Fighting to kill:The island of Ganape

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  1. I do not see many anthro role plays on here so I figured I would make one myself.

    You awaken on a beautiful island, behind you is a lush forest, in front a beautiful, clear ocean.
    You look around and notice a man walking towards you he seems transparent. He aproaches you and msiles.
    "Hello and welcome to the island of Ganape. you were invited, well brought here to be observed and studied by a gruop of scienintist, because the few of you that are here, have talents unlike any of your kind, and we wish too you persay." The man isn't convinicing
    "Everything you need to survive is provided for you, there are others here, scattered around the island, you just have to fnd them, if you wish too that is. I hope you enjoy your stay, and trusts us, we are here too help you." The man smiles at you and then vanishes in a cloud of blue pixles.


    Welcome to the Island of Ganape, you and many others were brought here to be as the professor said. "studied" You my friend have a specail talent, and yes the Professor seemed nice, but he was only a hologram, he was suppossed to sound nice. You were not Invited, you were forced, so it is okay to be a little pissed off at first that you here. He and a few other scientists are the few humans left on this earth and they all wish to steal your abilities for themselevs and the kill you. Why do they want to do this you ask? and what happened to the rest of the humans?These are all good questions and I will tell you the ansrews. About 2000 years ago,the humans came out with the toxin to put in the air, that changed many of the humans to aniumals, Their soul animal, hence your creation, the humans that were turned did not live very long, but there childen seemed too. Many humans were also impuded to this toxin, and along with thier children, but the falut was that most of the humans, because of this toxin beacame infertile, meaning they could not produce offspring. Many anthro's are like normal animls, with reqular animal traits, others like the ones brought here in this island, gained specail ablilities as well, which is why you were brought here. Everything that you need to survive will be proivieded, like the man said, but unlike the man said, everything you need to kill you will also be provided. There are others on this island and you may join forces with them and create your own clan, or you may choose to be a loner. There will be players dying so I suggest you make more than 1, but no more than 2.

    *No god modding, yes you may be a clan leader, but that dosen't make you the "god" of the role play.
    *No gary or mary sue
    *all Iwaku rules apply

    About the powers/abilities.:
    Yes you were sent here because there is something special about you, but that dose not mean that it can be willy nilly whatever you want it too be, there are limits to your powers.
    -you may not have an ability that permits you to leave the island. You may have the ability to fly, if you have a bird anthro or not, but that dose not mean you can just fly off the island, ther is a procteive sheild so far around the island keeping you there.
    Magic-when it comes to magic, you may have the ability to create things, but not in the snap of a finger, it has too be more wistchcraft like
    Your ability may be something as simple as super strengthen, whatever you wish it too be, just follow the limits.
    If I see someone breaking the rules, I will warn you, if it does not stop, I will kill off both of your charecters.

    About the Clans:
    -You may choose to be a clan leader, you may not get accpeted as one, but you may try, I will message you about the specifcs or your clan, but those that join your clan must be aware if these as well, wether it be you telling them when they join or me telling them when they apply.
    -I only want there too be at least 3-4 clans depending on how many people sig up.
    -clan leaders, must be sure to keep your members alive, and must be willing to risk your life, if the time calls, for your clan members
    -members, you must pull your weight, none of that, "He keeps to himself and is only in the clan to survive." Stuff.
    -Clans will be listed, when they are created, so that you know which ones are availible
    -You will be notified if you do end up being a clan leader, clans will be secrete from eachother, meaning, One clans, rules and what they do, will not be known by all the other clans, unless two clans join forces, which is allowed.

    Players will die
    There will be death, tragdey, blood, gore, and sexual themes.
    Sexual themes-I understand that this island is going to filled with a ton of 16-30 year old animals, shit is gonns happen, I just don't want it too happen until the role play has some what began, so like the first 4 days in the role play, no sex!! If there is sex, however, fade to black on the forum and if you wish to take it further, please do so in a spolier or through Pm's.
    Charecter sheet:

    Check one: (put an x in one of the boxes.
    [] Clan leader
    []Clan member
    Age(between 16-30)
    Appreance: (picture may be used, but have at leats a little paragraph describing heinght and any scars, or any othe things about your appreacnce.)
    Fears: (Scientists will use this agianst you)
    Last memory before coming too the island:

    (if you have any questions feel free to ask XD)

    Lanarow>>Leader> Lutherian

  2. Name: Lutherian Menarow

    Race: wolf
    Clan: Lanarow clan
    Check one:
    [X] Clan leader
    []Clan member

    Age: 28
    Lutherian has a scar over his left eye and across his chest. he is "6'6 and very strong. His markings have been there since he was born, he has both his ears pierced in the same spot and a necklace on, the gen stone is that of his fathers.

    History: Lutherian grew up too be strong, he was forced to be strong, to be a leader. His father was a leader and so was he, in school and in his life, no matter where he went he was a leader. When he was born his mother became ill, he was her first and his last, she died at a very young age and his father turned cold, he was mean to Lutherian, but this did not give him "daddy issues" his friends fathers were the same way, as strict as a solider. so Lutherian thought it normal. When Lutherian turned 18 he joined the war against The remaining humans that were trying to kill of the anthro race. sure they won, but the battle was not easy, his father fought with him, and died, of old age. Lutherian has a hatred for humans, he blames then for everything. Lutherian grew up in his own from then on. Fighting when ever he could, killing when ever he could.

    Personality: Lutherian is ruthless, and mean, he is not liked by many, and doesn't care. He is never chosen as a leader but more like takes it by force. Lutherian loves a good fight and can never say no, even if he knws he will lose, which rarely ever happens.
    Abilities: Super strong and good with a gun
    Fears: any one who stands against him
    Strengths: he is very strong and fast. can take command and command other, strokes fear in most
    Last memory before coming too the island: "I don't care if you hate me!"
    "Why Luthy, why don'y you care anymore, you used to be so loving back in school."
    "Yes, well things changed, didn't they."
    "Come back too bed Luthy I can make you feel better."
    "No retched woman i will not succumb too your seductive ways."
    Lutherian left storming out of the house into the dark street. Not having a destination, and not having a thought too himself.

    Name: Minda
    Race: Bunny
    Clan: None
    Check one:
    [] Clan leader
    []Clan member
    Age: 19
    Minda is '4'2 and very thin, she has a tattoo of a four leaf clover on her pelvis and belly and a burn on the back o her right thigh.

    History: Minda was not born but created, her dad was a scientist and never loved her, he created her as an experiment he wanted too see if he could clone his wife, from back when she was a teen, everything went right, except for the personality, Minda had always been her own person, she was never like her mother, when she turned 15, she changed her appearance so that she wouldn't even look like her mother, she always hated that her parents wanted her too look like her mother, to be like her mother. Minda ran away when she turned 16 and joined a group of well...not the best people, she was always having sex, and doing drugs. when she was 17 she was running through the woods, when a man began to chase after her with a knife, he was high. Minda feared for her life that she was going to die, but something saved her, she hid behind a tree, and she seemed to blend in with it, she changed into he tree. Minda got away safely, but kept trying to become other things, she became a flower,more plant things than anything. Minda was proud of herself really. she was nothing like her family. Minda went through her life happy with herself, always hiding when she din't want too be seen, or too get out of trouble.

    Personality:Seductive, she is always trying too get her way, she never listen to others, and never follows others. she comes off shy, but is the opposite.

    Abilities: blend in with or shape shift into her surroundings

    Fears: Fire, the dark.

    Strengths: hiding, climbing

    Last memory before coming too the island: "Get her!" Minda ran through the alleys, she had to find some type of meadow or forest.
    "She went down the alley!" Minda spotted a small garden at the end of the alley, she ran for it and dived, turning into a small fruit bush that was in the garden. The police walked by her and looking around and shining their flashlights on the bush, they didn't know it was her. Minda exhaled, loudly and the police heard, she was able to shape shift but not able to get ride of her sound. The police looked around the bush they found her no where, she must be over in the next yard. Minda exhaled again as they left and walked out of the alley and into the street, only a lamp lite it, she began to walk back to where she called home, a small apartment that had been abandon.
  3. Name: Nahkviin (knock-veen)
    Race: Cheetah
    Check one:
    [] Clan leader
    []Clan member
    [X] loner
    Age: 19
    (Click to enlarge)
    Nahkviin is about 5'8 and lanky. Her metabolism is unnaturally high, which makes her appear very skinny, even to the point of being anorexic. She has a Chinese dragon tattoo on the inside of her right thigh and three identical claw-shaped scars across her entire face.
    History: Nahkviin was created by a group of elite scientists seeking to create a humanoid creature equipped with the traits to make her more successful than any creature ever known in any terrain. They gave her the DNA of a cheetah for strength, speed, precision, and overall keenness of the senses. Before they could add more DNA to her, an intern mistakenly took her test tube and gave it to the scientists that created life. She was given to one of them, a cold, unforgiving man, and raised by him. He sent her to strict academies all her life, but she always got into trouble. Her originality, creativity, and defiance eventually got her kicked out of school. Seeking freedom, Nahkviin ran away from home.
    Personality: Friendly, caring, adventurous, and upbeat, Nahkviin loves to have fun. She can be a follower or a leader. At first, she is shy, but she tends to open up. When upset or angry, she goes into a wrath until calmed down.
    Abilities: Exceptional mimicry skills; she can mimic any sound almost perfectly. | Extremely athletic and versatile, she is capable of handling any terrain, like a true cheetah.
    Fears: Being completely alone (with nobody around in a large radius), noises in the dark, advanced darkness, not knowing.
    Strengths: Any athletic activity, writing, drawing
    Last memory before coming too the island:
    "Nahkviin! Come back here, young lady! I will not tolerate this act of defiance!" Nahkviin's father bellowed. The windows trembled in their panes.
    "Fuck off, dad. Or should I say creator? You never loved me. You never spent time with me. You don't even know my birthday. Just piss off and get out of my life." Nahkviin entered the room in a rage, dressed in a black tube top and denim short shorts. Her tail was thrashing in anger. A duffle bag was slung over her shoulder. The girl stormed out of the house, slamming the door behind her. "Welcome to your new life, Nah-nah." She snarled to herself, using her self-administered nickname.