but also not like tattoos. They were permanent, and nobody knew what they were. The people asked him so many questions, where he was from, what his name was, who his family were...Tora could understand them and even speak their language, but he had no answers to tell them. The first word he said was 'tora', nobody knew what it meant, but that was what he was named. Tora. The boy from the lake, Tora.

    He grew up to live a normal life. It had been four years since he had been found in that lake. Now Tora was nineteen, living a normal life and studying in a normal school in Tokyo, a city in a place called Japan. There was something about Japan that made Tora love the place, he always found himself fascinated by cherry blossoms - his friends teased him about it - and loved nature in general. At first, he was an outcast. A strange boy, with strange looks that didn't really fit in with anyone, until a small group of boys befriended him. They accepted the boy from the lake, and they were the happiest of friends, albeit cheeky with each other.

    Anyone would admit Tora was a strange sight. Not everyone had unusual red markings and pure white hair, with black tips that never seemed to fade. No one was sure if his true hair colour was black or white, and he had these eerie yellow eyes, like a cats. Tora was used to being stared at, both by his fellow classmates, teachers and strangers. Even his family had gawked at them during their first year together. Now that his classmates were used to him, Tora was being accepted as a whole.

    Class was almost ending, the teacher had finished his lecture and all the notes were written on the blackboard. Friends were chattering among themselves, about homework and what to do after school or club activities. The white haired boy was diligently writing down the notes in his exercise book, his friends talking to each other around him.

    He felt someone poke him, prompting him to look up. It was a girl, a classmate, with a brown bob haircut and adorable brown eyes. She was wearing the school uniform, a white blouse with a red tie, a black skirt pulled up to her hips. "Yes?" he asked, the boys around him snickering like immature boys would. "You know how people always point out at how you're different? With your hair and your eyes and those red markings?" she leaned in with wide eyes. "I saw someone similar. She had red markings just like you do!" Tora was surprised. Was there someone else just like him somewhere in the world?
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    Hoshiko had been found about a year and a half later then Tora, lying almost lifeless in a forest clearing. The same red marks were burned into her skin and her hair was snow white with a red half-crescent shape permanently marked into the strands. The girl was kept a secret by the poor family that found her, they kept her in the small shack outside their home, feeding her only every few days as they thought she was a bad omen and refused to feed her normally.
    It was only when the girl turned 18, that she finally gained enough strength to escape, running to anywhere. Almost two years later, close to her 20th birthday, Hoshiko had made enough money over the years to buy a small apartment in Tokyo and begin going to school.
    When she started school, though, she didn't get the odd looks she was expecting. It was like people were used to seeing others like this.

    Did that mean there was another one here like her?

    She needed to find out.​
  3. Tora managed to squeeze more information out of the girl. The girl with the red markings went to this school, that was for sure. But which class? She had no idea. Tora frowned, trying to find a single person, no matter how unique they looked, would be the equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack. He would have to get to work quickly. He wondered what kind of person she was, does she remembered anything? Tora knew he had forgotten something, something important. What he once was. Where he came from. Why he ended up in the middle of that lake. Tora had never wanted to see someone so badly. Looking out the window, he tried to scan for the white haired female from among the soccer players, sighing when he spotted nothing. Of course, it wouldn't be that easy.
  4. Footsteps were heard coming up the stairs behind him, when they suddenly stopped. "You..." Hoshiko gasped, almost dropping her books. "Tora..." She seemed to know his name immediately, as if there was something connecting them. "You're the other one...The one like me..." She said to no one in particular, too shocked to really say anything to the other white-haired male. "Did you forget where you cam from too?" Hoshiko blurted out, she hoped he knew, or at least had some sort of idea on how the two could find out where they came from, who they were, and if they were here for a reason...
  5. Tora's sensitive ears heard the sound of footsteps behind him as he walked out of the classroom last, having needed to help the teacher clean up the classroom for not paying attention enough during the lecture. The white haired boy turned around, his face slightly bored, before it changed to a picture of shock. There stood a girl, with white hairs and red markings, imprinted onto her skin and dyed in her hair. She was just like him, but...different. He knew they had some sort of connection, he could see in her eyes. "Hoshiko?" he blurted out before he could process her presence. How did he know that? It was like something inside him had prior knowledge of who this girl was, despite him only having seen her for the first time in this moment. "I-I, who are you?" he stammered, his strange colored eyes widening. Did this girl forget about her past too?
  6. "Who am I?" The question confused her, as she didn't know to be honest. Looking down at the red streaks on her arms, Hoshiko tried her damnedest to remember, but nothing would rise to the surface. "I-I don't know..." The female let out a frustrated sigh. "D-Do you know if there are others?" She looked back up at Tora, cocking her head to the side slightly, hoping and praying to whatever god was out there that he knew of others, though something inside her knew that he probably wouldn't. Hoshiko would believe anything at this point if it lead her to finding out who, or what, she really was...
  7. The boy shook his head, "Probably. I thought I was the only one like this until I heard about you," he pointed out. Tora couldn't remember them, he had tried since the beginning to find out if there were other people like him. The boy had asked around the people who rescued him, but none of them had any information as to what he was. Up until this point, Tora thought he was unique, the only person with white hair and these strange red markings. But as soon as she saw Hoshiko, it was like something clicked in his brain. Like he knew her from long, long ago. "I don't remember anything important..."
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    Hoshiko was about to answer her new-found friend when thunder erupted outside the window. "Odd. The forecast didn't say anything about a thunderstorm..." She brushed past Tora to get to the window, leaning forward to get a better look. The small, almost mouse-like girl said one word before falling to the ground, unconscious.


    In Hoshiko's mind, memories played back fuzzily and the sound was muffled. She tried to remember, She tried so hard, but nothing came to her. But another word played softly in her ears. "Tachigami." She kept saying aloud in her unconscious state.
  9. It was strange how Tora did not even react or flinch at the sudden thunder outside the school, like he was fearless of it. Turning at the sudden flash of light and his new friend rushing past him, he yelled as she collapsed, unconscious. She had uttered a word, a word he had heard over the loud strike of thunder, a word he knew yet did not know at the same time. "Orochi?" he echoed, his face confused as he quickly moved towards her limp body, pulling her into his arms so that he could carry her to the nurse.

    As he moved with her, he looked down at her worryingly, she kept repeating one word. Tachigami. What did it mean? Tora didn't understand her, but something tickled him at the back of his mind. Images of a large, shadowy beast flickered in his memories, a creature as tall as a mountain and had eight heads, each with glowing eyes and covered in blood. Shaking his head, a little clammy with sweat at recalling such a beast, he walked into the nurse's room and settled his friend on the bed, calling for the nurse in charge.
  10. Once Tora had laid her down on the bed, she jerked up to a sitting position. Her forehead was glistening with sweat as she looked at him. "We're in big trouble, Gekigami." Her voice sounded a bit deeper then her usual voice, it sounded older and more wiser. Her eyes reflected an image of stars as Hoshiko looked at him. "T-Tora. I meant Tora." She fixed herself before swinging her legs over to the edge of the bed, about to jump off. "We must get going. We cannot stay here." Hoshiko said a bit quickly, grabbing his wrist to help herself up.
  11. "What?" he blinked confusedly at her as if she was crazy. Did she just call him something else? Yet for some reason it sounded very familiar, like a name he had heard before but not know where. Gekigami? He tried to rack his brains for an answer, but he was quickly used as leverage and pulled out of the room. Tora yelled but hesitantly followed Hoshiko, bolts of thundercracks lashing out from the sky angrily. A strange weather pattern for an otherwise clear and perfect day. "What the hell is going on?" he exclaimed, winding in and out of panicking students.
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