Fighting the Losing Battle

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    Alex flicked her head to get her hair out of her eyes and glanced around the trees. She was fairly deep in the forest by now but she did not care. She could walk the hidden path to the Resistance with her eyes closed by now. She then reached the spot and lifted the vines that covered the hidden clearing in which stood a large building. This was the main building for the Resistance for the area. She walked up to the door and shoved it open, not caring about the procedures of the 'special knock' or whatever. If the humans were there then a stupid knock wouldn't stop them. She instead glared at anyone that tried to scold her about the procedure and rules. That shut them up, well most of them but she ignored the others and just walked past them, she had a mission to do.


    Evelyn silently creeped into the kitchen, licking her lips. She checked around to see if anyone would see her then climbed on top of the table to reach the food that was higher up on the shelves. She was hungry but she wasn't allowed to eat until a meal time so she had to be quiet and stealthy about it.
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  2. Resting in a lavish chair inside his carriage, Cyrus Ryan waits patiently across the street of the abode of a semi-successful dwarven smithy. He had gotten reports from several building inspectors under his finger that the workshop contained no end of expensive minerals and crafts. Cyrus Ryan wanted these minerals and crafts. His plan was simple. There was currently a small outbreak of a deadly disease in the area, and all who were found with infected items were to have their land torched for the safety of everyone else. His plan was to use a street urchin paid a small fortune to climb to the chimney and drop a sack of infected flesh down into the furnace. The dwarves usually worked at this hour, and the furnace would be blazing and open. The sack would quickly catch fire when it hits the furnace, and the scent of infected and burnt flesh would soon fill the entire workshop. He checked the time. His urchin was supposed to have been on the roof a minute ago. He checked again, a slight doubt wriggling into the back of his mind. He had blackmailed one of the neighbors call the local police on account of a "horrible odor" resonating from the smithy. Of course, there had been no odor, he had to get the sack to burn only minutes before they arrived for maximum effect. Suddenly, he spotted the boy out of the corner of his eye, hobbling to the chimney on an unsteady knee. Cyrus Ryan was sure the boy's leg had been fine a half an hour ago, he must have hurt it climbing up and that was what delayed him. Cyrus Ryan sighed, knowing that he couldn't have done better himself. The boy heaves the sack over his head and tosses it into the Chimney, overbalancing and tumbling off the rooftop in the process, and breaking his neck on the concrete several floors below.

    Cyrus Ryan flinched at the boy's fate, he would have to arrange for a proper burial for the poor boy with the funds he had promised. With time against him, Cyrus Ryan knew that he had to dispose of the body before the guards arrived, only moments away. He sent his trusted bodyguard, Flambeau, out to collect the boy. Flambeau rushed out, picked up the boy, and rushed back with his hand over his nose. Flambeau rejoined Cyrus Ryan, sitting next to him in the carriage with the dead urchin on his shoulder. Cyrus Ryan flinched, then held his nose as well- the boy had gotten the stink on him. Cyrus Ryan looked back out the window just in time to see the guards walking up, their faces suddenly convulsed in revulsion. With elbows over their noses the guards knocked on the smithy door, and two dwarves looking palored and sick answered. They both muttered illegibly, the dwarves with an air of anger about them. Soon, the guards shoved their way in. Cyrus Ryan relaxed into his chair, pleased with his success. After the dwarves were evicted, he would call in some favors and gain the contract to clear out the house before destroying it, as per usual. After he had dealt out all the spoils, he would be able to keep 70% of the gain. Not as much as he usually garners, but more than optimal, considering the good reputation the dwarves had retained. Flambeau clasps a hand over Cyrus Ryan's shoulder, the bulky bodyguard congratulating him on his well-planned victory. The dead urchin over Flambeau's shoulder somewhat sobered Cyrus Ryan, and he quietly watched the doomed smithy for the next hour.
  3. Miri grinned from the light above and behind the young cat girl. Wicked look crossed all over her face as her wings fluttered some. She had been hiding out in the kitchen light fixtures forever ,more liek half an hour, for someone to walk in and trip at least one of her three traps. She refrained from the cackle that was trying to escape her tiny lips. The one set on the fridge would be the best. When the fridge opened, a mechanism would be released and a pie would fly at whoever's face. It also might get her in a bit of trouble.... It'll be so worth it.. The little pale haired fairy though to herself as her wings again twitched in anticipation.
  4. Evelyn stood on her tip toes on the table as she tried to see if there was anything she wanted. Seeing nothing, she sighed and easily jumped down from the table then padded over to the fridge to search there too. She pulled a chair along with her so she could see on the higher shelves then climbed onto it and opened the door. Her eyes widened when she saw the pie and the mechanism to throw it but it was too late to move and she was immediately hit with the pie. The force of it made her stumble back and, because she was on the chair, she fell off and landed on the ground, tears welling in her eyes and pie all over her. She sniffled and tried to wipe away the pie from her face as tears fell down her cheeks.
  5. ((Kinda confused... why do they have a fridge? O.o I guess it could be like a big icebox...))

    Ragnar's black tail swished back and forth slowly while he sat beside a fireplace on a simple wooden stool. His chin was propped up onto his hand that's arm was supported against his knee, while his green eyes stared pensively into the weak flames. Black shaggy hair fell down in front of his face and to the sides, contrasting greatly against his pale skin.

    Ragnar thought of the dragons he had seen slaughtered at the sanctuary. It made him angry, and also disturbed him. Humans seemed so weak to him and he didn't quite understand how they had managed to murder so many of his people. They reminded him of vermin. Just one couldn't do much, but as a group they could do a lot of damage to an area, and they made a huge disgusting mess as well. Actually, he liked vermin more. They at least tasted good.

    Ragnar was soon startled and broken from his thoughts though when Alex shoved through the door without knocking. His tail ended up lashing out and knocking over some pokers and smoke drifted from his nostrils as his body prepared a flame. Seeing that it was only a member of the resistance though he eased up slightly. However, he did growl when she passed by, "There are procedures in place here for a reason..." while glaring at her angrily. She simply ignored him though, which made him even more angry. He continued to glare back at her as she walked away.

    Ragnar turned and spat a small flame into the fireplace then went to pick up the pokers he had knocked over. He hated having to stay with all of these disgusting and immature people. He would have to endure it though. A long sigh escaped him as he thought of it, a small bit of smoke and a few sparks drifting out from his mouth as he did.
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    Miri's giggles finally escaped as the pie went flying. The little winged figure leaped from her place hiding in the light and zipped down to the little cat girl, landing on her knee. She looked up at the child and gave her a big smile, that fell when she finally noticed Evelyn crying. She didn't want to make the little girl cry, she just wanted to have fun. The fairy tutted lightly.

    "Don't worry, it'll come off with a little water." She chirped before she looked around the kitchen, trying to decide how best to get water to the crying girl. Her wings fluttered lightly, sparkling fairy dust flittering off of the appendages. The fairy glanced over at the cat girl from lavender colored eyes. "Did you get hurt when you fell off of the chair?" She asked.
  7. {Yeah, I'm kind of just used to going with it for these so I didn't say anything, oops… I'm also not all that good at what is and isn't in time periods but everyone just try your best! Sorry}

    Alex charged up the stairs to the large office down the hall. She slammed open the door stormed to the large desk, behind which sat Oliver, the head of this branch of the resistance. He raised his eyebrows at her barging into his office and asked, annoying laced in his voice, "What do you want Alex?" Alex glared at him and crossed her arms, "I want to know when the nest attack is! Haven't you heard the news? That idiot Cyrus or whatever that filthy human's name is just cleared out another neighborhood of elves! We have to stop this man!" She shouted. Oliver sighed and closed his eyes for a moment then opened them tiredly, "Fine, I'll gather a group together and guess what? You get to lead them, Alex, thank you for volunteering."

    Her mouth opened in shock, her? Lead a group? That was a bad idea and he knew it. "Are you a fool? I can't lead a group of bloodthirsty rebels! You know that no one trusts me! It's be chaos." She said stubbornly. He simply smiled a little, "I'm sure you can keep them in control, and if not, just elect a different leader." Oliver said waving his hand to dismiss her as he went back to looking over the papers on the table. Alex would have fought more if she knew it wasn't useless but once Oliver said something, it was pretty much final. She sighed, "…All right but if this comes back against us, I am not to blame. Call in the group."


    Evelyn bit her lip and wiped at her tears quickly, trying to act like she wasn't crying. "I'm fine." She said but her tears betrayed her words, she was shaking her head frantically to convince the fairy that she hadn't been crying over just falling off of a chair. She was a big girl and crying wasn't good. She then scrambled to her feet, fixing her dress as she stood. She looked down at herself sadly, she had gotten some of the pie on one of her favorite dresses… She shook her head and looked around at the mess she made, "I need to clean this up… Oliver is going to be angry if I make another mess in here…" She said, it was unclear whether she was saying it to herself or to Miri. Evelyn started pushing the chair she had stood on back to where she found it.
  8. The fairy flitted around the little neko's head in concern before she stopped and fluttered near Evellyn's shoulder. The fairy made a face as she made up her mind.
    "I'll go draw some water." She said, intending to help the little neko clean the mess up, it was mainly ehr fault anyways. She flitted from the kitchen and zipped over Ragnar's head towards the slightly open window. She turned to fly backwards adn gave the dragon a cheery smile. "Pardon me!" She chirped even as she snickered, seeing the fairy dust now littering the dragons dark hair. She ducked through the window quickly. After landing on the lip of the well, she put her hands on her hips and leaned over it some. She glanced over at the bucket as a pout decorated her face. She'd have to get big for this. She leaped off the lip of the well and a dusty cloud of purple sparkles seemed to encase her body before the size of the cloud grew large enough to encase an elven being. The sparkles faded off and a now wingless, larger version of Miri took up the bucket and began to lower it into the depths of the well. She dug her toes into the grass as she did so.
  9. There was a loud crash from one of the rooms followed by the door flying open. "Who turned on the heat in my room?" Shouted a very angry Yuki-Onna with a flurry of snow spilling from the doorway. "My beautiful ice sculpture is ruined!" Alantriel yelled. When she got angry Alantriel was inconsolable, especially when one of her art pieces was ruined. "I want to know who did it or everyone here will regret it." Alantriel said with her hand on hip. "I will freeze everything in this place."

    Alantriel made ice sculptures as a way to earn some extra cash for the resistance. While using her human disguise no one thought any different about her sculptures and often paid top dollar for her intricate pieces of work. Her manipulation of the ice element made shaping the ice easy and often times she would spend only a few hours on a piece that would have taken a human weeks. This sculpture, however, had taken Alantriel two days as she sculpted the intricate patterns for the upcoming wedding of two well known aristocrats.
  10. ((I'm not sure who's going to join in a bit or not so I'll just call everyone I guess…))

    Alex stood in the middle of the office as Oliver left and called out down the stairs, his voice seeming to boom all throughout the building, making sure everyone could hear him, "I need Miri, Alantriel, Ragnar, Evelyn, Jouc, Korvan and Time in my office immediately." With that he turned on his heel and went back into his office to wait with Alex for the group to arrive.


    Evelyn nodded her head in acknowledgement to what the fairy had said and bit her lip as she tried to clean up the mess as quickly as she could. She then jumped at th sudden sound of Alantriel's shouts and her eyes widened, she couldn't quite remember doing anything like that but knowing her, she knew that she most likely did leave some sort of heat source by Alantriel's room which made it hotter in there. Before she could take the blame for this, she was cut off by Oliver's shouts. She scrambled to her feet and did a couple more last minute cleaning things before she ran up the stairs to his office wondering what he could want with all of them. She peeked her head in shyly, "Yes?" Oliver waved her in and she walked over and sat in one of the chairs that sat in the room as the others came.
  11. A young human, barely over eighteen, wearing tattered clothes and a defeated expression, falters at the front entrance of the resistance building. He was short in stature, and almost completely skin and bones. Fate had aligned his decision to come here- as a close friend and money changing hands had sent him to this fate. He rests on the door, knocks twice, then slumps down- leaving a trail of soot and grime on the door all the way to the floor.
    "H-hello? Sanctuary? S-Sanctuary? I... I still have... Money."
  12. Jouc raised his head as he heard his name being called, with a frustrated sigh he started to walk to Oliver's office. All he wanted was some time alone, without anyone trying to get him to speak or give him something to worry about... but he didn't join the resistance for nothing. As he rounded the corner and stepped inside he noticed Evelyn was already sitting in a chair and assumed that meant they would be having a meeting. Instead of sitting front and center like most people normally would do he chose to lean against the back wall and listen from afar. This way he would at least have a chance not to speech.
  13. Alex had heard the man who was at the door yet no one else in the house had seemed to. She looked around expectantly, "Did no one else hear the guy at the door?" She glanced around the room then sighed and rolled her eyes, "If no one else is going to answer it I will then." She said in annoyance but secretly just wanted an excuse to ditch at least some of this meeting. Oliver opened his mouth to stop her but she sent him a look that clearly meant that he could handle the beginning of the meeting without her, that stopped his words. He figured he'd give her that and maybe she wouldn't be in as bad of a mood. She walked out of the office and down to the front door, completely ignoring the guard who had now just given up on trying to lecture her on procedures and opened the door to the man with her hand on her hip and a bored expression on her face, "Who are you and what do you want?" She asked.


    Evelyn glanced up when someone else entered and, seeing that it was the man who never really talked much, she bit her lip and looked down at her hands on her lap nervously.
  14. The only answer that Ragnar gave to Miri was a short grunt and an unblinking stare, looking to be slightly irritated, but he often looked that way anyways. While she went to get water he brought his fingers through his dark hair to try and get rid of the fairy dust, but all it ended up doing was distributing it more thoroughly through his hair. A long sigh escaped his lips as he rolled his eyes. Since that obviously didn't work he tried vigorously shaking his head. This did get rid of a lot of the fairy dust, but a few bits still remained in his hair.

    Ragnar was once again startled when Alantriel burst through one of the nearby doors, shouting as to find the culprit that had destroyed her ice sculpture. Ragnar simply shrugged, as he had no idea. Soon after, there was a soft knocking on the entrance door, which he considered opening, but then he heard his name being called by Oliver. Somebody nearby could let them in. Checking the door wasn't his job anyways. He got up from his seat and started to ascend the stairs towards Oliver's office, noticing a few others going in ahead of him.

    Ragnar seated himself in the chair furthest forward and leaned back comfortably, giving off an air of confidence as his bright green eyes scanned the room slowly, making eye-contact at least once with each individual that was present.

    "So, for what reason have you gathered us here?" questioned Ragnar in a deep, powerful voice. He didn't seem to think it was awfully important. It couldn't possibly be for a mission. He felt a few of the people that had been called would be unfit to participate in any sort of mission requiring someone of his caliber.
  15. Not to far from Oliver's office, Oliver's voice reached outside. A stranger with long bright blue hair, deep red eyes looked towards the building where the voice came from and just shrugged his shoulders then looks down at the leaflets in his hands. He thought he better re read it again to make sure everything in order before he started posting them everywhere nearby.


    "You think wrestling dragons is to much?" Scrubz said aloud while scrathing his head
    there was a pause..........
    Cross with himself "Yea I know I did it once but its not like I won"
    A smile went across his lips "Yea true I still completed my job"
    After a lently pause and scratching his head "you know what?..... screw it I can't be bothered to change it now. I'm putting it on the walls"
    As Scrubz was putting the first leaflet up he mumbles once again "I know it looks like I'm talking to myself but what do you want me to do ignore you"
  16. The boy fell on his back, relief flooding into his face. He opened his eyes, staring up at her pleadingly.
    He pants.
    "Ma'm, I need a place to hide from s-some very powerful humans. I heard about here... And wondered if I could join you for the time being. I..."

    He raises a sack of coins.
    "I have cash..."
  17. Mirri was walking back towards the building. Rounding the corner she saw Alex talkign to a stranger. Her head tilted curiously, normally she'd stop and find a place to spy on the gong ons to appease her curiosity. But right now she had to get water to the kitchen. She stepped around the man on the ground and gave Alex a bright smile that she knew woudn't be returned. "Hiya Alex." She chirped before she slipped between the girl and the door frame and back in. She watched Ragnar disappear up the stairs towards the offices and she blinked again before she crossed to the kitchen and set the bucket of water on the table top. As soon as the bucket left her fingers, sparkles encased her once again and she shrunk back to her small flitttering form before she darted up the stairs to see what was going on in Olivers office. When she saw the group there, she went and perched on the back of a chair, deciding that if no one wanted her there they'd speak up and she'd jsut relocate to the tree branch outside the window.
  18. Evelyn looked over to see who the next person to enter was and noticed that there was something a little… off about his features. She tilted her head to the side curiously as she tried to figure it out but was unable to until the light had hit his hair in such a way that she was able to see the sparkles that were nestled on his head. She giggled at the sight, Ragnar always was such a serious person it seemed and to see him with fairy dust on him was very funny to the young girl.


    Alex rolled her eyes at Miri as she passed, she figured that just doing that was better than her original reaction of glaring… She then looked back at the man, unsure if she should allow him in or not. She debated in her head for a moment before sighing and moved from the doorway so he could come in. "Fine, come in. I'll need to talk to Oliver about you though…" She told him, her voice still sounding annoyed. She turned her head to the stairs, "Oliver! It's a new guy, says he needs help from humans!" She called up as she started walking up to the office, leaving the man to follow behind her. She may have had enough heart to let him in but that didn't mean she would be nice to him. She wasn't nice to anyone. Right before they were going to enter the office she turned back to him curiously, "Wait, who told you about us?" Only a select number of trusted people knew about the resistance in the area, let alone where they were.


    Oliver sighed and rubbed his temples tiredly once Alex left and only glanced up when Jouc and Ragnar entered, nodding a greeting to each. He fully looked up when Ragnar asked about the purpose of their meeting. "I would rather wait until everyone gets here so I will not need to repeat myself." He looked toward the door impatiently when Alex then yelled up to him. He didn't need to reply because he knew that she was just going to bring this new man up to the office anyway.
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  19. He cheek twitches.
    "Uhm, Erin. The barkeep over the slums? Tall... Elf-y?"
    He runs a hand through his hair, eyes darting back and forward.
    "I know him because of some... D-dealings. Personal dealings. He says 'Hello'."
  20. Alex's eyes narrowed at his response and she tilted her head, studying his face carefully. "Oh really? A-" She was about to continue questioning him is Oliver didn't interrupt her before she could. "Alex? Come on and let me meet this man. I still ahem to talk to your group too." He reminded her, getting impatient with her taking so long then stopping to chat with him.
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