Fighting for Love

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  1. Fighting for Love

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    What will happen when the bad boy, Matthew, meets the good girl, Rosalie? Many can guess, few can see, but only two will feel.

    Everyone knows that friends affect our decisions on most things. And if they don't, then you need to make friends other than your computer. But we have started to let our friends tell us everything about us. They say what we can and cannot do, but what if we stopped for a moment and did what we want isntead.

    When the bad boy, Matthew, gets assigned an English project with the good girl, Rosalie, everything changes. Immediately the young two hit it off, but it seems like everything is trying to break them apart. Their families, their personalities, beliefs, and even their friends. But in order for these two to ever make it, they have to stop assigned think about what is more important. What everyone else thinks, or what they feel.

    Fighting for Love.

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  2. ~ Matthew ~


    Matthew heard the beeping, yes, but that did not mean for one second that he wanted to actually get up. It seemed like everyday the clock that sat beside his bed got louder and louder, waking him up earlier and earlier. He knew that wasn't true though, because just glancing out from under his covers Matthew could make out the red seven that told him he had an hour before school began.

    Of course he didn't use all this time to get ready. Oh no. Instead he used most of it to sleep some more. That is until the seven-thirty alarm went off in his ear again and he was forced to get up. It wasn't like he had a choice by this time though, because she young girl who had grabbed a hold of his hand nearly pulled him into the floor.

    "Matt! You have to wake up! Hurry, hurry, hurry! You have to take us to school again before we are late! Hurrryyy Matt! Get dresses lazy bum!"

    "Matthew get up and get ready. You need to leave in ten minutes. If you're not downstairs by then, I'll take them to school and leave you here!"

    The threat his father made to leave the teenage boy at home was no threat to him. In fact, he saw it as a chance of freedom. But, sadly, he quickly pulled on a clean pair of jeans and a shirt before walking in the bathroom to finish getting ready. He would miss school as much as he could, but unfortunately, he didn't have many more days he could miss. He had the big class trip this year and if he missed one more day of unexcused absence, he'd either have to go to Saturday school to make up hours, or he couldn't go on the trip or graduate.

    Matthew was down the stairs and standing at the door in nine minutes. He grabbed the keys to his truck and hopped in after his younger siblings were buckled. He gave himself another glance in the mirror and smirked. He was wearing his favorite dark jeans with a couple holes, his high top, black and white converse, and the twenty - one pilot shirt his brother had gotten him for Christmas the year before. His hair was barley ran through his fingers before stuffed into a black beanie.

    After Matthew dropped his younger siblings off at the mall, he wasted no time getting to his school. He walked straight to his English class without a minute to spare. He plopped down in his seat in the back right as the final bell rang. Glancing up at Mrs. Johnson, he smirked at the old lady and wondered what had crawled up her butt. All she had been doing lately was trying to get him in trouble. Which, wasn't really hard considering he was Matthew Young, bad boy of the century.

  3. »♥« ROSALIE SPENCER »♥«

    Rosalie sighed as she finished applying her make-up. "JAZZ, I'VE BEEN UP FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF!" she shouted back.


    Rosalie grabbed her schoolbag and left her bedroom. The large house the Spencers lived in was empty other than the eldest twins -- they had their own car, so they drove to the high school themselves. Normally they would drive their little brother Elliot as well, but the younger teen was staying at a friend's. Yay. Rosalie didn't have to fight him for the shower.

    Jasper stood at the bottom of the stairs. "Your hair seems darker today," he noted.

    "Because I need to wash it."


    "How is that ew?"

    "I don't know."

    "You're an idiot."

    Arguing wasn't rare in the Spencer house. The thick Australian accents were rarely used in normal conversation; all communication seemed to take place in shouts, screams and death glares. The only sibling Rosalie was truly close to was her twin.

    Jasper looked a lot like her, sans the crazy hair -- he kept their natural blonde locks. Jasper tossed Rosalie a breakfast muffin and held the front door open for her. "Thanks, bro," said Rosalie.

    Jasper drove them to school. The tiny town the Spencers lived in flew past, but ten years in America made them used to it. Rosalie texted her friends as her brother drove to the high school.

    They parted ways without even a goodbye. Jasper hurried to his morning Gym class, and Rosalie speed-walked to her English class. Upon arrival, she sat in her usual seat behind the 'bad boy', Matthew.

    "Okay, class, today you will be given a group assignment," said the teacher. "You will work in pairs, choose a film based on a book and compare the book and movie together, dissecting the differences and determining which is best."

    Mrs Johnson rattled off the partners. Rosalie didn't pay attention until her name was called -- she was to work with Matthew.
  4. ~ Matthew ~


    As the teacher began to speak about what they were planning to do for the next few days, Matthew zoned out and pulled his phone from his pocket. He was playing some kind of stupid game when suddenly he heard his name. Jumping, the boy put away his phone and looked around, but no one was looking at him. He shrugged and started to go back to playing his game when the teacher began speaking again.

    "Alright, everyone get to work. Remember that today is a short day because you have the test at the end of the hour. You get about ten minutes to work a day, the rest will have to be at home."

    Matthew, having not payed attention, looked around curiously. He glanced to the guy next to him and asked what they were doing. When he got a sarcastic answer, he asked again and he said that they were getting with their partners to work on the project.

    Matthews eyebrows tensed in confusion and then turned to the girl in front of him.
    "Who the hell is my partner? And what are we doing? What kind of project is this?"

    "You are with... Rosalie I think. She's behind you. Have her explain it to you."

    The girl seemed rather salty for some reason, but Matthew didn't know why. She looked familiar, he knew that much. Suddenly as he sat back, he remembered that he had hooked up with her a couple times and never called back. He did feel bad about that, but she was too clingy and really annoying.

    Turning around, Matthew glanced the girl he was partered with up and down. She was truly beautiful, anyone could see that, especially Matthew. She had bright hair and a nose piercing, and she looked rather short, which Matthew thought was adorable. He had definitely seen her around. She was a cheerleader, it was obvious to tell, and she looked quite popular. Matthew settled his eyes on hers for a moment be torr speaking up with a soft smile.

    "I'm Matthew. I guess we are partners? What is this whole assignment about anyway?"

  5. »♥« ROSALIE SPENCER »♥«
    Rosalie studied the boy sitting in front of her -- Matthew, he said. He was quite attractive, with a lot of piercings and tattoos. He clearly sported the token 'bad boy' look -- which, along with his complete ignorance about the assignment -- made Rosalie believe she would be doing most of the work.

    "You weren't listening, I take it," she said, opening her notebook, ready to scrawl everything the partners said down. "We have to watch a movie based off a book and compare them. So I'm guessing we have to read the book too." Rosalie wondered if her Australian accent would shock the boy. It often did -- people were intimidated by the roughness of her voice and accent, or they thought she was British. A total face-palm-worthy moment.
  6. ~ Matthew ~

    The muscular boy laughed a little as she spoke. Her voice caught him off guard at first. He was expecting a high, preppy voice, not a rough one. But, to his surprise, Matthew liked it. He thought it went great with her and who she was appearing to be. He thought that it was sort of sexy, and just made her more and more interesting to him. There was definitely something about her that made him want to stick around.

    "I hate reading. I'll watch the movie, and then you read the book. How about it? But really, what do you want to do it over? Lady's choice."

    The young man gave her a tempting wink before leaning back in his chair. He looked her over again and noticed that her hair seemed to fade from the purple to the blue, something he hadn't noticed before. She looked a lot smaller than the first time he looked at her, maybe because he actually took the time to look at her, or maybe because he was much much taller than her.

    Matthew laughed to himself before looking around the classroom as the class spoke to their partners.
    "Alright, well I'll give you my number and my address and you do the same. What are you doing afterschool? I can meet you somewhere or I can pick you up and we can talk about it. I'll even buy you dinner. How about it, Princess?"

    The boy smirked to himself before the teacher called their attention back to the front. He handed her a slip with his name, address, and phone number before turning back around and taking his test.

  7. »♥« ROSALIE SPENCER »♥«
    Rosalie was surprised by the boy's direct approach. She was used to being hit on, but not from boys she had just met, like Matthew. She accepted the slip of paper, reading over the details before tucking the paper into her pencil case.

    Rosalie scrawled her own phone number on a piece of paper in bright pink pen and gave it to Matthew. "Just pick me up from the theatre gate right after school," she said. "You don't need to buy anything, we'll just go to my house and watch Harry Potter or something. I've read the books, like, ten times."

    He was good-looking, sweet and Rosalie loved his deep, husky voice. As she took her test, she looked up every now and then to observe the sunlight catch in his hair. It was beautiful -- the sun turned his hair almost white.
  8. ~ Matthew ~

    The rest of the day ticked by slowly. As much as Matthew hated to admit it to himself or anyone else, all he had thought about was the girl from his English class. She truly was beautiful and everything about her was so unexpected. Although most people would expect cheerleaders to sound prissy, preppy, and rude, she seemed nice and very sweet.

    Although Matthew would never go for her on a normal occasion, he was just being drawn towards her. And there was one thing that the whole city knew Matthew for, and that was not giving up of what he wanted. And right now, she was his center of attention.

    The day passed slowly, but eventually the final bell rang. Matthew tossed his bag into his pssaneger seat before remembering that he was picking up Rosalie. Tossing his bag back in the back of his mustang, the young man turned the car on and began driving until he found where he was picking her up at.

    Pulling to the front and putting his car in park, he rolled down the window as he saw the familiar girl. Raising an eyebrow, he smiled out at her.

    "Ready Princess?"

  9. »♥« ROSALIE SPENCER »♥«
    Rosalie slid into the passenger seat of his car, setting er bag down at her feet. "Ready," she said, allowing a flirting tone to leak into her voice. "392 Pinerose Drive. It's just on the outside of town. Be warned, I have, like, a billion siblings, so we'll go in the attic. That's mine and my twin's living room, and Jasper will leave us alone."

    Rosalie watched him as he drove. He had very attractive, defined features. He was a very beautiful, attractive person, and Rosalie felt very drawn to him. She crossed one of her legs over the other and twirled her hair around her finger.
  10. ~ Matthew ~

    Matthew chuckled as he heard the small flirtatious hint enter her words. He had become good at noticing people flirting, even if it wasn't directed to him. It was one of the few things that he was actually good at, though he doubted he'd get a scholarship for that. Matthew cranked up the radio and let the music play as he drove, one hand on the wheel and the other resting on the window seal.

    He chuckled at her words, but wasted no time heading out to the main road. He followed it until they got to a house which he assumed was hers. He parked on the side of the road and turned the car off. He scooped his bag up from the back and hopped out as he walked beside Rosalie.

    He followed her until they were in her living room. He sat down beside her and then waited.

    "So we are watching Harry Potter? I think my sister watched that. It sounds familiar. So really, are we going to dinner after this? I mean I wouldn't call it a date or anything, at least not yet. I'll buy, just name a place Princess."

  11. »♥« ROSALIE SPENCER »♥«
    Rosalie searched around in the movie cabinet until she located the box set of Harry Potter films. "Come on," she said, gesturing to the stairs. "My stepmom and siblings will be home soon." She lead Matthew upstairs, pulled down the ladder to the attic and climbed upwards, glad she wore shorts today rather than a skirt.

    The attic was filled with built-it-yourself Ikea furniture Jasper and Rosalie had built. They had a large television they both put money in to spend, and a tiny minifridge, just small enough to not break the wood. As she crossed to the DVD player, Rosalie said, "Sure, dinner sounds nice. We can go to Mario's and discuss whether Hermione's Yule Ball dress should have been pink or blue. Which movie do you want to watch?"

    Princess. She loved the way he said that to her.
  12. ~ Matthew ~

    Matthew chuckled a little at the girls response before plopping down on the new couch and waiting for her to switch the movies. "How about the first one today, and then I can come back and we can watch the rest of the others. How many are there?"

    Matthew chuckled and then waited until the movie was going and she was back beside him before sitting back and tossing his arm over the back of the couch. He crossed his leg over the other, making a square with them while he watched the movie. Honestly, watching a movie with a hot girl, for homework, was his favorite assignment yet. It was like a dream come true.

    The movie seemed to drag on forever, but at the end, Matthew realized that he actually like it. It really was a good movie. Sort of. He stood up and stretched his legs and arms before turning to Rosalie. Honestly, he knew her name, but he figured Princess suited her much, much better.

    "Alright Princess. Are you ready for dinner? It wasn't as bad as I was expecting, but there's a few things I would have changed. Over all, I think I can survive what, seven more of them? Maybe they'll get better. Alright, ready to go?"

  13. »♥« ROSALIE SPENCER »♥«
    Rosalie nodded and stretched her arms over her head. Her shirt hiked up, revealing her belly piercing. "Yeah, seven of them," she said. "We'll probably get more marks if we compare all of them. Okay, I'm ready to go."

    Just as she was about to lead Matthew out, when her twin brother Jasper climbed into the attic. He was panting, apparently back from football practice.

    "Hey, Rosalie, did you want to go get KFC for dinner -- who the fuck is this?" Jasper stared blankly at Matt.

    "Jasper, this is Matt, we have an assignment together," said Rosalie, scratching her chin. "Matt, this is my twin brother Jasper."

    "And you brought him to our room?" The twins always referred to the attic as their room.

    "Yeah, where else would we watch it?"
  14. ~ Matthew ~

    Matthew jumped up and was about to follow the girl down from the attic when a familiar boy hopped up it and began talking. Instantly seeing the boy head to toe, Matthew recognized him as a football player.

    "Hey man. You play football right? I've seen you, I play too. I was going to go t practice but I have this and then I have basketball training after dinner. You're good, you know? I'm Matthew by the way."

    Matt nodded at the man standing cross from him who stood about the same height, maybe a half an inch shorter than him. He was tempted to shake his hand, but the guy didn't seem too thrilled to see another man standing beside his sister in a bedroom all alone. Hey, at least they weren't naked, was all he thought.

    "We are going to Marios if you want to come. It's on me."

    Truly, the boy didn't want him to come. He wanted it to just be him and Rosalie, but he thought it was better to be polite to her brother than an ass like he normally was.

  15. »♥« ROSALIE SPENCER »♥«
    "No, man, I'm good," said Jasper. Rosalie watched as recognition crossed his face; he knew Matt a little. Jasper turned to Rosalie. "Rose, Calissa wanted to see you before you go anywhere, I think we're babysitting the little twins on Saturday or something."

    Rosalie nodded. "Fine. You better not ditch on me, like last time."

    "Well -- "

    "Jasper Robert Spencer, I will literally decapitate you and stick your head on the flagpole if you ditch me when we're babysitting again," threatened Rosalie. The threat sounded extra intimidating in her Australian accent. "Come on, Matt."

    On their way out, Calissa, Rosalie's stepmother, stopped them. "I take it this is your boyfriend," she said.

    "No, we're working on an assignment."

    Calissa nodded and filled her in with Saturday's babysitting details. Rosalie rolled her eyes and left the house. "Sorry," she said to Matt.
  16. ~ Matthew ~

    Matthew chuckled as they finally made it out of Rosalies front door. He walked down the steps and to his car where he opened the door for her, just to see her reaction. "Don't worry about it. My dad would be the same way. Your brother seems.... Friendly. He's protective of you. He cares is all."

    The boy yawned and jumped into the drivers side before shutting the door and starting up his car. He looked around and then back at the girl beside him before slowly backing out. As he drove towards the familiar place to eat, Matthew let his thoughts pull him away from the real world.

    Once he was parked in the familiar parkinglot, Matthew jumped out and raced to the other side of his car. He pulled the door open and held his hand out for Rosalie before shutting the door and locking his car. As they walked inside, he followed her and found a corner table for them to sit at.

    "So Princess, which do you think it should have been? Blue or pink? The ball dress I mean."

  17. »♥« ROSALIE SPENCER »♥«
    Rosalie raised her eyebrows at him over the menu. "Well, the ball dress actually wasn't in the first movie, rather the fourth," she stated teasingly. "But it should've been blue, it was blue in the book."

    She studied the menu and ordered grilled rosemary-and-garlic chicken with fries for dinner, and a large Coke. "So, enough about Harry Potter, we can talk about that later -- wow, I'd never thought I'd say that. Anyway. What about you? How come I've never spoken to you before?"
  18. ~ Matthew ~

    Matthew chuckled a little and put his menu down once he knew what he was going to order. "Well I knew it wasn't in the first. Or if it was, I was probably asleep for that party silly." Matthew laughed a little but before the waitress came and took their orders.

    After ordering a bacon, chicken, ranch sandwich with fries and a sprite, Matthew handed her the menu and then leaned back in his chair. As soon as the waitress was far enough away, Matthew began to speak, but stopped when Rosalie spoke up first.

    He chuckled and shrugged a little at her question. "I'm asking myself the same thing, Princess. You probably heard enough bad things about me to keep you away for a lifetime, Huh? What about you? Why haven't I spoken to you before, Miss Princess?"
  19. »♥« ROSALIE SPENCER »♥«
    Rosalie grinned. "I don't know, mate -- typical Australian nickname, sorry -- but I don't know why I haven't spoken to you before. I mean, you play football with my brother and I'm a cheerleader and everything, so I've seen you around."

    Rosalie raised an eyebrow. "Bad things? I haven't heard anything about you. Am I getting myself in trouble?" she flirted.
  20. ~ Matthew ~

    Matthew chuckled and leaned forward in his chair so that part of his front half was leaning on the table. His face was now only a little ways away from Rosalie as he spoke. "You might be. That's what everyone else says anyway. I say different. I just say that I like to have fun, and I hope you're the type of girl who likes to have fun too."

    He leaned forward his a little more and he was barely a couple inches from her face. "So what do you say, Princess? Are you ready for an adventure?"

    Matthew smirked loud and proud. He glanced at her up and down before leaning back up from his chair and sitting up right. After a couple minutes, the waitress brought their food out and sat it in front of them where Matthew began digging in.

    After they finished eating, Matthew felt his phone vibrating in her pocket. He picked it up and saw that it was his coach, so he ended it and sent a message saying that he was one his way.

    "I should get you home. I have to head to practice and I doubt you want to watch me run around a coart and sweat for an hour and a half. Are you ready?
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