Fighting for Survival (Faye x Windsong)

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  1. "Merfolk" are the stuff of legends and lore, a race of fish females who ensnared sailors, right? Wrong.

    Hidden in the treaturous waters of the Bermuda Triangle, there exists a land called Puedmacc. Two races of peoples live there, Ru’man’s, humans, and Aquarians, the real "merfolk".

    Two generations ago, a war erupted between the two races. The ocean dwelling Aquarians, simply wanting to live in a clean home, tried to initiate peace. The Ru’man’s, however, wanted full control over Puedmacc, and its waters. Many Sang’ell, wanting revenge for being so dispised by the Aquarians, allied themselves with the Ru’man’s. Peace was now impossible.
    Through trickery much of the Aquarian forces were lured into a death trap. It was a vicious battle, and the Rhu-mahns won. Or so they thought.
    But the Aquarians foresaw their upcoming defeat. That is why they sent out their children, the last of the Aquarians, to live among the enemy, as spies. So that one day, a new generation would conquer the Rhu-mahns, once and for all.
  2. A soft breeze blew across the grassy plains of Puedmacc making the amber stalks sway to and fro as the wind saw fit to bend them. Gatherings of deciduous trees could be seen twenty yards off to the right, a perfect hiding place for the wild things that grazed and hunted here. To the left these grassy plains went on over rolling hills, meeting farmland or the sea. Directing in front and behind was a broad dirt road. It was spotted with small holes where some animal happened to bury it's prey, or where the rain washed it away. Tracks of wagon wheels and hoof prints could be picked out, as well as some larger boot prints.

    A single woman trod this dirt road between the larger towns of Orkis and Nautica. Orkis was an inland town known for its bars and women. This traveler had found her stay there rather unpleasant. Nautica, however, seemed to hold more promise. As the name suggested, this was a coastal town whose riches were pulled directly from the sea. Again the wind softly played about her, teasing at the thin brown traveling cloak she wore. It's poor edge was ragged and torn, but it served it's purpose well. Underneath, the woman wore a plain white tunic, and a heavier brown skirt. Padded leather boots covered her delicate feet, and help ease the pain she always felt when walking. It wasn't that she had any real issues with walking, she just found that walking was more tiresome than other methods of travel....swimming for instance. That had to be the best way to travel. Again the wind blew, this time taking hold of her hood and pushing it off her head. Her ivory skin seemed flawless, smooth and clear. Her grey blue eyes looked around the area, surveying for possible attackers. Now the wind played with her white locks of hair. It must have been years since it was cut, and she liked it that way, when it hung loose down to the small of her back. The perfect length. The woman tugged her hood back up to cover her face before hurrying on her way to the town. It wasn't a good idea to linger on the road for too long. Robbers were a very real threat.

    Why, do you ask, is a woman traveling alone and unarmed in such conditions? You see, that is her job. Fay is a traveling herbalist, a doctor of the times. She makes her rounds about the island, making sure to stop by every town and village. She helped those who weren't able to afford the care of a practicing doctor. Yes, Fae happens to be one that doesn't charge much for her services, and therefore is quite popular. The common folk adore her, while the more noble folk pay her no mind. Fay had found that traveling alone aids her in keeping her identity as a dreaded Aquarian secret. As for being unarmed. It is quite easy to mistake her walking staff as just that. However, this staff was her weapon, and she was quite proficient in using it. Many a robber had felt the sting of wood. Most of the roads were safe for her to walk alone, but some, like this one she hapened to be on now, would never be safe for her. Ah, she still had nearly an hour of walking to accomplish before she reached the gates. Her stomach rumbled loudly. She would wait to eat though, until she was within sight of the city, then she would stop to eat.
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  3. Daen couldn't help but grimace as he hauled the net up to drop it on the dock, his facial expression caught a few glances from the other dockworkers as he did so, but they all knew he was stronger than he looked. A cut he'd taken a few weeks back had long since been infected, but to keep enough coin for his evening meals he'd continued to work despite the pain and delirium it often brought. It wasn't a big cut, just a small nick along his hip he'd taken from a local ray that was caught in his net that night, not even his net really, it was on loan, and most of his catch went to the man who's net it was. The main reason he'd even gotten the meager job was that he had a distinct knack for finding where the fish were that day, better even than the old salt's that had been doing this for generations.

    The day's work had been long and he felt his face was hot despite the cooling sea breeze that blew constantly at Nautica's harbor, it was refreshing, but more refreshing was the weight of the silver coins in his pocket that would pay for a soft bed and maybe, if he was lucky, some more medicine to help stave off this nasty infection.
  4. Fay heaved a small sigh as the town's large wooden gate loomed over her. It's tall posts blocked the afternoon sun allowing a cool shadow to be cast over the tired woman. She'd made it, and with plenty of time to spare thankfully. Once or twice before she had miscalculated the length of time it took to walk between villages, and been a target for thieves and robbers. Only that once had she been in need of her own power. After that, Fay took time to find a way to fend off such ruffians. Her bo staff was a handy tool. Shaking off her weariness, Fay strode toward the guard posted at the gate.

    "State your name, and business here."
    "Fay Cardinal. I'm a traveling healer."
    The guard nodded writing something down on a scroll he had. "Welcome to Nautica, Miss Cardinal." He pushed to door open, revealing a large market street. Of course, she had come through the main gates. The smell of delicious food wafted through the air, making her mouth water in anticipation. Ah, she'd skipped breakfast to be sure she would get here before dark. Maybe that hadn't been such a good choice. She followed her nose, soon seating herself at a table in a bakery. Sweet rolls sounded wonderful right now, and perhaps some strawberry milk....Fay had no idea how the operators here were able to make such a thing, and she didn't care either. All she knew was that she was hungry, and really wanted to eat and get a room somewhere before the entire town knew she was here. Having been here a few times before, the common folk knew her by name and face. Already a few people in the market had spotted the tattered brown cloak and spoke in hushed whispers that the peasant healer had returned.
  5. A few people pushed past Daenlynn as he walked through an alley between two market stalls, being shoved into a pile of refuse along the way. "Oi! Watch whe--- Aw fer--" He didn't even finish his sentence as he stood up and brushed himself off, now smelling of local garbage and animal waste as he shook his loose trousers off of the disgusting hanger on. With a sigh he continued on his way, a few murmurings of a local healer that had finally arrived.

    Rumor had carried the name to him, someone who tended wounds for free. Perhaps, given coin, he could expedite the process! A godsend if there ever had been in his forsaken life. For now, it'd have to wait, he was starving and the local inn would just be getting dinner ready for it's patrons that night. More eager than before he continued, stopping at a fresh watered canal along the way, he would accept damp clothing over foul smelling clothing any day.

    With a nudge past the throng of people in the afternoon market he slid into the inn's side entrance, already enthralled by the smell of some stew that had likely been simmering throughout the day from last night's left overs.
  6. The rolls and milk definitely hit the spot. Ah, she'd been craving this since she had left Nautica a few months ago. It really had taken her a little longer to get back, but she had run into a little trouble in a certain village. Needless to say, she wouldn't be visiting that one again. Perhaps it was lucky that she was a well known healer, oftentimes any bad rumors of her uncanny ability were quickly shushed. These Ru'mans really were pathetic when it came to healing. Of course exceptions existed, but even the exceptions only accomplished their task with long nights dedicated to study. Setting a few coins on her table as a tip to the waitress, Fay headed out into the busy street again. This time she needed to find a decent least one good night's sleep. That's all she wanted right now. Her nights had recently been spent in worrying how fast news would travel of her slip up. Thankfully, the news hadn't reached the large cities yet..If it would at all.

    The Lion's Den...hmm, it seemed to be a very high end inn. With a casual shrug, Fay stepped up to the counter and asked the portly man behind it for a room. The man looked up, and actually did a double take. "Why if it isn't Miss Cardinal." His booming voice carried easily into the dinning room. So much for going by unnoticed. " I never would have imagined that such a healer would grace my humble inn with your presence." Fay desperately tried to get the man to lower his voice as he had gathered the attention of most of his patrons. The man continued to ramble though as he went about finding an empty room for her. "I had heard a few people mention seeing you enter town not too long ago. Your journey went well? Oh, of course it did. There isn't a bandit around who would harm a lovely lady like yourself." A key was pulled from a small cubby behind him and handed to her. "Just up the stairs. It's the fourth door on the right. Would you like dinner sent up to you?"

    Finally he stopped. Fay had been afraid the inn keeper would have talked until dawn. Hmm, dinner in her room did sound very nice. With a nod she answered him before heading up the stairs and into her room. As she had imagined, the room was spotless and beautifully decorated. Ah, the bed looked devine. A bath would do her good as well...hmm, usually these places had a separate place to bathe...of course it would be a little extra. Too bad, she would suck it up and take the luxury. It had been a long while since being able to enjoy herself like this. Grabbing her change of clothes from her pack, Fay strode down the hall of rooms until she found a set of stairs leading down to woman's bath area. A couple ladies were here already, but Fay didn't mind. She set two coins in a maids hand before making her way to a corner that she could wash herself.
  7. The inn had already begun to fill once he'd found a seat with his procured meal, taking up most of his meager earnings for the day already. It wasn't much, half-a-loaf of warm bread and a wooden bowl nearly overloaded with the days stew, bits of fish, shellfish, and other bits of meat steaming in a broth mingled together with a few day old vegetables that weren't fresh enough to be sold on their own. It mattered little to the young man, he ate it down almost before he'd even gotten comfortable sitting at the table, the warmth in his stomach the most comforting thing he could remember for a long time.

    Talk of the traveling healer had reached a fever pitch by time he returned the bowl to the counter, having listened in on her room and location. A thought crept into his mind as he slipped back into a rear hallway that many of the inn staff used to avoid disturbing guests. The giggling of a group of young maids made him duck into an open closet, blending near seamlessly into the back wall as they passed, it was an innate skill he'd yet to master, simply doing so whenever he seemed to need it most.

    When he'd made it out of hiding after another group had passed he went up. "Fourth.. Right.." He murmured, withdrawing a pair of small metal picks and easily popping the lock to slide in, another useful skill he'd learned. A sudden pang of jealousy overtook him as he eyed the room, not exactly the most luxurious, but when you oft slept in rafters or in hay piles by the road side a bed was like a king's loft.

    He chose a chair to sit in, and once more simply blended in with the color and shadowing of it where one might sit on it before they ever noticed. The fatigue of the day overtook him and he found the chair all too comfortable, soon beginning to doze off. "She'll be back.. I'll hear it open.." He murmured, arms folded as he passed asleep.
  8. Oh, that had been glorious! Finally a decent bath, and likely a warm meal waiting for her back in the room. She wrapped her dripping hair in a towel as she pulled on her fresh clothes. Another simple cotton tunic and a plain black skirt. Some wear could be seen at the collar of her shirt, especially around the lacing at the front. Her skirt was also a little tattered mostly around the hem. Fay took her precious time with her hair. It had been so long since she had such time to spend. When her pale hair was combed through, she gathered her dirty laundry and headed back up the stairs. She could already taste the savory meal in store for her. Mmm, a hearty broth and a loaf of fresh bread...ah, that sounded amazing.

    Her steps soon came to a stop as she fished the key to her room out of her pocket. She smiled to herself, proud that she had allowed herself to be spoiled like this. Fay didn't notice anything amiss in the room, blissfully unaware of the other person here. She moved around to her bag and staff, stuffing the clothes into her bag. There. Now she would only have to wait a few moments before her meal would arrive here. Slowly, her eyes traveled around the room.
  9. The young sang'ell continued to doze in the chair, not shifting at all in his apparent heavy doze, far more tired than he had felt when he'd first sat down. A scent of something fresh and a faint perfume to it as well. When the smell became something more tangible to his conscious mind he slipped open one eye to glance around the room, blurry at first, more symptoms of the onset infection that crept up his side like a spider web of black veins.

    When he felt he was strong enough to even attempt this he simply dropped his guise, if only because he realized how much his hip was beginning to hurt and he'd lost concentration.

    What a sight he must've been, a leather vest and cloth trousers that came to his shin with a coral knife hanging from his belt in its leather holster. The brown hair atop his head was a mess, mostly from the salty air as he adjusted where he sat, grimacing all the while. "Oh great, you're back... I uh-- Need some help." He chimed.
  10. Fay had finished admiring the room and went back to sorting her things out. She set a large pack onto her bed, and had begun rummaging through it. She had to be sure she had enough supplies of all her herbs before anyone came to pester her about healing. Really...she should start charging a bit more for what she wasn't that important to her. She only ever kept enough to keep herself fed and her medicines full. The rest was often given to others who she deemed as needing it more. This would be one of the rare times she splurged money on herself and actually got a nice room. It didn't matter much though. Her hands stopped moving as she noted a small bit of movement on the edge of her vision. Not even movement really, just a change in color. Her blue eyes looked up curiously. She found a man sitting in one of the chairs, looking a little rough. Curiosity turned to fear instantly as the woman quickly stepped back to grab her staff. She bit back the urge to scream as she looked between the closed door and the window. No, he wouldn't have been able to enter her room and sit down like that without her noticing. Her chest heaved up and down with each heavy breath. How? Men didn't just appear out of thin air like that. Her look softened a little as she heard his reason for being here. Upon closer inspection, she could see that he was in a good amount of pain just sitting there. "Of course...just a minute, and I--" Her voice was cut off by a soft rapping on her door.
    "Miss Cardinal, ma'am. I have your supper." A feminine voice called through the door. Oh, right...she had forgotten that food would be coming. Ugh, this will look a little odd. Fay inwardly groaned at how she imagined the maid would interpret the man's presence here. Her feet quickly carried her to the door to open it for the small maid. This woman quickly set the steaming food on a bedside table with only a single questioning glance at Daenlynn. She gave a polite smile to the healer before exiting the room without asking a single question.

    Fay closed the door after her before stepping closer to the mysterious male. She dipped her head politely. "I'll need to know what happened...and I'll need to be able to see the injury." her soft voice was calm and warm, a tone she was sure to use around injured patients. As she waited for his answer, the woman quickly took her bag and carried it to the side of the chair. Through observation alone, she had been able to guess where the injury was. The way he was sitting alone, gave some of it away. She bit her lip as she was shown the festering wound. The medicine of the Ru'mans wouldn't help enough to fix all the damage done. She couldn't give away her secret though....he was a stranger to her after all. She couldn't trust that he would keep his mouth shut about what she could do. Perhaps she would try with the medicines...then mix in just a bit of her ability while she applied them. If done right, she may be able to make it appear as though whatever ointment she used had been able to heal it.
  11. He couldn't help but grin, this was going far better than he had ever hoped it to. When the woman brought her supper his stomach growled once more, though he showed little shame in it, just that grin that remained plastered on his face. "You're that healer everyone talks about. Let's hope you're as good they say." He mumbled, lifting the side of his vest and revealing the wound.

    A shallow cut, but one that had begun to blacken with a festering infection, leaving those spider like webs up his side and barely beginning to get to his arm, it'd be an incredible act of willpower and fortitude that he'd managed to keep working and acting normal this long anyway. It was clear he'd attempted at self-medication, some bits of meager herbs and salves could be seen around the edges of his cut.

    "Pretty sure it was a ray of some kind.. Didn't get a good look at it.. But damned if it wasn't ugly." He had begun to rattle off on it, looking quite weak, as though he may beginning to tire from it.
  12. "Yeah, that's me..." Sometimes she wished it wasn't. Demands for a good healer were usually quite high, and she never seemed to get much time to herself. That hadn't really bothered her until recently. She felt an unusual urge for the water, as if she just needed to take a day to really soak in the salty goodness again. It had been a few years since she'd been able to step foot in the ocean, her prior urges had been suppressed with her small trips to the bath or even the lake that one time. This time though, she had journeyed to Nautica for the specific reason of it being near the ocean. Hopefully she'd find a way to slip into the water unseen. That would need to wait though. The young man seemed quite chatty, even in the nasty state his side was in. A ray...oh, thing popped into her mind, had any part of the stinger broken off? She could only recall one instance where she'd been able to witness the wound a ray would give. It hadn't been a pretty sight. She really wished she could just cut the corner and heal him quickly and have him leave. Her dinner was sitting there, and getting cold. However, she had noticed the way the man had eyed the food as well, she wouldn't put it past him to be a little malnourished. That could also have a little to do with the way his wound was infected. Unfortunately even beginning to help this heal, she would need to clean the area first....and that may be more than a little painful for the man.

    "I'll need to clean that thoroughly before giving you any sort of medicine....I'm sorry, but it will be a little painful for you." There wasn't a way around that really, it was too bad he didn't have the sort of knowledge about properly caring for a wound like that. Fay stood up taking her bag with her, and set everything by the fireplace. She didn't keep much kindling in her bag, but it would be enough to at least start a fire. She quickly had a blaze going, and set about heating up water from her canteen. A few clean rags were taken out of her bag and set aside. "You can hang your vest over the back of the chair. Do you think you can manage to lay here for me? I'd rather not ruin any of their furniture." Yes, she would need to bathe the wound in hot water, loosening the scab that had formed. She could then manage to reopen the wound with minimal pain to him. She would clean the area again before applying herbs that would draw out the infection. Yes...she would then bandage the area, allowing her touch to speed the healing enough to where he would find himself cured practically overnight. Of course it would likely be sore for a while still, but the infection could be gone...and most of the pain.
  13. It didn't take much to take off his vest and toss it onto chair rather haphazardly, barely managing to even hit the chair. "Close 'nuff." He grunted, sort of just falling onto his knees and narrowly landing on a small rug that would probably be a bit more comfortable than laying flat on the floor. In the brief time his back was facing the woman it was apparent that it was covered in scars from neck to just above his rear, some perhaps fresh, most others long since scarred over, giving his back the look almost of a large aquatic reptile.

    "Pain ain't much. Just means I'm alive an all." He stated, trying to make a joke out of it and failing rather miserably while she worked, wincing visibly all the while. Every time he winced his grip on the dagger that sat at his opposite side tightened, though it was clear he was only using it as a grip to keep his mind from the pain, like one would bite down on leather for their lashings.
  14. Fay didn't question the scars, just like she didn't question how he had gotten into her room and remained hidden. It wasn't her place to ask. They were only strangers in this room, a need for healing the only reason they had found each other in this town. She had waited for the water to heat up until it was hot, but in no way scalding. The healer had placed an old towel underneath his side to keep any blood or water from staining the rug. After allowing the wet rag to soften the wounded area, she carefully used it to take off the bits of dried herbs. Next came possibly the most painful part, she removed the scab that had formed and reopened the wound. Again a clean rag was soaked in the hot water and rung out before being placed over the area. If any small fragment of the stinger were embedded into the area, this should draw it out. After a few moments she gently cleaned the area. At least it didn't look as bad now, even if the black veins still ran up his side. "There...the worst part is over...stay there a moment longer while I apply the herbs...this may sting just a bit..." This she did, a chilled wet paste was rubbed over the open area. If Fay were right in describing it, she would say this almost felt like salt water being put on an open cut. Noting unbearable, but definitely not comfortable. She only used one hand to apply this thick paste, the other rested lightly on his side near the wound. This had taken her several years to master with the art of healing, but she slowly allowed her Aquarian power of healing to ease what pain he felt and begin removing the infection before the herbs could affect it.

    "All right. Sit up, and I'll wrap this. Then you'll be free to go." She pulled the slightly damp towel out from under him when he sat up, and wiped away the bits of water and blood that had spilled across his back and abdomen. Not once did she ever consider just were her hands may have glanced over. Tending to men had been just as regular as tending to women of this period. Nothing about them was new or novel, and if they put up no fuss, she did her work quickly and quietly, never once thinking about where a wound was located. Of course she wasn't the type of woman to consciously allow her hands to stray over he patients, that would be a dint in her title as a healer. A roll of bandages was pulled out of her bag, "You'll find that you should be able to raise both arms without much pain. Keep them out of my way, please." Her hands were practiced at this, and she desperately hoped he wouldn't glance down and wonder how the infection had been taken care of so quickly. The black webs had receded immensely already. Around and around his torso the bandage went, soon ending in a small knot at the side.

    Fay smiled as she drew the back of her hand over her brow. With it being late summer, and having made a fire, the room had gotten uncomfortably warm. The woman hadn't noticed just how warm until now. She blinked a few times, clearing her blurred vision. No....she couldn't show that she was tired. She couldn't let her guard down now, that infection had been a little more than she expected. She could tell that her sleep would be heavy tonight. Shaking her head slightly, Fay tossed the remaining water over the burning logs to douse the flame. There was a small wash basin in the corner that she could wash her hands and arms in. Before that, she packed up the supplies she used, and moved the bag into the corner. She looked toward the man, again remembering how he looked when she first saw him, and how he still looked. It seemed that he was in need of a roof, and a decent meal. It didn't take a sharp person to be able to tell that he was a little thinner than he should be. With a small sigh, Fay slowly washed the sweat and grime from her hands and arms. "If you don't have a place to stay for the night, you're welcome to sleep here. I ate just before arriving at this inn, so you may take what you want of the food as well. I know you could use it."
  15. He kept remarkably quiet during the whole procedure, only wincing or gritting his teeth here and there after the initial cleaning had been finished. Though ever so often the smell of her dinner caught his nose, and mingled with the feeling on his side it was a great killer for his appetite. Given the situation he had kept great control of himself, hardly any desire for a cursing fit or spitting in the woman's face, that was reserved for one's who were deliberately cruel in the treatment. Daenlynn had been incredibly grateful and most content that this woman was at least gentle in her handling of the wound, somehow that seemed to make the ache and pain a lot less than when he had handled it.

    Once he had sat up the world swam for a few moments, having not realized how dizzy he may end up for doing that too fast. Still, the touch from the woman seemed to bring everything back into a less nauseating focus, catching his own meal in his throat before he gave her reason to have another bath. "No, no food.. I ate already anyway.." He stated with a raise of his free hand, blinking slowly to keep the world from doing it's circus performance anymore.
  16. Fay raised an eyebrow as he declined the offer of food. Hmm, she doubted that he wasn't hungry, but it wasn't her place to force anything. She gently dried her hands on the towel left for that purpose. Her eyes were still trained on the man, still not entirely sure she trusted him enough to sleep in the same room. Maybe she would get a second room...of course then she would have to face the inn keeper again. A small shiver ran through her as she imagined his surprise and full announcement of the situation to anyone nearby. Yeah, she'd just stay here. It wouldn't be the first time she stayed awake all night. "Then in that case, I simply ask that you take it easy for a little while...and again, you may pass the night here if you wish."

    Her feet carried her over to the plate of food. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Fay slowly ate the lukewarm stew. It definitely wasn't as good as a bowl of hot stew, but she couldn't change that now. The man here needed help, and she wasn't cold enough to turn him away. Her mind slowly pondered how he had appeared in the first place. The chance of him also being an Aquarian was there, but if he weren't, he'd likely pitch a fit if she assumed that. A mystery indeed...and one she wasn't sure how to approach.
  17. Daenlynn watched the woman from where he'd simply layed back down on the floor, amber eyes giving her a long slow study, far distant from the way a predator eyes its prey. Though after some time he finally did manage to sit back up and fold his legs cross-wise, taking a few deep breaths, already was he beginning to feel the effects of her well done craft.

    "Thank you." He finally managed to say, not something he was even USED to saying all too often. He'd even managed to force a brief smile as he pushed himself up off the floor to stand, a bit wobbly at first but balanced nonetheless. With a slow move to grab and don his vest he grabbed a small pouch that had hung from his belt just behind the leather slip where his coral knife sat. Soon dropping it on her lap before walking to the door and pausing to listen, once he was satisfied his way was clear he popped it open, giving her one last glance.

    "Thank you, again.." Daen uttered, blinking briefly before his arms and extremities took on the color and almost the texture of the walls he stood before, soon moving to his chest and face which is when he darted out, near silent as he ran for the door and outside. He almost felt good for having paid her and gotten out of there so rapidly, soon out on the streets and making for the docks where he'd decided he'd sleep underneath one of the dry-docked cargo ships.

    Something felt light, but he chocked it up to the work that had been done on him. He never even noticed that his leather belt had come loose, leaving the coral knife on the rug where he'd lain...
  18. Fay had been about to take her first bite of the bread when her patient spoke. The loaf was lowered back onto the plate as she smiled in responce. "You're very welcome." Thinking that would be the end of the conversation, the healer returned to slowly consuming the dinner. Out of the corner of her eye, she noted that the man had stood up. Once again she turned her attention to him, intending to ask that he remain sitting for a least another couple minutes. His slow pace concerned her, had she been too late to stop all the damage of the infection? What if he just collapsed from some other injury he'd been hiding? Ah, she should have done a quick check over of the rest of him to be sure that cut had been the only thing ailing him. She eyed him warily as he stalked closer. Now what was he doing? The way he was walking and carrying himself didn't seem to carry any threat....the pouch was set in her lap before he turned to the door. Fay tried hard not to give a sigh of relief. Surely that would have been insulting to him. She was still a little stunned to find out what was contained in the pouch. Her blue eyes held his amber gaze while he let himself out of the room, and literally disappeared with only another 'thank you'. He was an Aquarian. Of that she was sure now. A small bit of excitement buzzed through her veins at the discovery. She wasn't alone in this land...there were others.

    With the spell broken, Fay stood and walked over to her door to gently close and lock it. It was when she turned around that she noted the knife laying on the floor in front of the fireplace. She stepped over to pick it up and carry it with her back to the bed. A small smile graced her lips when she thought of how she would need to find him again. With the condition he had been in when she saw him first, Fay didn't doubt that this could be the only weapon he carried. Setting the blade on the bedside table, the healer than investigated the contents of the pouch. Her smile turned into a soft giggle as she held the few coins in her hand. "You silly...I didn't ask for payment." She was sure he would be needing that as well. The pouch was placed next to the knife for her to return when she found him once more. Her meal was quickly finished, and the empty plate set back on the table.

    Her clothes were set on top of her pack as she readied herself for bed. The two lamps were blown out before she pulled back the sheets. A soft sigh was heard as she slipped between soft sheets. Mmm, the mattress here was so much better than the floor, or the lower inns. She stifled a yawn as she twisted her body to lay on her side with the covers tucked tightly around her. Her last thoughts before slipping away, were of the Aquarian man she had met this evening.
  19. A sigh of relief managed to leave his chest as he made it out onto the street and into a nearby alley, glancing up at the window he was fairly sure he didn't have to dive out of. Another glance he realized that if he had, he'd be able to stare down his back if the building across the street was a sound judge. The fatigue he could feel in his side was refreshing, almost to remind him that he was indeed alive, and at least a little bit more alive than he had been before.

    That woman was different, that was for sure. It made him smile, most of the women around here were either the cheap whores or the fisherman's wives that were likely to beat you worse than their husbands. Once more that made him chuckle, and the rapid movement of his chest made his side hurt all the more. After a few moments of catching his breath and letting that ache subside he set back out towards the docks, intent on fishing until at least the sun had set a bit further, maybe he'd get a decent price for a decent catch.

    The sea's breath felt comforting as he sat upon the stony outcropping overlooking one of the coast's deep blue holes, a drop off of the shelf that not even the best oyster diver's could manage to touch its bottom. With nothing but a bamboo pole and some twine he bought for a copper, he felt at peace, besides the odd ache, and the occasional false nibble. The thought to swim was overwhelming, the dark water, the splashing waves, it was almost nostalgic to think about diving headlong and spending a night simply in the water, it made an odd pang in his stomach seem to bubble up, feeling deeper even than the hole over which he fished.

    A thought occurred to him, and he smacked his hip frantically, looking from left to right as a brief panic rose up in his throat. "Shit.." He muttered, he'd have to get it back from that woman.
  20. The sun rose early, as it tended to do in this season of the year. Thankfully there had been no interruptions in the middle of the night, as had so often happened the moment word got around of her being in town. It could be likely that the inn kept it's own guards for the night. That would keep the majority of the rabble outside. As light filtered through the thin curtains, Fay found herself waking. It was still quite early in the morning, but most certainly not a record for her in any way. She felt entirely refreshed and ready for the likely busy day ahead of her. Her clothes were quickly put on and her things gathered together. The coin purse and coral knife were placed in a small pocket of her medicine bag. Perhaps she would be able to explore the town to attempt to locate the mystery man from last night. Shouldering her two bags and grabbing her staff, Fay made one last sweep of the room to be sure she wouldn't leave anything. Satisfied that she hadn't forgotten anything, she headed down stairs to the dinning room. A warm breakfast sounded nice right now. Then she would take care of those who would likely swamp her in the streets.

    She seated herself at a table after telling a waitress what she would be having. Nearly the moment her rear touched the chair, the thick innkeeper wobbled over looking slightly distressed. He wrung his hands as if nervous of some calamity happening if he spoke. "Miss Cardinal...." He gulped before motioning to the door where a man and woman stood holding hands and looking equally stressed. Ah, she thought this would happen. Fay raised a hand to keep the inn keeper from babbling on again. "I understand, this is quite normal for me. I won't be needing my breakfast then. Here's what I owe you, I believe." Fay gently pulled out a few silver coins and a single gold and handed them to the portly man as she stood from her seat. She smiled reassuringly, seeing the man look as if he were going to start apologizing. "Don't trouble yourself with it. I'm grateful that I was not disturbed during the night."

    Fay quickly walked over to the middle aged couple who quickly led her away. They explained that they had originally come some time before dawn to fetch her because their daughter had come down with a terrible fever, and had been bedridden for two days. This news made Fay pick up her pace. If anything involved a child, even an older child, she put them first. Children and animals were the ones held dear to her heart. Perhaps it was because those groups wouldn't judge if they knew the truth. She could heal them quickly without being met with as many questioning glances. The home of these two was a really only a single room they were able to rent from a wealthier family. It was clean, but very cramped for the three people. Their daughter turned out to be only six years old. Fay suspected the fever may have been caused from something that happened during the child's play. Whether it was ingesting something poisonous without knowing, or an infection from an old injury. Either could be cured fairly easily. She asked for a bowl of water and a clean rag. While the two were away, Fay allowed her eyes to soften considerably. She placed a cool hand on the child's burning forehead and pressed a kiss there. The woman straightened up, knowing the child would be conscious and hungry within a couple hours. She gratefully accepted the water and rag. The rag was soaked, rung out, and placed to cool the child's forehead. Fay rummaged through her bag, soon finding an off white liquid. This was set on the bedside table for when the child would wake. For the time being, Fay gave the fevered child a sponge bath to cool her body and remove the sweat gathered.
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