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    Time: 14 Hours after the first wave
    The creatures have begun their assault on the major cities of the world. A few cities such as Beijing, Tokyo, Moscow, New York, and Paris are ready to crumble down to dust. Many of the worlds leaders are dead, and their military's are trying to hold the creatures off. The world is holding it's breath.

    Time: 2 Days after the first wave, the beginning of the second wave.
    The creatures were victories, and now are spreading through the rest of the world. The main cities are now nothing, and are pronounced No-Man's land, or the Dead zone's. Most, if not all, governments are lost, and the world is beginning to go into chaos because of the lossing war. The world as we know it is lost.

    Time: 5 months after the second wave.
    The world is gone, only a few makeshift forts are mad. Few governments are still operating, but some have arose from the ashes of the past. Some military's are still trying to find a weakness to the none stop wave of monsters, but no luck has been stirred. Now freak storms are hitting the world, bringing snow to places that rarely see it, destruction to the worlds buildings by wind, hail, and lightning. The world is crumbling.


    Five months after the first and second wave, and no sign of a third wave stirring. New York, legended to be the worlds most forsaken Deadman's Land. Left for disaster, any survivors left in the city are left to themselves, surviving on their own, including any soldiers and military scientist, until one scientist claims to have found a way to stop the monsters, and the RUS (Pronounced Rush) or Rebuilt United States are sending in a team of soldiers to save this scientist and gather the Intel one way or another.

    We Proud Few (Players)
    I'm allowing players to make survivors in the city, or apart of the team sent to retrieve the scientist (Which crashes BTW). In the beginning we will be pushed together. I'm NOT allowing characters to be mythical creatures/hybrids because there is NO friendly creatures.


      • Be friendly
      • Follow the site rules
      • Have fun
      • No powergaming
      • You have a MAX of three characters
      • Be smart
      • I have THE LAST say
    Character Sheet

    Picture or description
    Name -
    Gender -
    Age - (18+)
    Past Occupation -
    Current Occupation - (Survivor or Soldier)

    (If Soldier) What squad are you apart of? - (Viper or Wolf)
    Skills -
    Equipment -
    Personality -

    How have you survived?-

    (Open for more suggestions)


    A ruthless, bloodthirsty and territorial monster, the Chimera is made up off three animals, a lion, a ram, and a snake. A deadly creature, the Chimera is immune to poison and fire, and itself has the ability to produced both. The snake is located like a tail, and is able to spit an incurable venom at it's targets. The body is made up of the ram and lion, the lion being able to spit fire from it's mouth.

    Hell Hound-
    A creature from hell, the hell hound is also immune to fire, but has two appearances. The first is that of a normal dog, any breed shape or size. The second is a terrible form, a monstrous dog that shed's it hair for flames, and grows in size.

    Ruthless pack hunters, Werewolves are like their cousin, the wolves, and hunt in packs, the alpha's being the most fierce and at the end Omega's, which are the lone hunters.

    A monstrous figure, a Wendigo is nothing to mess with. Resistant to all forms of damage, it takes alot to take one of these down. Normally hunting in pairs, Wendigo's weakness is usually another Wendigo.

    Another territorial hunter, the Tatzelwurm
    normal hunt in families and are immune to poison. They can't spit poison, but their bite and blood is full of it. Another terrifying feat is their ability to lunge out several yards. Their head is like a panthers, which leads to a snakey body with clawed arms.

    Drake (Small Dragons)-
    Like their relatives, the dragons, Drakes come in all shapes and forms, but only one size. About the size of the cow, the hunting patterns for these vary.

    A deadly creature, these can often be seen flying around their nest or hunting grounds, Gryphons shouldn't be messed with.

    Starting out as a 9 headed snake, the Hydra could be considered a rare monster, due to their few numbers. If you chop off (or shoot) one head, another will soon grow. Normally found near waters, Hydra's are immuned to poison and some may spit poison at you.

    Half man half horse, these are killing marauders that have adapted to use human weapons against us.

    These sirens sing beautiful songs, and those that hear it loose focus. They draw you in. Your focused on their beautiful voice and beautiful eyes. Then your dead.

    These woman look just the same as a person, tho their teeth grow sharp to eat them. They only target men with their voices, but charge woman, teeth and claws at the ready.

    Half man half goat, the cousins to Centaurs, these often work together.

    Half man half fish, these women draw you in with their looks and flirty actions, but step one foot to close to the water, and your done for.

    Not causing any physical harm, a Banshee are spirits of the dead, yelling horrible things that drive anyone insane. Not killable.


    Monstrous people, Giants are normally the size of a bus, and are constantly hungry.

    Cousins to the giants, Cyclops look mostly human, but only have one eye. They also normally grow twice the size of a giant.

    the Undead-
    These are the outcomes of Banshee's madness, undead human and animals bent on anything living to feast on.

    Forget about Twilight and Dracula, looking like pale humans, the Vampire's have large stretched out mouths and sharp canines

    Smell and strong figures, an Ogre use anything and everything as weapons to cook you into a nice stew.

    Half bird, half Woman, the harpies are deadly women with bird wings that prey on anything living or dead.


    The phoenix, born of fire and ashes. There is only one time you may experience a Phoenix, during a fire storm...right?


    The sound of stomping or snorting is what you'll hear near a Minotaur. Extremely strong, they wield makeshift weapons.
    In the ocean, a single Kraken lives. Stray to close to it and it's deadly tentacles will pull you to your watery death.
    Few other these surge the skies. Each dragon have their own weakness and special abilities.

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    Picture or description
    Name - Jake mathison

    Gender - male

    Age - 25

    Past Occupation - bounty hunter and anti-terrorist threat operation specialist.

    Current Occupation - survivor

    Skills - stealth, firearms, basic military training, marksmanship, parkour, Guerrilla warfare

    Equipment - standard M14 EBR marksmen rifle, desert eagle, combat machete, canned foods, bottles of water, medical supplies, a notebook on how to build some things (small weapons, explosives, traps), and a pair of binoculars.

    Personality - Jake is a strong leader and is good with planning. He can for the most part keep a level head even when shit hits the fan. Jake's number one priority is taking back as much of the cities as possible and killing as many of those creatures as possible. This can both exaggerate his determination and undermine his decision making.

    How have you survived?- guerrilla warfare, stealth, and pure luck
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    Name -
    Drake Forester
    Gender -
    Age -
    Past Occupation -
    Swat Member
    Current Occupation -
    (If Soldier) What squad are you apart of? -
    Wolf Squad, Leader
    Skills -
    Hand to Hand Combat

    Advanced Survival Skills
    Various Weapon Training
    Marksmen Skills

    Equipment -
    .44 Magnum
    Night Vision Goggles
    Rope (with grappling hook)
    Combat Knife
    Flare Gun
    Smoke Grenade (x2)
    Razor Wire
    Military Bag
    Dried food
    Personality -
    Often serious and grave, but he see's the best outcome in any situation.

    How have you survived?-
    "The safety of the RUS capital, Washington A.D walls and these guns."


    Name -

    Haven Grace
    Gender -
    Age -
    Past Occupation -


    Current Occupation -
    Skills -

    Medical Knowledge
    Basic Technology Knowledge
    Basic Firearm Knowledge

    Equipment -
    Water Bottles (x2)
    Batteries (x6)
    Homemade Chemical Bomb (x3)
    Small bag

    Personality -

    Easy going, careful, hesitant, laid back, and kind.
    How have you survived?-
    "Being careful, scavenging in the day and hiding at night.
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    Name - Maxwell Anders
    Gender - Male
    Age - 24
    Past Occupation - Ex-Army Engineer
    Current Occupation - Survivor
    (If Soldier) What squad are you apart of? - N/A
    Skills - Trap-making
    Makeshift Explosives
    Military training
    Equipment - Hammer, wrench, screwdriver
    Utility knife
    Extra ammunition
    Crossbow w/ quiver containing arrows.
    Basic Medical supplies
    Limited food stores
    Water skins.
    Personality - Max is a steely-nerved bastard, and is very difficult to spook. He's not very talkative or social, preferring to spend his time trying to salvage for equipment for some new trap or piece of gear.
    How have you survived?- By building traps , and only going out during the day. Using quiet weapons unless absolutely necessary.
  5. [​IMG]

    Name Derek Johnson
    Gender : Male
    Age: 29
    Past Occupation : Assassin
    Current Occupation - Survivor
    Skills - Knowledge of bladed weaponary and firearms, stealth, marksmanship, hand to hand combat
    Equipment - Outdoor survival guide book, sniper rifle, extra ammo, steel plated daggers, water bottles, Ox-Tailed Sword,PM-63 RAK,medical supplise and night vision goggles.
    Personality - Quiet, he rarely speaks, calm and collected.
    How have you survived?- Luck and only going out during the day.
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  10. Name - Catherine Woolfe
    Gender - Female
    Age - Twenty Five

    Past Occupation - 15B Aviation (Fighter Jet Pilot) Combined Arms Operations

    Current Occupation - Chief Warrant Officer Helicopter Pilot and Grounds Sniper

    Squad - Viper

    Skills - Tactician, Pilot, Sniper, Hand to Hand Combat, Advanced Survivalist


    • M89SR Sniper Rifle (Personal)
    • Mk 18 CQBR (Service Issued)
    • Beretta M9 (Service Issued)
    • 4 M84 Stun Grenades
    • M26 MASS Shotgun (Service Issued)
    • Military Pack (Emergency kits)
    • NATO Mask
    Personality - WO Woolfe is extremely intense and takes nothing from anyone. She frowns on dishonor and cowardice. Catherine is the sixth generation of aviation and combatants in the Woolfe family. When she was 17 she enlisted in the Marine Corps like her father and mother before her. Because of her hard drive, she rose in ranks as quick as any of the other yuppies in the system. Without much thought she left the Marines and jumped into the Airforce and like that she trained as a pilot and became an Ace flyer. There is nothing dull or soft about this woman, but she does have a weakness. Civilians. Far from having a hero complex, whether she doesn't prize any civilian. She protects her country and her squad, any civilian casualty is a due to a war effort. Nothing more. This makes her very cold and detached. Catherine might as well be a super solider.

    How have you survived? - Catherine was one of the only pilots to survive the first wave, let alone the second wave. Since then she has been a major player in the world of RUS. A golden child with a bad attitude, she has been in the field for days on end fighting off creatures and coming to quite a few close calls.

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    Name -
    Austin "Crisp" Jones
    Gender -
    Age -


    Past Occupation -
    Current Occupation -
    (If Soldier) What squad are you apart of? -
    Demolition Specialist of Viper Squad

    Skills -

    CQC (Close Quarters Combat)

    Equipment -

    M2 Tactical Shotgun (With Tactical Light)
    Combat Knives (x2)
    Four Frag Grenades
    3 Breach Charges
    2 C4
    Home Made Buzz"axe"

    Personality -
    Quiet, Serious, Never angry, Passive (towards humans) Loves explosions.

    How have you survived?-
    "Being smart and staying in a large group."

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  14. Name - Anna Reynolds

    Gender - Female

    Age - Twenty One

    Past Occupation - Waitress & Clinical Psychology Student

    Current Occupation - Survivor

    Skills -

    • Diplomatic
    • Can Cook anything
    • Perceptive
    • Fast on her feet
    • Quick Learner
    • People Person
    Equipment -
    • Half empty waterbottle
    • Backpack filled with shotgun shells
    • Pistol
    • Steak Knife
    • Small medical kit (band-aids, gauze, alcohol wipes and triple antibiotic)
    • Five months of medical practice
    Personality | Backstory -

    Anna Reynolds had originally been living in Texas before she moved up north to attend a college in NYC. She has always been a good, sweet Texan who enjoys riding horses and shopping. There isn't really anything absolutely interesting about the girl. In fact the most attractive thing about Ms. Reynolds is the sense of calm normalcy she has about her. Even her soprano voice has a calming effect to it that is helpful with even the worst temperaments. Since the first wave of the creatures, she has been able to keep a surprisngly even head about the happenings. One of the few that did not panic, she has been able to survive by keeping her cool and keep on moving. During the first two months, she was enlisted as a wartime nurse as times were desperate. Hospitals taking huge hits by centaurs and werewolves in particular. Anna was a valued nurse during that time, as she has a very strong stomach. A cowgirl have been through more than ten animal births and put downs. Her calmness gives her a steady hand. She is a firm believe in self-sacrifice and never leaving anyone behind.

    How have you survived?

    "I just stay calm at all costs, and never leave anyone behind."
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  16. ** Adding useful things from the corpses of the monsters. **
  17. as a guy (open)

    how she really looks (open)

    Name - Kristen "Kyle" Kirsch
    Gender - actually female,but is posing as a male
    Age - 20
    Past Occupation - Spy and Assassin for a secret organization
    Current Occupation - Survivor
    Skills -

    • Athletic;can move pretty fast,jump high,etc.
    • Light on her feet; almost always doesn't leave a sound when walking/running
    • Sharp eyes and ears
    • Good with hand-to-hand combat
    • Changing how her voice sounds (i.e,from girl voice to guy voice)
    Equipment -
    • Two daggers
    • Throwing knives
    • Canteen of water
    • Poisoned needles
    "I only pack lightly.If I bring more than this, it will slow me down"

    Personality - Kristen, or Kyle rather, is pretty quiet and serious.She doesn't like rushing things, though she shows some stubbornness.Though she might appear cold and distant, she actually cares even just a bit about other people and their safety.

    How have you survived?- "I tried to stay solo as much as possible.With that, I was able to only take care of myself without anyone else to worry about."
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