Fighting the Losing Battle

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  1. Set it medieval times, this is a world where every race of angels, demons, vampires, werewolves, humans and any other race you can think of, know of each other's existence and, of course, one race seeks to rule over them all.
    But this isn't like what you normally see of one of the magical races seeking to enslave the humans and all others, no, it's actually the opposite. The Humans are the ones that are fighting to control everyone elseā€¦ and they're winning.
    They have no supernatural abilities unless they're a half-breed with a magical race (but then they aren't considered human anymore now are they?) which should make them weaker, right? No, because they don't need magic to be powerful, instead, they're just heartless.
    Since the beginning humans have been heartless to other races and this makes them not care who they kill, young or old, man or woman, everyone can and is killed if they get in the humans' way.
    Most have simply succumbed to their power while others have sought to fight back but they're fighting the losing battle. The humans will win and no one can stop them. At least that's what everyone says. But not you. You've seen too many of your people die at the hands of the humans to not fight back. You joined the revolt which is shrinking by the day but you don't care.
    You will continue to fight until you see justice or death. But you still nee to be careful, make a wrong move and you're dead, which makes yourself of no use to the resistance. So be wise, strong, powerful and remember what you're fighting for: justice.
    Or you could be a human. Humans are heartless and cruel, they believe themselves to be the dominant race and thus seek to assert this authority over all the others. Now some fools think that they can go up against you and they're idiots to do so. You've already conquered just about every race there is so what's the point in their fighting?
    Character skeleton:
    Power: (you can't be super powerful, you need to be defeated somehow and humans cannot have one)
    Brief history:
    Appearance: (picture preferred but description fine)
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  2. I'd be interested in joining. However, what sort of time period those this take place in/era? I'd just like to know before I start making a character.
  3. Name: Korvan Powers
    Gender: Male
    Race: Werewolf/Vampire Hybrid
    Power: (kind of self explanatory)
    Personality: Very sweet, and can be a ladies man at times, but he also has a very short temper, and he'll sometimes go through short stages of depression.
    Brief history: Korvan used to be in a human family of killers. They were expert hunters and by the age of 16 Korvan was the youngest certified hunter to ever live, until one night he went out alone to hunt. He was cornered by two of the dominant creatures, the vampires and the werewolves. He managed to at least stall the vampire, but the werewolf bit him once it got the chance. The werewolf ran away, and Korvan tried to kill the vampire while it seemed to be unconscious, before he got a chance he found himself bitten by the vampire. He knew either two things could happen, he would die, or become and vampire/werewolf hybrid. He obviously was still standing, so he knew his fate. He stayed away from home, for he knew he wouldn't be accepted back into society...maybe even killed by them, since then he has been in hiding, still fighting, but he refuses to be seen by any human. He was a historical figure now, and if they saw him as something that they all hated he would be erased from existence in more than one way.
    Other: Skin turns a dark blue or black when he turns, and will fight with two swords and a sawed off shot-gun when in human form.
    ((Sorry about the horrible writing. Lol I was kind of rushed))
  4. Yay! I'm so happy people are already showing interest! :)
    Dream Spirit- I was picturing this rp to be in more of medieval times, that seems like a good time era for this
    Beast Boy- character looks good! and that's an interesting bio, very nice the only thing is that you need either a picture of him or a description of what he looks like. You kind of described his wolf form but what about human form?
  5. If it's okay, may I play?​

    Name: Miri

    Age: old, yet young.
    Gender: female
    Race: Fairy
    Power: Shifts from her small fairy form, to her elf form. She's a Beast Tamer, normally she can get anything best to listen to her, rarely will they actually attack her. . While she's in her tiny form, she can act like a magic magnifier for those around her, she herself, doesn't feel the effect of the magnification.
    Personality: Playful and always up to something if given half a chance. However, she is kind and loyal, with a touch of stubbornness.
    Brief history: Miri has been flitting around from place to place avoiding those who would hunt her down and put her in a jar for their own merit. She heard about the resistance and she want's to help out in any way she can.
    Appearance: The image is Mirir's little fairy form, the one she prefers to stay in. Her hands and feet are very humanesque, maybe longer and thinner, but they shift over to the claw like appendages in the above picture at her will. When she grows into a normal sized being, her wings become tattoo's on her back, her hair darkens and her skin pales some. Her ears stay pointed and her eyes stay the same in both forms. She wears a thin, short and fluttery summer dress normally.
  6. going to joim tomorrow ol love -.^

    Edit: can i be time in a way i will make my charater tommorow and you will see what i mean
  7. Silver- of course you can join! Nice character
  8. Name: No one really knows, she goes by Alex
    Age: 18
    Gender: female
    Race: demon
    Power: fire manipulation
    Personality: cold to just about everyone, doesn't get attached to just about anything so don't expect to befriend her quickly, sarcastic and can be violent when angered, short temper, has almost a complete lack of respect for authority
    Brief history: Back when the war between humans and magicals was beginning, not many humans were that bad and some still lived in harmony but one once new of the other humans' plans to take over spread, all the humans were hated and the magicals sought to kill them before the humans could attack them. At least this was what her family believed and they were nobles in the demon community. Alex never really believed in this but didn't go against her family, there was no point to. Until she fell in love with a human. She loved him with all her heart and he also loved her. She never told anyone because she knew what they would think and do so he would just sneak into her room so they could talk and be together. Then one day he acted suspicious but she didn't think much of it, they were in love so what did she have to worry about? As it turned out, he had called in some others and told the humans how to get into the demon community she lived in. The humans came and killed them all, she surviving because she had gone out of town as per her boyfriend's advice. She knew it was him who called the humans because she heard some of them talking. After this, her heart went cold and she swore vengeance on the humans.
    Other: Not many people trust her because of her personality and the fact that no one knows much about her, not even her real name

    Name: Evelyn Lile
    Age: 7
    Gender: female
    Race: were-cat
    Power: earth manipulation, can turn into a cat
    Personality: shy, sweet, innocent, tough but doesn't look it, optimistic, she has a knack for getting into trouble, she'll still take the blame whether she did something or not (but most of the time she did do it accidentally), extremely curious, naive, innocent
    Brief history: She and her family were taken prisoners by the humans after they ransacked her town. They were all being held until they would be sold as slaves to other humans when she escaped. She doesn't remember much of the escape because it was dark and it most consisted of her family getting her out. Only three of her family managed to actually escape without capture or death, her mother, one of her older brothers and youngest older sister. Their mother died a week later which sent the brother on an emotional downfall until he got caught and taken, leaving Evelyn and her sister. They lived fairly peacefully in hiding until her sister began to get paranoid and felt like they were always followed. One day her sister took her to base of the revolt, telling her she'd be right back and to tell the leader her story to pass the time. Her sister hasn't come back since but Evelyn still believes she will, even though it's been a year. Since that day she was trained in the resistance and, due to training and her natural fast learning, she is an excellent fighter though no one would think it by her looks and personality. She is determined to help fight against the humans because of what they've done to her and her family.
    Appearance: her genes are predominantly cat-like which gives her cat ears and tail and she's always barefoot she also always carries around a small bag that she doesn't really let people look in

    Cat form:

    Name: Oliver Tempen (deceased)
    Age: 35
    Gender: male
    Race: warlock
    Power: telekinesis
    Personality: natural leader, logical, thoughtful, kind, can seem to have little patience (but if you knew all the things he had to put up with every day with leading the rebels you would understand)
    Brief history: He joined the resistance in his 20s and met his wife in it. Together they started this branch of the resistance and he's led it ever since even with his beloved wife's death 5 years ago. He just died.
    Other: he just died
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  9. Name: Ragnar

    Age: 290

    Gender: Male

    Race:Dragon (His species is often called Deathwing or Skullfaced dragon)

    Power: Has the ability shift into a humanoid form. Since he is a dragon he can breathe fire and is also able to speak any language.

    Personality:Tends to be difficult to get along with. He is very opinionated and stubborn, making it near impossible to persuade or reason with if he feels against something. He can also be a bit arrogant, since he considers dragons to be one of the greatest beings in all of existence. However, he does hold some respect for some older races/beings, but he has little patience for those that are young. Due to being a dragon he also tends to be a little bit greedy and loves to hoard wealth.

    Brief history: Ragnar's childhood was fairly short-lived. Dragons for the most part are quite independent and Ragnar was no different. He left the nest quite early at the age of 13 (his species matures more quickly than humans so he was basically a young adult). He ended up finding himself a nice lair in the mountains where he stored any treasures that he came across.
    He eventually got bored just staying in the mountains so he left to explore the rest of the world. There were many sights to see and he learned a lot. When he neared the age of 200 though, he started to tire and went to stay in the mountains again and mostly slept for many years. However, his slumber was soon disturbed by humans searching for treasure. He defeated them easily, but soon more came. He had to leave, so he took his most prized treasures and went to find his clan. What he found was unnerving.
    Many dragons had been slain; it was the humans' fault. One of the survivors told him what had been happening in the world while he had been having his overly long nap. They told him to join the others in the rebellion against the humans. If it hadn't had been another dragon that had asked him too, he might not have joined them. Well, perhaps he would have for the sake of his people.

    Appearance:(will put pictures up later)
    Dragon: In his natural form as a dragon, his body is covered in black scales, and his wings black as well, while his belly white. His head looks to be wearing a white mask of bone, but it is just a natural part of his body, with two long horns protruding from the top, and in the eye sockets vivid green, snake-like eyes peer out. On the top of his head and going down to the base of his wings he has a mane of black hair, which is fireproof of course, and really quite durable. His feet/hands are scaled and black like the most of his body, and his claws, long, black, and quite sharp. Lastly, at the tip of his long, lithe tail is an extremely pointy and sharp, spear-like end.

    Humanoid: In his human-like form he still strongly resembles a dragon. His eye's remain the same and on his back, the sides of his face, and back of his neck some black scales can still be seen. They contrast a lot with his extremely pale, nearly white skin. Shaggy black hair reaches to his mid-back and often falls into his face. And as for his face, it is quite angular, with a strong chin and jawline. His nails also remain black, but are a bit shorter, yet still quite sharp. In this form he also often retains his tail and wings, but he can choose to hide them if necessary.

    Show Spoiler

    Other: He loves giving history lessons on his race and bragging about their accomplishments. Another thing, he doesn't like most people that were originally human but then changed into one of the other races (ex. werewolf, vampire, etc.) He pretty much considers them to be the same as the rest of the humans.
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  10. ((No humans yet? Shame, I don't want to be the only one in the evil club limelight.))

    Name: Cyrus Ryan
    Age: 82
    Gender: Male
    Race: Filthy Human
    Power: The power of speech.
    Personality: A cold idealist, bred to despise all non-humanoids and dead-set in his belief that his cause is just.
    Brief Bio:
    Cyrus Ryan was born a businessman, plain and simple. Early in his life, he swindled men, women, and everything in-between out of their hard-earned cash. During his teen years, he committed frauds by the dozens. From then on, he engaged in numerous plots, schemes, and tricks to garner himself a small fortune. Soon, he swindled his way into an office of power. From this lofty position, Cyrus has settled into the comfortable job of forging false evidence to get any non-human with worthwhile land evicted from his or her property, then moving in and seizing whatever he found inside their abode of value before burning it to the ground to make room for his expansion scheme. Soon, he had enough cash to hire his own personal guard detail, and he holds a letter of pardon swindled from blackmailing a man high in power on his person at all times. With this, he believes he is practically untouchable politically, and has a firm belief in the strength of his guards. Nevertheless, he has tirelessly trained himself to be limber for his age, and carries a jewel-embroidered pistol on his person at all times. He currently travels abroad, finding that it is amazingly easier to force someone out of their home from close by than from afar.
    Appearance: He is bald, with an almost always air of confidence and regal flourish to his posture. He stands at 5'7, but usually wears boots that boost his height by several inches. He is lean, yet not nearly as overly muscular as any of his bodyguards. He is a Caucasian male, with brown eyes and a face wrinkled from the stains of time.
    Other: He has a firm fear of all insects, and refuses to stray even close to any sort of creepy, crawly, or slimy creature.
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  11. Dream Spirit and N.Fontaine- Both of you are accepted! And yay! We have a human!

    I'll probably be posting the rp thread sometime tomorrow~
  12. So the goal of humanity is to...?
  13. The humans just want to be the most powerful race which means they enslave the others but, if the other races fight back then the humans kill anyone who stands in their way.
  14. Name: Time
    Age: Old very old (looks 10)
    Gender: female
    Race: Time
    Power: Time sees ahead only 10 sec no more if she does she can kill herself or hurt herself. she can cancel The future. but that makes her weak right after. so she need to sleep a lot.
    Personality: kind, caring, serious at times. If she not a sleep
    Brief history: she sisters with Space. that's all.
    Other: she likes Pie

    Looks: her true form but with black hair and white wing and dress[​IMG]

    what you see her all the time:[​IMG]
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  15. The~Dead~One- good character but under her power you wrote she can see hade and I'm not sure if that's just yet another spelling mistake or if hade actually is something... Can you clear that up? And also, I'm not sure if you saw this or not but I had said that I would like this rp to be in more medieval times so just keep that in mind :)
  16. Does that mean I get to kill anyone that stands in my way?
    I like the hu-mans.
  17. N.Fontaine- yup! But if it's another person's character ask their permission first otherwise you can kill anyone
  18. Ooh, do non-humans still legally hold land?
  19. yup! This rp is basically about extreme racism so the humans own all the land that they would have in the real world along with the land of any magical creatures they either killed or enslaved if they wanted it.
  20. Ooh, then I should have no problem booting poor non-humans off their land! Sweet!
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